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Thursday, 04/26/2012, 04:24 pm

Recap: Sonnen, Overeem and TRT

By Edward Fernandez:
Let’s recap what’s going on. Jon Jones won, he’s going to fight Dan Henderson, an age appropriate TRT user. Should be an interesting fight if Hendo can find his range. Alistair Overeem is out. Dana White says that he is surprised that they gave him such a mild suspension of 9 months. I frankly am a little surprised too since his defense was… what’s the word, lacking polish?

But all the best for Overeem’s replacement, Frank Mir, good luck. There is no longer a high percentage chance of an epic standup war with JDS, but I suppose I’ll pray that you get a takedown or two, just for fairness. On the flip side, hopefully Overeem keeps his job with the UFC because I want to see someone get head kicked in the heavyweight division. Plus he’s just scary, especially with all that juice.

Chael Sonnen. That’s all I have to say. Chael Sonnen. He got his title fight with “The Spider” moved from Brazil to Vegas. Mostly due to UFC scheduling conflicts with the United Nations meeting. But I would assume it was also because Sonnen was probably going to get assassination attempts, and there isn’t enough security available to save his soul. He’s much safer in Vegas. At least from the fans.

Sonnen says his fight with Anderson Silva will be “easy”. But first he has to get his TRT therapeutic exemption approved by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Should be fine. Hopefully he has a better doctor than Overeem has, or else we’re going to see another card get “changed”.

I’m actually more excited for Sonnen-Silva more than Mir-JDS, even though the summer of “The Spider” seems so far away. There’s just something wonderful about watching a rematch with a sh*t storm of synthetic testosterone in the cage and knowing the most dangerous fighter on the planet hates that guy’s guts.

There is a lot on the line for fighters and the UFC now that the commissions are starting to crack down on TRT and steroids. If Sonnen gets tested before the fight and fails because he is over the allowed ratio, then we could be deprived of the biggest rematch in UFC history. Even scarier, if Sonnen beats Silva and tests outside the limits afterwards… What would that mean for the UFC?


24 Responses to “Recap: Sonnen, Overeem and TRT”

  1. Peterbeater says:

    It would mean that the UFC needs to pony up the money and do mandatory testing year round. It’ll be much cheaper than losing big money fights every other card and it’ll get the right people fighting for the belt.

  2. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Sonnen should be tested weekly since he has already proved over and over how much of a CHEAT he is. What kind of athlete cheats in college wrestling for god sakes? Sonnen has been cheating his way thru life since day one and its a total embarressment to the integrity of the sport of MMA that Dana White fires and talks sh’t about anyone and everyone except Sonnen. His BIAS shows exactly what he cares about and that is the mighty dollar. You can be the biggest steroid cheat in history and be Dana Whites 31 guy as long as you don;t get caught. I wonder how many fans know that Lorenzo fertita and Dana both afre on HGH and testosterone thru a doctor in Vegas. No wonder they don’t care if their fighters use it as longa s tehy don’t get caught. Yes all the rich guys are on the JUICE but they call it rejuvination or fountain of youth and it costs 30-60k a year thrua company called Cengenics in Vegas. Lorenza brags how he can bench press 340 lbs hello??? you think that is natural for an old man sorry thats the JUICE and it works like a dream. Why do think Dan has no problem with GSP being on HGH

    • Balls McGee says:

      I’m the answer to who cheats in college wresting is BROCK LESNAR

    • DBlock says:

      Over 90% of the top college wrestlers use one form of PED or another not just Chael and Brock.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        I was talking about when Sonnen was getting his ass handed to him by Mark Munoz in a match in 1999 or 2000 and Sonnen tried to sink in a heel hook. everyone in West Linn oregon who has ever known Sonnen, coaches, teamates whoever will tell you Sonnen has never made it a secret that he abused steroids since high school. Gee i wonder why he has no balls and can’t produce his own testosterone. Gee Sonnen and nate have more in common all the time tehy both ahve been JUICING since late teens

  3. Derek says:

    And how do you know what Dana does?

  4. bertram TOOK STEROIDS!! CHEATER! says:

    BJ Penn

    Bas Rutten

    Tito Ortiz

    They all got belts without using TRT!!!!

    You guys should look up to these fighters!

    Not some bums like Chael Sonnen, Anabolistair “Testostereem” Overroid, Nate “Cheat” Marquardt.

    I respect Hendo but I don’t like him using TRT to raise testosterone ration to 6.

    Everyone should realize that TRT gives you an unfair advantage, that’s why it’s called cheating!


    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      They were also in their 20s.

