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Wednesday, 03/07/2012, 10:00 am

Remember The Sex Offending White Supremacist? Well, He Probably Won’t Be Fighting Anymore

Karma, if you believe in the philosophy than you already know that it can come back anytime and bite you in the butt.

In the case of one-time Strikeforce welterweight, Brandon Saling, his “karma card” just got pulled by the forces of the universe and his license to fight in the State of Ohio and New Jersey has been revoked.

We reported shortly after last weekend’s Strikeforce event that Roger Bowling’s opponent was identified as a registered sex offender and a white supremacist. According to UFC president Dana White, the athletic commission ran an investigation and found out that the fighter in question lied on his application about his past and it slipped by their audit.

“Obviously this guy is never going to fight for us again,” UFC President Dana White told MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani. “For this guy to ever get licensed again he’d have to go before a hearing for the athletic commissions and I find it hard to believe that this guy will ever be licensed again. He better go find another job.”


Head on over to the next few pages to view the compiled evidence on Saling.

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37 Responses to “Remember The Sex Offending White Supremacist? Well, He Probably Won’t Be Fighting Anymore”

  1. Thomas Gard says:

    hahaha good. fuck those 88 idiots, im just glad everyone noticed it and the fucker went down before he could even make a statement

    • ty says:

      yes, and now please take all footage of that douche off-line so he can be forgotten like the idiotic nobody that he and his (bowel) movement is.
      i hope he gets his ass kicked every time he is on the street.
      ship him to Siberia.

  2. Donald says:

    I understand the double 8’s and the lighting bolts, but wants the difference between his White Steel and Cain’s Brown Pride? If ethnic pride is frowned upon it should equal across the board!

    • Mike says:

      But Cain doesnt also have Nazi/Hate group tattoos to go along with his ethnic pride. You are comparing apples to oranges.

    • James says:

      There’s a difference between being proud of who you, and honoring racism.

    • MMACRAVER says:

      You basically answered your own question… It is the combination of everything.

      Does this even need to be questioned? You are aloud to have pride in whatever color you are… But if you have lightning bolts and SS symbols on you.. and your a fucking sex offender it is a little different…

      No one gives a fuck specifically about “___ pride” This guy is a scumbag.

  3. The Diaz bros like it in the butt says:

    @Donald I dont think he was cut for his White steel tattoo. I’m pretty sure it was 90% being a sex offender and 10% for the gang symbols

  4. Null says:

    So Brown Pride is ok, but White Steel is not?

    Am I missing something?

    Not sure what the issue is, who cares what his personal views are really? Sex offenders should be able to get jobs too, just not around children or the like and there are laws to manage that.

    • Gank Train says:

      They revoked his licence because he lied about his criminal record. If he would have came clean then maybe it would be a different story.

    • Cody says:

      come on dude , r chance beally ? …a sex offender should be alloud to fight in the UFC ? no chance bro

    • MMACRAVER says:

      White Steel vs Brown Pride is not the issue.

      The guy has SS symbols plastered all over himself… and he is a sex offender..

      Honestly no sex offenders shouldn’t be able to have jobs too… they should be fucking shot.

      We all make mistakes in life but, Rape is not a mistake it is a sign of what a fucking disgusting human being you are.

      Cain is proud to be brown… I am proud to be white…. There is a huge difference between that… and tattooing yourself in Support of the SS, and the extermination of an ENTIRE RACE OF PEOPLE.


    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      The difference is Cain’s “Brown Pride” tattoo is a symbol of pride in his heritage as a 1st generation American having his family come from Mexico. Cain is NOT a RACIST! He has never sexually assaulted anyone either.

      Saling is an alleged rapist. MMA has a melting pot of diverse people in participation of the sport. How is he supposed to fight someone who isn’t white? If he kills a Black or Jewish person in a bout is it considered a hate crime?

      Also his tattoo’s are tasteless and insensitive to the Jewish community. The fact that he has the tattoos still means he has yet to reform.

      • tim Dunn says:

        Thats bullshit I like Cain but his tattoo is no different than this guys, you cant play reverse racism it dosent work.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          How’s that? One is connected to pride in one’s cultural heritage. The other is connected to an ideology of hatred for all races of color. In other word’s, one is a good guy and the other is a phuckin’ psycho dick who molests little girls. If your not able to make that distinction it’s time to do some inner work.

