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Wednesday, 07/03/2013, 07:15 am

Ray Longo: ‘No bulls–t, Anderson Silva will get dumped on his head’

Ray Longo, striking coach at Team Serra-Longo, recently stated that his undefeated pupil Chris Weidman (9-0 MMA, 5-0 UFC) is on a ‘different level’ when compared to UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s previous opponents.

 Here is what Ray had to say during his appearance on “The MMA Hour”:

“I tell you what, the guy (Silva) is where he’s at for a reason. When I look at him, the guy is absolutely phenomenal. We’re not discounting anything. The way I’m breaking it down in my head is, can a 40 year-old man stop this young, talented, strong, huge, technical, confident kid from dumping him on his head. This guy (Weidman) is a beast and I think the age might play a little factor in this. I’m not sure there is a guy in the United States that can stop this guy from dumping him on his head at that age. He’s that good, he really is. That’s not bullshit. He’s technical, he’s strong, he’s confident. He’s got the attributes to win this fight and I think everyone knows that if that fight hits the ground, it’s going to be a different story. Getting it there, well we’re going to see what happens on July 6th. Weidman is a big, strong, technical kid that we’ve put in with technical boxers, southpaws and he’s passed the tests. He deserves to be here. Everybody is going to find something out on July 6th, I don’t know who is going to be more surprised in the Octagon, Anderson or Chris, but he’ s not going to be mentally defeated before he goes in there and he’s got the flight time now to get what he wants. Stylistically, we believe Weidman is a tough fight for him. I’m not saying age is the only factor, because with age comes experience. And if you watch his fights, he’s a calm and calculated striker. Never gets flustered, this guy is no joke. I just believe the guys he’s beat aren’t on Chris’s level. Standing or on the floor.”

Those previous opponents included the likes of Vitor Belfort, Dan Henderson and Rich Franklin, just to name a few. So it’s a bold statement to say the least, but one that Longo is confident will be proven true this weekend at UFC 162.


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  1. magoo says:

    Can’t wait to see it! Hope Weidman busts him up as well!

  2. krafty11 says:

    Of course his coach is gonna say the “right” things.. All the guys that Silva has beaten, are not on Weidman’s level?? Hendo, Belfort, Okami, Marquardt, Sonnen(2 times, Franklin(2 times, etc..Seriously?? Its nice to hype a fight, but this is getting ridiculous.. Silva will teach Weidman a lesson in MMA come Sat. night, and send him back to the end of the line like all the rest.. and then GSP will start having nightmares and crying himself to sleep.

    • Nick says:

      No GSP is going to get hit by a Big Rig and loose his Belt so there won’t be a reason for him to worry about AS

    • magoo says:

      What are u a little weak wristed dude? Can’t seem to get GSP off ur mind, seems u can’t post without mentioning him….!! Listen you krafty little man GSP has nothing to do with beating ur hero Silva up!

      • krafty11 says:

        hero?? and maybe you might want to practice what you preach.. you can’t seem to post without mentioning Siva in your posts.. Seems like every fight he has, he is gonna get schooled and beat according to your delusional logic..

        • krafty11 says:

          spelling error: Silva, not Siva.

        • magoo says:

          Ahh this thread is about Weidman and Silva dude, and they are fighting Sat night…. Once the fights over ill stop breaking Silvas balls…. Ok!

  3. Dddddddd says:

    Man oh man! I’d pay double to see that shit tonight!
    Got my boy Weidman all day.

  4. WWE sonnen says:

    Silva will knock him out in the first round

  5. There is something wrong... says:

    when your coach needs to build you up THAT MUCH just days before your biggest fight of your life! I like Weidman and Silva. Let it be settled in the Octagon. I would never bet against Anderson Silva.

  6. SERGIO says:

    Kelly Slater has + 40 in Surf, Craig Alexander(Ironman WC 3 x is 39, so many guy in this age very competitive. Said that nowadays is BULLSHIT!
    Let’s fight beginning ….

  7. WWE sonnen says:

    Silva will play with weidman like he did with bonnar. Like he said he fights for fun now. Weidman is way too tense, trying to hype himself up by writing on his walls that he is great and that he can beat the GOAT. I think weidman will shit in his pants and be too tense and slow. After he misses silva a few times throwing punches in the air and trying to take him down unsuccessfully, he will expose himself and Silva will knock him out in devastating fashion, even worse than belfort, something no one has ever seen before. He will expose weidman’s weakness and everybody will wonder how the hell they thought this guy had any chance to win. Really can’t wait for this fight I’m gonna enjoy every second of it.
    Silva by KO in 1st or if he wants to have a bit more fun in 2nd.

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