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Friday, 07/06/2012, 04:10 am

Renzo Gracie On Sonnen Phone Call | "I Just Asked Him To Behave With The Greatness Of A Champion." | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
We previously reported that a phone call from Renzo Gracie changed the behavior of the UFC Middleweight number one contender Chael Sonnen. Since then Renzo got in contact with MMAFighting and reveals what he told Sonnen over the phone.

“I just told him that if he kept that trash talking he would be taking the greatness of the task that he had ahead of him,”

“He is fighting one of the best fighters of our generation, and people would lose the chance to know the real Sonnen, a great athlete who I saw young fighting hard back in the Japan days, building his career as a fierce fighter, a career that ended up turning him into one of the amazing people that populate our great sport.”

“I just asked him to behave with the greatness of a champion. Many fighters dream with that opportunity, to fight the best and test themselves in the toughest sport that existed. Be great, be bold, be fair, and above all, be honest. Some will love you, others will hate you, but they will know who you really are. Fight this fight in a way that will be unforgettable to those who had the privilege to watch. I won’t miss a second of this great match.”

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34 Responses to “Renzo Gracie On Sonnen Phone Call | "I Just Asked Him To Behave With The Greatness Of A Champion." | UFC News”

  1. Wrestler66 says:

    Nice to hear from Renzo and he’s right glad Sonnen took it on board !

  2. Devilock138 says:

    Renzo is a great man with excellent advice.

  3. sOppie says:

    lol…. Renzo be great be fair… i recall him storming into the ring after Nate the great beat Ricardo and kicking Nate in the head when he was on the ground.

  4. CHARTMONSTER! says:

    Not a Renzo fan, but great advise for the Chaelmonster!

  5. james says:

    I remember on wcc1 where he was fighting a judo player and didnt let go a choke and after he stepped on the dudes neck lol.

  6. WrestlingRules says:

    Renzo talks a good game, but let’ s see if he can walk that game. If he has learned from hts past mistakes then great, but something about this guy seems fake. He seems like somebody who says shit just so he can hear himself talk and maybe he can convince himself he believes what he says. All I know is I really liked it when Hughes tko’d his ass and wrestle choked out his ‘pupil’..

    • phael's goona get KOd says:

      all gracies are mma royalty…even phael recognizes that…without them there would be no ufc. the first ufc tournys were basically infomercials for bjj. the gracies are like efhutton…when they talk real mma fans listen…

      • WrestlingRules says:

        It’s moved way beyond the Gracie’s day. It’s a real sport now. Wrestling rules the day and will even more so now. You gotta earn your keep daily and there are no kings in my world. Until a Gracie can win again in mma, then they are has been’s. I see what Renzo said more as a common sense human being advice then any kind of Gracie royalty bullshit. Don’t know how your wired . But us Americans DON’T have kings here. We’re ALL have liberty and potential. We kicked the British Royalty the hell outta here and definitely don’t need it back in any form whatsoever.

        • Diogo says:

          Chael is the one that said the gracies are royalty.
          You have the shitty liberty to go to war and die for oil, and then go to the UFC and scream USA.

          What a douche!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          If Sonnen said that he thought they were royalty, then I do not agree with Sonnen. Sonnen is no god either.

          WTF … shitty liberty??? Are you a fuckin’ marxist or something??? You don’t love FReedom. what kind of weirdo are you?? GTFOH…AMERICA is #!!!! HOOORaaahh!!!

        • BMC says:

          Dude you are a ignorant ass. This is the reason why people hate us(Americans) all over the freaking world! Because morons like you who insult their cultures for no reason and just run your mouth all day. Shut up and grow a brain.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Obviously coming from a moron who has never been around the world. The rest of the world SUCKS kid. Why do you think they want to come here. We are superior to them and the normal ones know it. The destructive ones hate us and that is GOOD… grow up boy…

        • D-money Jefferson says:

          What’s so great about wresting? Rolling around with sweaty men in tight spandex leotards? Stalling and point fighting so a real martial artist doesn’t take your head off? Doesn’t sound that great to me. Wrestling isn’t ever gonna “dominate” the way you are always hyping it up. It is just one piece of the puzzle that makes up a MIXED Martial artist’s skill set. If wrestling was as important as you make it sound, Matt Lindland and Brock Lesnar would still be relevant. Keep talking trash though, I’m sure it makes you feel better when you get nostalgic thinking about getting 2nd in state back in the 80’s or some shit lol.

        • Xaninho says:

          Wrestling is done in MMA. There was a tiny wave caused by wrestlers, but that wave has passed a while ago.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          You are clueless. Wrestling dominance is growing more and more what is fading away is juijitsu. Wrestling is the base of all fighnting and it will even become more so. Wrestlers are just barely getting into this sport.. Living in Holland does not give you a true picture of where it is going….

    • K2 says:

      “…but something about this guy seems fake. He seems like somebody who says shit just so he can hear himself talk and maybe he can convince himself he believes what he says.”

      Holy shit dude. Look in a mirror lately.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        The difference is that I am using humor alot to make a point and I know it whereas Renzo seems to believe some of the shit that comes out of his mouth.

