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Friday, 08/31/2012, 10:36 am

REPORT | All Cancelled UFC 151 Fights Now Rescheduled | UFC NEWS

Somewhere in a Las Vegas office UFC officials are breathing a sigh of relief.

Last week for the first time in ZUFFA history an entire event was cancelled due to an inability to book a marketable main event. In a highly publicized scandal it was made clear that Dan Henderson was unable to fulfill his contractual obligation to fight Jon Jones and the champ refused a replacement bout with Chael Sonnen. The result was that the UFC was forced to cancel the show and as such left more than 20 fighters without bouts and subsequent paychecks after long and grueling training camps and expenses.

As of today, the UFC has made it right and all cancelled UFC 151 fights have been left intact and have new homes.

Here is the list:

UFC 152 (September 22nd):

Jon Jones vs. Vitor Belfort (main event)
Charlie Brenneman vs. Kyle Noke (preliminary card)

UFC on FX 5 (October 5th):

Jay Hieron vs. Jake Ellenberger (co-main event)
Dennis Hallman vs. Thiago Tavares (preliminary card)
Shane Roller vs. Jacob Volkmann (preliminary card)
Danny Castillo vs. Michael Johnson (preliminary card)

UFC on FUEL 6 (November 10th):

John Lineker vs. Yasuhiro Urushitani (unknown status)
Takeya Mizugaki vs. Jeff Hougland (unknown status)

UFC on FOX 5 (December 8th):

Dennis Siver vs. Eddie Yagin (preliminary card)
Tim Means vs. Abel Trujillo (preliminary card)
Daron Cruickshank vs. Henry Martinez (preliminary card)


21 Responses to “REPORT | All Cancelled UFC 151 Fights Now Rescheduled | UFC NEWS”

  1. Me says:

    This just proves how weak the card was. All the fights are on prelims on free events and the Ellenberger/Hieron is a co main on an FX Card.

  2. Simon Grubb says:

    I agree. And I’m kind of tired of the media dumping on Jones alone for this. He refused a fight (which, admittedly, was disappointing), but the powers that be scrapped the event. Someone pointed out to me how there have been several UFC’s in the last few years that have been delayed, had their main event postponed, or changed the main event at the last minute. The simple fact is that the UFC is putting on so many shows a year that their events are really watered down. Maybe if they kept Strikeforce running, they could be running the same number of events, and have a place for their “B-Team”.

  3. Dana has been says:

    awfully quiet since his UFC 151 meltdown and attack on Camp Jackson. Now all the fighters will still be getting paid, a little later than expected, and Jones will not have to anti up any cash to support the rest of the UFC.

    So now the only issue with haters is that Jones is afraid of Sonnen. Well, when Jones annihilates Vitor and moves on to his next victim, people will continue to talk out of their asses on how much Jones sucks. That is life.

  4. Simbo Klice says:

    The rest of the card still sucks though. Resulting in really low PPV buys and a lot of bars full of people eating wings and watching free fights. Well hey, let’s make a party out of it!

  5. GT says:

    I say that Dana knew bends was hurt and plotted with chael all along. B4 n e 1 knew hendo was hurt chael was hyping 4 his fight with Jones. Then out of no where hendos hurt but we’ve got chael.

  6. Jerry Oliver says:

    I see the JBJ nuthuggers are still talking shit…lmao.. Please just get over the fact that JBJ is a coward & a PAPER CHAMP. I honestly think he should’ve had to give up his title for his lack of balls.Oh & btw, JBJ runs his mouth just as much as Sonnen. But at least Sonnen is man enough to take on any fighter.

    • Spoken like a true says:

      white supremacist… fckn racist. Paper champ? You’re giving white supremacists a bad name!!! haha! I wish you were in my presence so I could mock you to your white face.

      • Jerry Oliver says:

        I don’t remember saying a damn thing that is racist… & as far as being a “white supremacist” your fucked in the head son.. If you think me calling JBJ a paper champ is racist then you need to go back to school or at least look it up on google you dumb fuck…

    • Irie nation says:

      I agree…Jon “boned by greg Jackson” jones is just a coward porch monkey

  7. dave says:

    what a joke,,,jones is fighting a mw who is not even rated in top 10 (on ths site) , i wont pay to see vitor get smashed…and everyone knows when things dont go vitors way in the ring he folds like a chair and gives up….i thought machida earned anther shot,,im tired dana promises guys shots and then fuks them…like pettis an diaz

  8. Jimmmmmmmmmmy says:


    • He don't care dipwad says:

      some of your money is going into his pocket, you freak! go sell an ‘m” or trade one in for a mind, you “big ass void between the ears” dumbshit.

  9. B-rad says:

    It seems the keyboard warriors are out and about on this thread

  10. B-rad says:

    Thats gotta be rough for the guys that were suppose to fight tonight but have to wait until December?!? Hopefully those guys have some sponser money coming in until then or have some money saved up

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