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Wednesday, 06/05/2013, 06:06 am

Report: B.J. Penn Eyes Potential Return Back At Lightweight

B.J. Penn will go down in history as one of the best and most decorated fighters in history.

He cemented this accolade by dominating the world’s lightweight division in Mixed Martial Arts for the better part of a decade.

With retirement talks running wild and a failed bid at welterweight, “The Prodigy”, is apparently considering a return to the division that made him a household name, 155 pounds.

“The door is still open for BJ Penn to return to MMA in the future,” Ariel Helwani reported on the most recent edition of “UFC Tonight” on FUEL TV. “He’s actually training right now and has to check in with his body and mind in the next few months.

“If he does come back, it will be at 155 pounds.”

As a lightweight BJ rose to championship status inside the UFC and his lone losses in the division came at the hands of champions Jens Pulver and Frankie Edgar by decision.


34 Responses to “Report: B.J. Penn Eyes Potential Return Back At Lightweight”

  1. just scrap says:

    still wanna see Penn vs Melendez with Penn going back to marinovich bros for strength and conditioning

    • Scotty says:

      +1 for this… Always wanted to see Gil vs. BJ when they were both Champs and would love to see them fight now.. Also 100% agree on bringing in the Marinovich’s and have them run the camp not his “yes men”.. Lets see who calls out BJ though if he says he makes the an official announcement to comeback..

  2. squid says:

    let’s go B!

  3. Bj Sucks says:

    Great hope he returns so we can all see pussy penn get his ass kicked again

  4. YES Men says:

    Hopefully BJ gets a sports psychologist or motivational coach. His “yes men” gotta go though.

    Talent is no longer enough, there are guys out there a lot hungrier than BJ. TJ Grant is a great example.

  5. OLSI says:

    BJ can do it, AFTER his Rory Loss Nate made a great comeback at LW even though recently he lost 2x. only man to beat BJ in that div. was Frankie Fight N2 bc first one was BJ. I can see BJ Penn making a strong comeback, but he needs to train with Marinovic Brothers and not in HAWAII.

  6. Chris Taylor says:

    BJ vs. Cerrone
    BJ vs. Melendez

    Either way WAR PENN!!!

  7. SinCe_2004 says:

    I dont see any point, unless he is going for big fights, and if he does, well the current is champ is basically a better version of Frankie and Bj could not win at that game of tag and run with Frankie so what will be different with Bendo? NOONE excites me more than when Bj walks out to his song but i am not interested in watching a good effort, i want to see the beast Bj once was and if he cant deliver that then whats the point, hate to say it but his time is done, he is just getting bored on the sidelines and wants some excitement but will be no different than his last 3 fights. Move on Bj, you are already the man, dont muddy it up more than u already have.

  8. spyr0 says:

    BJ u need a totally new camp. Tito had the same issue in that he stuck with what used to work, and what made him champ (big bear camp). “Yes men” will destroy. Brock lesnar picked up MMA so fast (by no way mastered it, but got pretty good in a short period of time) because of his camp.

    Camps are everything. I think you stand a serious chance at one last title run if you wanted it. If you get serious champion level coaches to push you to your full potential, I think you can solidify once and for all your throne as one of the greatest in the eyes of not just your fans but everybody.

    Please put yourself out of the comfort zone and find new, champion level coaches. You’re one of my favorites of all time, I think you still have unexpoosed potential.

  9. John M says:


  10. Slim Charles says:

    really hope he puts together a great camp for his potential return… WAR BJ FOREVER!!!

  11. phil manatz says:

    Damn I hope he comes back strong! This is awesome news!

  12. Sean says:

    If he comes back in any division, i hope to see more of his jj. I truely believe that if he sharpens his takedowns he could beat anyone. All he would need is to land a few of his heaviest shots and he could probably open any one in the division up for a submission

  13. Dddddddd says:

    I will always be up for a BJ fight. So many good matches at 55.

  14. 808 says:

    To all you haters out there who never fought a day in your pathetic life get over it win,lose,or draw bj is a true warrior fought in every weight class except heavy weight now go tell that to the 155ers who likes runing around the cage and says its strategy to play with the big boys don’t think they have Balls or the heart ……bj will rise once again

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