    • DMAC says:

      Dude comprehend what you read. Where did you read he got the boot for White Steel? No where! He got the boot for the skin head 88 and lighting bolt stupid, idiotic way of life.

      Makes me laugh when people say, ” oh maybe he’s changed”, yet he’s still rocking those tatts, get real. Hope people think twice before joining a hate group, lol fools hate for a living, how sad, how’s that movement going for you guys anyways? HAHA!!!

  5. Raymond says:

    Did he get those tattoos because he was in prison and had to survive or because he is an active member?

  6. Nick says:

    Did he fight a black guy?

  7. Dosan says:

    Snooki is pregnant.

  8. AK says:

    +1 this guy is SCUM..if he had reformed he would have gotten the 88 and SS bolts removed. On top of that he is a sex offender who probably raped a 12 yr old girl and plead down or was at least connected to it in a big enough way to go to court for it and be convicted..on top of that he didn’t disclose his ways. This guy should be raped with broomstick and then hung to get a taste of the shit he backs..

  9. MJT says:

    Forget his tats……he raped a person under 13. C’mon….really he raped a middle school girl. Think about that and stop making it about his tats. Imagine your little sister or daughter. Now how cool are you with that?

  10. Dude says:

    Last time I checked brown pride is about being proud of his heritage and I don’t remember that being on a uniform for a nation that was AMERICAS ENEMY.

  11. Kevin Mitchell says:

    No disrespect to all of you are posting but you are missing the point…..


    If he applies for another license he will have to go before a board and explain why he lied and his criminal conviction(s) to get one and Dana said…that is not going to happen
    So there you go…

  12. Texas says:

    Sick fuck raped someone under 13 years old. All sex offenders should be taken to an island and then we should blow up the island.

  13. Chris says:

    Good, get rid of him. There’s no place for bullshit racism in the cage. All his SS and 88 tats are self – explanatory, he’s another idiot that thinks the Holocaust and Nazis are something to praise… here’s a hint geniuses… there’s nothing cool about slaughtering people because of their religion or hair color. HOWEVER… his “White Steel” tat that supposedly signifies “White Pride”…. there’s NOTHING wrong with that. I see people with Brown Pride, Black Pride, Irish Pride and whatever pride tats all the time and nobody thinks twice about it…. why? becuz there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage and lineage.

  14. jdog says:

    That is BS. I do NOT condone what he was convicted of or his beliefs, but if the man paid his dues for the crimes he has done then he should be able to fight PERIOD. Now that that was said, IF he DID lie then I am okay with his suspension/revocation of his license unless if he had been honest they would have denied him one. The point is simple, if a person makes a mistake and pays for it then he should be allowed to do what he wants to do, if he really did do the sex crimes then in my opinion he should still be in jail because I can’t stand that crap, I actually think crimes like that are worse than murder because someone has to live with that for the rest of their lives, but as I said if he paid his dues and is NOT on probation then he should be able to fight.

  15. Jon Watkins says:

    Well I guess every word with two “esses” should be banned as well.

    Cain better get some sand paper and get to work on that “Brown Pride” Tattoo.

    If people are going to do shіt like this, then I am going to make dаmn sure it applies to EVERYONE in the sport.

  16. true mma says:

    I agree with Texas, the dude is a sex offender how can any one say he should be fight for zuffa. You people who deffend him are fucking sick. Especially you John watkins you sick fuck. Get off this web site. This site is for mma fans not people who deffend sex offenders.

  17. James Kim says:

    LMFAO as im reading some of these comments, Iam amazed at how many idiots are in this world. Its like you cant get through their thick skull. Why are you morons keep comparing his white steel tattoo to cain valasquez? That has nothing to do with this issue. He got fired because of a sex offender charge and his hatred towards other race. Dont forget about lying on his application, what part of that dont you idiots not understand? Im not referring this to everyone, just to null, tim dunn, and the other idiots. Omg is our education level that low to the point where people cant comprehend from right or wrong?

  18. Milo says:

    Gutted. Wanted to see this guy fight again, Not that i like him. I like seeing him get beaten up. I think it should be mandatory for sex offenders to fight in mma, should be a jason statham theme where they get to keep their testicles if they make it through the entire roster of the ufc ( yes i know he was fighting in strikeforce).

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