  7. maurice says:

    wrestlingrules u r filled with such negative energy its incredible. finally someone shuts chael the fuck up and tells him to behave like a champion, and obviously that convo had a big impact on chael. ur god chael respect renzo and u still r saying dumb shit. fake? i dont care if renzo is a masked murderer, good advice is good advice, no matter who its coming from u dumbass. take my advice and kill urself.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Little boy, be very careful with the words you use. They could just come back to haunt you. hahahahahaha………You think Renzo is GOD? Is he your GOD?? You are a joke boy….

  8. maurice says:

    renzos not my god, but i always respected him and his family. and i respect him even more for being the first person to somehow tone chael down a bit. seriously man y the fuck u gotta be so whack all the time? damn man. it went past trolling, its just like u gotta ruin the good in everything. i can just imagine how ur personal life is. maybe u should go to church or something, or get some of the two, if not both.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Why? Why do you respect him??? Because he acted like a thug in the ring a few times. Because he gave Sonnen good advice or because Sonnen has decided to tone down his rhetoric?? Why do you respect him?? He is no better than you. You just talk like a kid with a big mouth. Have you been in a war have you killed anybody?? Have you put your life in the line for aybody?? Has Renzo? This guy is no hero. If he gave him common sense human being advice then I respect him for that, but not the rest of this fantasy shit of yours.

      My life is incredible kid because I live it honestly and not in some unreal fantasy. You see I know what happiness is and it is NOT pleasure. You live a life of pleasure and you will never be happy until you get sober and see things for what they are and not what you fantasize about that is not real.

      You take my challenges as negative. Its not, its nothing but challenging your beliefs. When you can;t take my words its because your beliefs are weak and can’t handle it. My guess is you are around 18-24. I am 27, but have lived a more real life than you. Because I choose to be involved in the world and see it for what it is, That brings happiness. And I have more women that want me than you know. But they are Women and NOT pussy. You have a long road of maturity ahead of you kid…..Be warned though, watch the words you use, they will haunt you…….There are real ghosts and you create then with your words in your mind!!!

      • You Cant Be Serious says:

        LMAO. The sad, yet funny thing is you actually believe the bullshit that spews from your mouth. WrestlingRulesFAG

      • Andreas says:

        Wrestlign rules ur so fuckign dumb. Ur talking about how u see things for how they really are and so on. And further up u talk about how USA are great and they have freedom and liberty. Wow ur real stupid. USA has no liberty, u live as they want u 2 live. Thats why ur school system is shit because they want u 2 be dumb so u wont get a sucessfull job ( in most cases) from there they u join the army go 2 war for some oil and kill some ppl. U know nothing about liberty u dumb fuck. Liberty is when all ppl have it not only the rich and powerfull. GET SOME EDUCATION

  9. Bjj BB says:

    @ wrestlingrules, you are fucking killing me with that bullshit!! There royalty cause every fighter in the ufc practices Bjj, so the fact that a gracie has not wOn ina lOng time dont mean shit cause you see Bjj in preety much every fight dumbass!! Look at your champs now, besides GSP, there all great stand up fighters with good or great Bjj, wake da fuck up b4 you disrespect a family name just cause you only like da dry humping moves u fucking fruit!!

    • WrestlingRules says:

      No what I like to do is take your fairy juijitsu players and dump you on your head over and over again…..Its very fun ragdolling jitz boys…hahahahaha

  10. maurice says:

    it really baffles me that someone can talk out there ass that much and for absolutely no reason. he actually says all the gracies are has beens. lol. those guys have done and continue to do so much for this sport. fyi, there is like a million gracies devoted to the growth of mma and bjj. like i said, u dont got to be a damn saint to give out advice. im far from a saint, i give ppl good advice that i sometimes dont even follow. but that advice helps them. ive been on for a LONG time, and ur comments are easily the dumbest i ever ran across. its like u scroll through the forums and say “okay, let me think of the most fucked up, hateful things to type.” i said this b4, ur just like sonnen, a real life troll. atleast sonnen can be genuine at time and respectful. u just gotta find the bad in something. ur literally the only person ive ever spoken to that 99 percent of the shit u say is depressing, irrational, and just pure negative.

  11. WrestlingRules says:

    Sorry kid, it’s NOT me it’s you…You take everything I say and think it is negative.That is your responsibility to take whatever anybody does and decide how to see it. That’s on you kid. You have alot of growing up to do…..You really don’t like someone’s opinion that differs from you and is not afraid to say it and defend it. If I am wrong, I’ll change. I use humor alot to make a point, but you are way to obtuse in your views. I bust your fantasies and you feel all depressed and shit. That;s you kid..wake up…..

    Btw: Silva is getting his ass beat up very soon…..lmao

    • mike says:

      @wrestlingrules pretty sure you are a 27 yr old private who went to iraq once and tells everyone you been thru some shit. but i bet you are a POG and didt do shit for your country. you are just a fake.

    • You Cant Be Serious says:

      Silva is gonna get beat up? LMAO. Wheres Chael now? After a brutal ass beating. After the bad end of a KO of the night bonus. SILVA IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME

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