    • jonesy says:

      i only mention ken shamrock to u champ list becuz u mesntioin bas rutten…i dont know why people think bas is so good,,he was just a ufc champ ahead of his time…he lost 2 times to ken shamrock in panrase and went 1-1 with frank shamrock….so if those guys won there ufc shit then retired after pancrase like bas people would think they are also a legend and 1 best ever like bas….they acheived as much as boss in the same time,,,,they were better bakc then,,.,,the only differnts in there assholes and alsop kept fighting longer to get exposed with mma evolving

  5. bertram TOOK STEROIDS!! CHEATER! says:

    Be Natural.
    Be Yourself.
    Believe on Yourself.

  6. mike says:

    I take it those that are surprised guys in college sports use steroids, hgh, igf have never actually competed in these sports ? At div 1 many football, wrestlers use hormones .

    UFC has shown it’s own promotional weakness in having Overeem mess up this card . if they were great promoters they would make sure their advertised fighters are passing random test by simply testing them . it doesn’t cost much at all ( $ 140 ) for a complete test and that is if you buy it individually . If purchased in large quantity I’m sure a large company could get it for half that . Dana is as much to blame for this mess up as Overeem . Anyone , especially Dana, that believes top level fighters are not using HGH, IGF, or steroids doesn’t understand sports too well .

  7. mean170 says:

    Why not just let Chael take all the steroids and testosterone and HGH and whatever the fuck else is out there? Tell Dana to forget about the 125lb division and just create a no-weight limit ‘juiced’ division where all these faggots can fight each other.

  8. Pijan says:

    It’s fucked up they’re trying to make it legal for Sonnen to cheat, Dana needs to stop holding Chaels hand and treat him like every other fucking fighter.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I agree but we are all wasting are time being outraged how Dana is so friggen BIAS and has made it totally clear whats ok for Sonnen is not ok for anyone else. one thing that most fans get wrong is they are crying about Nate marquardt getting fired for basically what (THEY the fans) think was same thing Sonnen did which is not true. Marquardt is a known steroid abuser and has been busted before testing positive for DECA and I’m sure behind closed doors he promised the UFC either he wouldn’t get caught again or would stop doing ROIDS. Also he never informed the UFC he was getting shot up with testosterone from his favorite doctor in New mexico and he tested hot again for the Dan Miller fight but had his little Sonnen/Doctor note saying he was on TRT so the pennsylvania or New jersey commsions let him fight anyway but gave him stipulations that he had to see and encrologist-hormone doctor of their choice and providxe 3 samples over 3 months and stop getting injections from his new mexico doctor so whats Nate “THE CHEAT” do after getting a gift from them in first place he provides 3 hot samples which were all elavated and then he come sin HOTTT again for the Story fight and tahts when Dana finds out that not only had Nate provided 3 hott samples for elavated testosterone he went back to his New Mexico doctor and got a HUGE dosage shot up a week before the fight. so now add all that on top of already hvaing being busted in Nevada in 2005 for ILLEGAL steroids where he was given a slap on hand after being caught with DECA an illegal steroid and then RUINING a main event fro Dana. So how can any of you say that was same thing Sonnen did. yes Sonnen is a CHEAT but I think Nate has him beat as the biggest CHEAT in all MMA and i can’t belive after all that Dan brought himback in Zuffa. Now you know why Dana said nate was given 4 or 5 chances already.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Dana could afford to test every UFC fighter weekly if he wanted to but he knows his fighters would drop like flies with dirty testsa nd it could RUIN the UFC. Cost of testing is pocket change to dana and the UFC besides the tests currently used by the Commissions doesn’t even test for HGH so it prob wouldn’t ven make a difference. Also the really good steroids like what Victor Conte sells are non-detectable with current testing so only fighters who would get popped are the ones taht makes least money. The GSP’s will always be able to take as much HGH, EPO’s, designer steroids as they want so its prob just a waste of time anyway. If any of you think for a minute guys liek GSP are clean you have your head in sand. I mean come on everyone thought Lance Armstrong was clean for 7 wins tour de france who by the way has way way more advanced testing than MMA. Common knowledge anyone (GSP) with enough money can take all the best stuff made in word that will beat any test out there.

      • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

        lance is a completely different issue. he was never caught. he admitted use of these substances as they were needed after undergoing heavy chemotherapy. if you know about post chemo treatment you would stfu simply put

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Lance was on EPO’s and doing blood transfusions to beat the tests which had nothing to do when he had cancer (FROM JUICING ALL THOSE YEARS)

  9. slacker says:

    It ticks me off that we, the fans, should have to even worry about all this BS. Like we all know, we already suffer enough fight cancellations due to pre – fight training injuries.

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