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Monday, 10/17/2011, 04:24 pm

Report: After Consecutive Losses Jorge Santiago Hits The Unemployment Line

Once thought to make waves in the UFC’s middleweight division, former Senguku middleweight champion, Jorge Santiago has been released from the UFC following back-to-back losses.

Santiago came into the UFC following an impressive run across multiple promotions, but as luck would have it, the UFC brass put him in against some elite competition right off the bat.

He would enter the UFC (for his second time) in a bout with top contender Brian Stann, Santiago was unable to find his rhythm in the bout and was unfortunately dispatched via TKO with apparent ease. Some could chalk the loss up to “Octagon-jitters” and his loyal fan following still held hope that Santiago would have success in his return to the ZUFFA banner.

However, that would not be the case, in his next and final outing for the promotion he got put against former title challenger Demian Maia, and after a back and forth bout that was edged out by Maia on the judges’ scorecards the UFC had seen enough of the returning Santiago and released him from the promotion.

No official word from the UFC has been delivered at the time of this report, but the fighter profile for the middleweight fighter has been removed from the official UFC website and Brazilian media outlet, has been able to source the occurrence through their undisclosed contacts.


8 Responses to “Report: After Consecutive Losses Jorge Santiago Hits The Unemployment Line”

  1. choske mobstars says:

    yeah i kind of knew santiago was going to be cut out of the zuffa roster. =/ i guess his going to bellator

  2. Fe says:

    I think they should have given him 1 more fight against someone like Rivera or Phillipou or someone at that level

  3. steve says:

    i called it the second they brought him back. didn’t think it would be so soon. back to japan wit ya

  4. Creature says:

    I think this is kinda a dumb move, hes not ever gonna be a UFC champ but he wasnt a bad fighter either, MW is already a thin division, cutting one of the mid tier guys wont help any

  5. Trevor says:

    The problem with keeping him over someone like Rivera or Phillipou, is they don’t have to pay those other guys Jorge Santiago type money. And since Santiago isn’t going to challenge for the title, there isn’t any reason to keep him. I like Santiago, but he’s not a reason why I or most people would purchase a fight card.

  6. mmaislandjunkie says:

    stink balut is not happy with this news.

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