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Saturday, 05/19/2012, 08:00 am

Renan Barao In For Cruz Against Faber For Interim Title | UFC NEWS

On Friday evening’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter Live, UFC President Dana White officially announced Renan Barao, 26-1 with 1 no-contest, will face Urijah Faber for the UFC Interim Bantamweight Title at UFC 148.

The fight card change comes on the heels of reigning UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz’s knee injury, and subsequent withdrawal, in early May.

The owner of the longest unbeaten streak in mixed martial arts (27 fights without a loss), the Brazilian ‘Baron’ has stormed his way to the top of the UFC’s 135lbs division beating – in succession – Cole Escovedo, Brad Pickett and Scott Jorgensen.

The 25-year-old Barao said: “I’m very surprised to be the No.1 contender to now fight Urijah Faber but I’m so very excited to fight for the title and replace Dominick Cruz. I’m very confident. I have been training a long time for this chance and I will be ready to go out there and put on a good show.”


18 Responses to “Renan Barao In For Cruz Against Faber For Interim Title | UFC NEWS”

  1. Louis Lane says:

    fabers in for a long night….

  2. joker.... says:

    both class, but my moneys on barao

  3. RFK says:

    Faber is done now he will never hold that belt in the UFC his buttchin is getting kicked

  4. aa says:

    my money’s on barao, however if faber wins this my opinion of him being washed up will totally change. this win is probably even more difficult than cruz (who’s more of a point fighter)

  5. Tabs says:

    Barao is going to destroy Faber. The only way Faber can win is if he opens his buttchin and the blackhole that it forms sucks Barao in. But we live in the real world so I’m putting 200 down on Barao

  6. Xaninho says:

    Team Alpha Midget better have Fabers crutches polished and buffed, he’s going to need them for a while.

  7. Mwill says:

    Faber looked scared, like “shit Dana, I thought you were going to give me a cupcake fight” kind of scared!

  8. Sick Brah says:

    Should be an epic fight, I don;t remember Baro’s boxing beign as good as fabers though and he doesn’t exactly kick like aldo. Baro is bloody fast though and his ground game would be pretty damn good.

    Saying that, big Faber fan, so hope he wins.

  9. Jason Dolan says:

    Never count out the heart of a lion like Faber has. I’ve seen him hold his own with 2 broken wrists. 916 Nor-Cal is where its at biatches …oh, imho

  10. Nuitari X says:

    I’ve been a fan of faber since the wec but I think this may be the end of his chance to get a title shot. He’s gonna need tissue after this to wipe that chin…..eyes I meant wipe his eyes….yeah.

  11. A.James says:

    Faber should have this. He was nothing short of devastating in his last outing. I don’t see Barao’s striking hurting Faber.

  12. Nuitari X says:

    It’s probably not the striking faber has to worry about as much as barao jumping on his back like a spider monkey and choking his chin to sleep.

  13. Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

    I was almost positive Dana would get Faber an easy fight but now he’s screwed. Well looks like it will be 0-5 or is it 0-6 for Faber in title shots in last few years. At some poit the fans are going say enough is enough with Fabertism. Bring in the REAL UFC 135 contenders like Mcdonald. In fact this fight fro interim title should be Mcdonald vs Bareo.

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