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Wednesday, 11/02/2011, 11:37 pm

Reagan Penn Hawaii Warrior Tee



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  1. Scott Wright says:

    Send a free one to the first comment? Penn brothers are incredible!

  2. Joe says:

    still waitin on my hammer memorabilia lol

  3. James says:

    Reagan is my new MMA fighter to follow. Go Reagan!!!

  4. reagan raped says:

    It looks like reagan got raped so hard…Whats up with the Penn brothers…

    Regan can’t fight for shit…if bj got his ass kicked, what the fuck is his dumb ass brother doing wanting to fight when BJ is ten times better than him…go to mum and dad and get them to write you out a loser cheque…dumb ass rich kids

  5. JonLi says:

    reagan raped : your fuggen retard!!! please don’t let your mind wander, it’s far too small to be let out on its own. Guys don’t worry what he is lacking in intelligence, he more than makes up for in stupidity.

  6. Jamie says:

    Hey Pedro, Reagan, and BJ

    I just watched Reagan’s latest fight against Cutts. A competitive first round, but from thereafter, Reagan not only got outstruck, but he also got outrgrappled – which is Reagan’s strength actually.

    All the credit goes to Cutts. He’s a very good fighter and a fantastic grappler in his own right. But that fight showed Reagan’s glaring need for better endurance. It’s convinced me all the more that Reagan could really benefit from training with scrappy, relentless guys from the Cesar Gracie Team, who also boast incredible technique in BJJ and boxing.

    Please make the alliance happen, sooner rather than later.
    I love BJ and Reagan too much.

  7. jc says:

    no one wants a fucken reagan penn t shirt

  8. jc says:

    no just because he is a dud

  9. New Thread: Bj’s weaknesses against Diaz!

    I stated before this fight that Bj has to stay off the fence bc if Diaz corners him, he wud pick Bj apart bc Diaz has reach and good cardio to constantly tag him with pitter patter. Proud of Bj fighting another bigger and taller opponent and he fought all the way to the end. His only weakness was his STRENGTH and he gassed a little bit not bad like against Fitch. I thought for sure Bj was going to drop Diaz at least once, so his power punch never came. When Gsp kicks diaz’s face in Bj needs to train w Gsp and be the complete fighter we know he can be.. Gsp’s strength training is INSANE! Thoughts everyone..We are Bj’s biggest fans to the end, and if Bj can train w Hughes Gsp will make him even better! Bj picked gsp to win and gsp did the same for Bj!

  10. bizzle says:

    I agree Chart.. I was surprised on how big Diaz looked, he has put on some serious muscle since his early ufc days.. I think Chael hooked him up with some

  11. Chartmonster says:

    LOL..That’s where Chael got it from his dealers out of team gracie! If Bj goes back down to LW I can see Bj training w Tristar..imagine Bj n Gsp doing gymnastics and riding on a scooter together bc Gsp wud too scared to get on a real motorcycle. Ha ha

  12. Matt says:

    GSP’s strength comes from his training, hard work and diet. But the guy is obviously on steriods also. In a sport where ped’s are most likely used heavily, GSP is one of the biggest and most ripped athletes around.
    BJ would never train with tristar.

    • That’s not proven and he’s been tested, but it’s a possibility.

      • Matt says:

        I know, I’m just going on appearances without concrete proof.

      • Chartmonster says:

        would Bj benefit from training w gsp and tristar?

        • For as much as i hate Gsp and his fake persona imo.Oh it hurts to say this.I think Bj could benefit from training with Gsp.As long as Gsp does’nt try to teach him how to fight

        • Chartmonster says:

          how about fight a lil safer and WIN! I’m ok w that! : )

        • Matt says:

          You know my preference cause I’m a big believer in the Marinovich system with Marv and Gary running it. Only they really know it. And I think they are the best. The system seemed to work for BJ until they parted 7 weeks before the first Edgar fight. (BJ says 4-5 weeks but it was 7 weeks by looking at BJ’s blogs and that’s another debate. Sorry) The Marinovich’s are not the only way, but it is a highly effective way.
          That being said, there are lots of really good S and C coaches out there. Obviously, GSP has great coaches! So BJ would benefit from their coaching like you say.
          From BJ’s thread “answering Marinovich questions,” BJ indicated that he doesn’t need a s and c coach. Personally I think that was a mistake and he probably has paid the price for that belief. It’s his biggest weakness, which is the main question you ask in this thread. BJ has said he wants to train predominately mma skills with his old coaches. And the results have been really bad for BJ. Was it mental or was it lack of smart s and c coaching? It’s baffling that they (BJ’s coaches) would say in the “Road to UFC 137″ video, that BJ was ready and well conditioned for Diaz. Well its obvious BJ was not ready at all and that can put your life at risk in the octagon! BJ’s recent coaches have been unable to prepare BJ since the Diego fight. With the exception of Rob Garcia (strength coach) for the fight against an aging legend in Matt Hughes.
          Like a lot of people have said, if you don’t have the strength and conditioning, you can never utilize the skills you have in mma. That’s just the way it is. GSP has less skill than many, but his strength and his cardio are off the charts! I think he probably cheats (steriods or other drugs) but he does the right things in training for his style of fighting.

  13. I,m just gonna throw something out there.Does any one think Bj could benefit from the Dolce diet?

    • P R O D I G Y says:

      No doubt look what Mike Dolce did to Roy Nelson!. BJ back at 155 with the Dolce diet would be a force to be reckon with. I think BJ should and will be back at 55 whooping ass. However, i feel that BJ has alot to gain by possibly going to a diff camp i think he could use a little change of scenary. Or a reunion with the Marinovich’s would be awesome but that seems unlikely.

    • Matt says:

      BJ was on a strict diet for Florian and Sanchez. A guy named Evan was the cook. It may have been the Zone Diet by Barry Sears. BJ said during that time in a video blog that he had to watch his weight cause it was getting too low early in camp and he said that was unusual for him in the middle of camp. So BJ did not have a hard weight cut for those fights. Or that’s how it seemed.
      Anyway, I don’t know the Dolce diet philosophy, but the guys who do it seem to really benefit. I think there is more than one way to get good results sometimes, but that says something to me. It probably works!
      And a good healthy diet is very important in mma.

  14. IMUA REAGAN says:

    @ JC and nobody wants u either especially da shirt on ur back da says you’re a “dud”!!

  15. IMUA REAGAN says:

    I neva see no weakness in B against Diaz and all i gotta say is if he never get one unfortunate mishap….he would have taken out Diaz!!!
    Anybody can tell me wateva they like but wats done is done!!

  16. JBJ sucks says:



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