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Tuesday, 07/09/2013, 11:49 am

Renzo Gracie: Weidman Was Fading, Silva Clowned Too Much

This kid [Weidman] is very dangerous, he was always very dangerous. Every time he fights, he wins. Early in the bout, when Chris was in control, he did everything he wanted, but couldn’t win, so Anderson gained great confidence. He thought it would be a walk in the park and then he began to play. And the boy [Weidman] really was fading, he was tired because he did everything (pushing the pace) during the first round. He had side control, he was attacking… and when Anderson saw him fading, he thought: “Now I’m gonna give a show”. The problem is that this sport is not the place for that. In this sport you have to win.

I’m sure the people who were in his corner said: “Go out there and win”, but he decided to do what was on his mind, he was joking, shaking … And if you notice, this kid has a very big star (luck). Whenever he is in trouble, he manages to win. When he attacked, Anderson lost his balance when he was mocking him, and had no way to defend himself. And then he got caught with a punch to the chin. And when that happens there’s no way out, you go to sleep, your brain turns off.

“The longer the fight, the worst it would be to Chris, I was seeing it. He began to fade, but Anderson didn’t manage to take [the fight] seriously. He began to mock Chris. It was over the top (exaggerated), because you can’t belittle your opponent. If you’re confident enough to do this kind of thing, go and finish the fight. Go for the KO or for the submission. You just can’t stand there dancing and not go for the win. Are you gonna stay there to give a show to others?”

“I was [there] in the fight against Demian. Anderson’s behavior in this fight (against Weidman) was worse. It was more aggressive and more insulting than on that occasion. The words he was using … It was insulting … And this is something he shouldn’t do.

He is the champion, he is an example in the sport. He has a fantastic history as UFC fighter and should be respectful and act in a proper manner.
I gave an interview before the fight telling him to change his ways, but it didn’t happen. Unfortunately, it’s stuck in his soul and it comes out from there, right? And that’s what caused his defeat today (it costed his victory).

“No doubt it affects you mentally. You’re trying to fight, to attack the guy and he is dancing, he isn’t keeping his hands high, he lets you hit his face… that’s a thing that really breaks you mentally. Chris had a break of pace, but not because of the way Anderson was fighting, but because he got tired, he was pushing the pace during the entire first round. And when you start like that, you need to slow down or the train derails”.

“Anderson is a great champion, all he has to do is put his head in the right place and remember when he was a kid who was working hard in order to get where he is now, and be that boy again. When you begin to lose sight of who you are, you start to fall into traps like this. Life comes to collect”.



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  1. hal says:

    Well it’s true. Weidman was fading and was probably only a few minutes away from being knocked out himself. Anderson could have won this fight at any time if he wasn’t screwing around so much, but hindsight is always 20-20. But i also understand that Anderson knocking Chris out would have proved nothing. There really wasn’t any motivation. I would actually rather watch Anderson lose because he was goofing off and leveling the playing field a bit, than watch GSP win by exploiting his opponent’s weakness and not really actually fighting. Win or lose, Anderson is still the greatest fighter to ever enter the cage. I can’t think of anyone else right now that would be willing to just stand there and let his opponent hit him in the face, just to see if he could be knocked out or not. He loves to test himself, unlike most other champions that are so consumed by the belt, that they take the safest route possible.

    • squid says:

      i totally agree. however, it doesn’t matter what anderson could’ve, should’ve, or would’ve done. the truth is he got KO’d for acting like a fool and he deserved it. it makes me sad to replay the image of anderson getting knocked out cold, but it is what it is. credit to weidman. i hope anderson decides to rematch and take it seriously this time. imo, if he comes back fighting like how he did against rich franklin and chris leben, he will win. he’s definitely still the greatest.

  2. Trex says:

    @Gracie. Nailed it.

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I agree Renzo nailed it. Anyone can get caught at anytime. I never in million years thought Matt Serra would catch GSP. I think the Silva/ Weidman rematch is going to be much like the GSP/Serra rematch at least in results

      • squid says:

        yea back then i never thought gsp was gonna lose, esp to matt serra. i remember i didnt even order that ppv because i already assumed gsp was gonna win handily. boy was i surprised when i found out he got knocked out. like gsp, anderson underestimated his opponent and also got knocked out, except anderson’s was more embarrassing because he took the disrespect to another level. i agree, tho. if anderson rematches, i think he wins… by knockout, of course

  3. sasquatch says:

    Anderson Silva has always been my favorite fighter he’s the best ever

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    exactamundo Renzo – Weidman looked like a lost puppy once Silva spooked him round 1. He came out flat-footed in 2 and wondering wtf, you could see it. Then Anderson went all disco retard in there & the rest is history. It’s like BJ himself said…maybe the GOAT was bored :)

  5. Big J says:

    Now I see what Chris is saying, that people are still not giving him the respect he deserves. Rather than saying Chris won it, everyone is saying that Anderson lost it.

    Chris wasn’t fading at all. Gracie is talking smack in order to defend his fellow country man. Set aside from a few kicks and punches thrown, Anderson never had Chris in danger. In addition, Chris’ foot work matched Anderson’s.

    My guess is Chris gets the win, again! Even after he wins, people will continue to make excuses for Anderson…

  6. Marco says:

    Yet another example of somebody insinuating Anderson lost. Weidman beat him and he did it with more technical skill than he is getting credit for. Say what you wish but weidman is a stud and he won.

  7. Josh says:

    Simply genius!! I couldn’t have said it better!!!!

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