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Tuesday, 09/11/2012, 06:13 pm

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO | Renzo Gracie Talks About Almost Getting Mugged, Fighting Assailants

Renzo Gracie is probably the coolest guy you will ever talk to or meet. He has a smile on his face almost all of the time, and his interactions with fans on Twitter are often and sincere. So why do so many fighters find him so intimidating?

This past week Gracie found himself fending off two would-be assailants. He was walking the streets at night when he was approached by two gentleman who had been following him for blocks. Renzo dispatched them, but not before delivering some Brazilian justice. The same guys are believed to have been involved in attempts to mug two other members of the Gracie family in the last month.

Another thing people should know is that Renzo is a scientific fighter. Every opportunity to learn is soaked up and thought out by Gracie. He has passed on information to Frankie Edgar and GSP of things he learned in a recent fight. He believes in sharing and furthering mixed martial arts as much as he can.

He also does not sleep. Well, if you count a few hours a day sleeping then yes he does. He has many irons in the fire at all times and doesn’t believe there is enough time in the day to achieve his goals and dreams. He stated on Twitter once that, “If I could be up 24 hours a day I would”.

In this exclusive interview with Renzo, gets the whole story of the attempted mugging from the man himself. The jump is at the bottom of the page.


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4 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE VIDEO | Renzo Gracie Talks About Almost Getting Mugged, Fighting Assailants”

  1. Reporter should just says:

    get his mouth off the Gracie cock.

  2. brad says:

    For some reason I’m picturing Joe Pesci listening to Renzo talking.

  3. Bd says:

    From his descrIption it sounds like mr Gracie can do time for battering some people that do not posses the same level of training as he does .. He could have put them to sleep and left but he hurt them and put them in and our of consciousness .. Idk about you but that sounds criminal ! What do you guys think?

  4. James Lakey says:

    i do nto think he derserves anytime in jail because if it was me i woulda pulled my taures pt111 and shot them both in the face he was defending himself if u pity thieves u 2 deserves to be beaten

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