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Thursday, 01/10/2013, 11:31 am

Ready For Featherweight Debut, Edgar Already Within Weight Range | UFC NEWS

In a recent interview with Las Vegas Weekly, former UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar answered a few key questions about his upcoming opponent, Jose Aldo.

You’ve never fought at 145 pounds before. Are you worried about the weight cut?
Will you do a test cut to make sure you can make it down without a problem? No, because I’m not that heavy. With the way I’m training, I’m already less than 10 pounds over, so we’re really not going to try that hard. I don’t think it will be an issue at all.

Aldo’s talked about knocking you out and then moving up in weight to win another title. What did you think of those comments? Everyone’s got to motivate themselves in their own way. He hasn’t fought in a year, so I think maybe he forgets how it is to be in there and needs to motivate himself. But he’s got something coming if he thinks this is going to be an easy fight.

What challenges does Aldo present?
He’s a great striker, fast and explosive. He’s got great knees and great kicks. He might be the most dynamic striker we have in the sport, right there next to Anderson Silva.


12 Responses to “Ready For Featherweight Debut, Edgar Already Within Weight Range | UFC NEWS”

  1. The Demon says:

    I don’t understand this he lost his belt got an immediate rematch and lost Again why in the hell should he get Another title fight ..makes no sense he should have to work backup just like another fighter that happens to

  2. joe mac says:

    The Demon is an idiot.. who else is there at 145 lbs to challenge aldo? If anderson got decisioned by chael would you not want to see him drop down to 170 and fight gsp immediately? Frankie is a champion and champions should fight champions before anyone else. As far as i know, there aren’t any other champions besides aldo at 145. THIS IS CHAMPION VS CHAMPION YOU FUCKING IDIOT. SIT BACK, QUIT COMPLAINING LIKE A WOMAN AND ENJOY THE SHOW. I FUCKING HATE YOU.

  3. Ripshot says:

    Edgar is going to expose Aldo. I can’t wait. His speed, agility, wrestling, cardio, and boxing will prove to be too much for Aldo to handle. Aldo hasn’t even faced the same caliber opponents Edgar has while Edgar has been through the trenches. Edgar finishes Aldo in round 2.

    • marc says:


      I think I made my point.

    • Time To Wrestle says:

      You are spot on!! Aldo is used to having dumbass’ stand in from of him and take those kicks and punches. Edgar will run circles around Aldo while he is kicking and punching air. He’ll take his ass down and pound on him for 3 then finish him off in the 4th or 5th. He will expose all of Aldo’s weaknesses like Cain did to JDS. Edgar is 2 or 3 levels better than Aldo.

    • says:

      Gray Maynard trained with Aldo and praised how good he was. He gave Frankie a hell of a time. I think Frankie will be the best test Aldo has had, but expose him, I doubt it.

      • baldy says:

        i aggree…edgar hasnt faced anyone anywhere near as fast, quick, or explosive as aldo….for the first time in his carreer edgar will not be the fastest/quickist fighter in the cage. its going to be an awesome fight for sure though. a true superfight imo….cant friggin wait!!
        im thinkin aldo by ko or tko in the 3rd…

  4. Night-Wind says:

    joe mac, Frankie ain’t champion anymore.

  5. digitalgore says:

    its an interesting fight, both are going to have their hands full. Each have their strong suits, frankie with his boxing, cardio, pace..and aldo with his viscious muay thai, and great td defence. the way i see it anything can happen, but i still see aldo out on top. hes on another level.

  6. Thom says:

    At least this fight will settle debates. Aldo is dominant of course, but the biggest names he’s beaten were by decision, think Faber (now bantamweight) and Florian. So saying Aldo will finish Edgar like it’s a sure thing is just stupid.

    I bet on all UFC main cards, but I’m never 100% sure on any of my predictions. Anyway, I see a hard fought decision, and I feel it’s so close that I’ll probably just bet on the underdog.

  7. The natural says:

    7th title fight in a row how many champs in UFC can say that in history let alone fighters that arent champs Edgar’s still a lot smaller then aldo. But he’s goin to be to much for him. But can’t wait maybe aldo ends fight early only way I c him winning but Edgar I can c ending Aldo’s night early beating him senseless grnd and pound or winning a decision. But great fight can’t wait. Aldo’s toughest test to date to this really will decide if Aldo deserves his p4p status or not or if Edgar’s only real adv was being smaller in lw div either way can’t wait

  8. The natural says:

    Who is the underdog?

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