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Tuesday, 10/09/2012, 01:37 pm

Ratings Report: UFC on FX 5 Draw Mediocre Television Audience | UFC NEWS

UFC on FX 5:  Browne vs Bigfoot drew in the lowest number of viewers with 1.1 million hitting the same mark as UFC on FX 3.  The good news is…. It gave a boost to The Ultimate Fighter: Team Carwin vs. Team Nelson episode 4.

UFC live events on FX have been fairly consistent with the highest draw at 1.4 million.

UFC on FX TV Ratings:

UFC on FX 1: 1.3 million viewers
UFC on FX 2: 1.4 million viewers
UFC on FX 3: 1.1 million viewers
UFC on FX 4: 1.3 million viewers
UFC on FX 5: 1.1 million viewers

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22 Responses to “Ratings Report: UFC on FX 5 Draw Mediocre Television Audience | UFC NEWS”

  1. The Truth says:

    IMO they need to promote the fighters a bit more and not just the fights. Maybe work towards getting these fighters more exposure on mainstream Late Night TV, Talk Shows, or Mainstream Sports outlets. I can’t believe FOX doesn’t do more during it’s Sunday NFL Broadcasts. If you want people to watch you have to give them an emotional connection to the fighters so they have a reason to watch. You can’t just say “Hey everyone, MMA is the fastest growing sport, You gotta see this!” A lot of folks still think it’s just violence. If you educate people and let them know what these fighters are really all about, they will start to tune in. Why do people frequent this site?? Cause they love BJ Penn…

  2. MMACRAVER says:

    IMO. I think the complete opposite of “the truth”

    As far as I’m concerned, I don’t give a flying fuck about any of the backstories behind these people or the silly house drama. We see it time and time again, all the same stories….

    Story A) I have kids and no money, I need this
    Story B) I come from poor family, We need this
    Story C) I was a bad kid, then I discovered MMA and turned my life around, I want this.

    Dude… WHO GIVES A SHIT….CLEARLY NO ONE! except maybe this other guy who claims we need more fruity backstory talk instead of more fighting and training footage.

    I get strong emotions from seeing a good fight. When I see a guy perform in the cage THAT makes me want to know more about him.

    Why do people frequent this site? Because they love BJ penn.

    WHY DO PEOPLE LOVE BJ PENN? THE WAY HE FIGHTS! If you actually judge BJ on his personality and some of the things he has said (for example when he spazzed out on twitter and complained Diaz held him down during the fight) He actually LOST fans from talking… Good thing he fights so damn entertaining.

    Anderson Silva can barely speak english and look at his fanbase… Anyone who see’s the guy fight will become a fan.

    My opinion… Cut the bullshit. There are so many reality shows with elements of drama out their. Focus on what sets this one apart.


    • yeahrightman says:

      Come on bro, that’s your opinion. If you look at ratings it’s not only talented fighters but also personalities that make fights. Chael sonnen is boring in the cage but has done more to bring this sport into the main steam than almost anyone. Jones vs rashad was Jones biggest PPV, why? Because of the back story. Same with Silva sonnen. And yea bj Penn is an exiting fighter but he’s also am amazing smack talker and performer.That’s the reason I like him anyway.

    • The Truth says:

      Bro, you are making my point exactly. Most people tuning in CURRENTLY to these broadcasts already understand the sport. The idea behind the Fox deal is to get NEW fans.

      So, are you saying every fighter is poor or comes from a broken home? Not true. A ton of these guys are intelligent college grads. Rich Franklin was a teacher… Joe Lauzon was an I.T. guy… Chuck Liddell has a degree in business administration… and so on and so forth. If people get these facts they will understand and relate to these guys (and girls) and be more apt to watch the sport. These are REAL people who test their skills and philosophy, not thugs or bad asses like yourself…(that is sarcasm by the way) They work hard, just like everyone else. The KO/submission is the culmination of years of training and discipline not just a violent act. IMO you are only looking at this from your own perspective. Fight-Fight-Fight! Is that all you see?

      Are you saying that the only thing BJ Penn does is fight? Is that all he is good for? Kind of an insult to BJ or anyone else in the sport. A tough guy attitude will only get you so far in life. People can’t get strong emotions from watching a fight if they never watch one or understand just why these guys do this sort of thing.

      When you reach my age you will see why you can’t just FIGHT all your life. Attitudes like yours are the reason the mainstream frown on MMA and combat sports. Intelligent people like myself and others like me enjoy the sport as well. There are plenty of people out there with way more skill than you have and don’t fight at all. The sport is meant for everyone to enjoy, not just YOU.

      • MMACRAVER says:

        Wow you wrote way too much arguing against shit I didn’t say.

        I said every fighter is poor and comes from a broken home? Are you a fucking retard? What level reading comprehension do you have? I used 3 examples that represent probably 80% of the stories you hear from these guys EVERY YEAR.

        What I am saying is that every god damn season we see the same type of stories. Yes some fighters are smart and come from bla bla bla situation WHO GIVES A FUCK! The ones people ACTUALLY give a “LONG TERM FUCK” about, are the great entertaining fighters.

        Personality can compliment that OF COURSE… DUH… But you cant try to shove that down everyones throat for every fighter contestant every year or it gets old. Think I’m wrong? LOOK AT THE FORMULA FOR THE SHOW!.. It’s moved more towards the drama and the interviews and the bullshit as much as ever and the ratings are the lowest they have ever been. It’s not as if they have made the show more about fighting… and that has resulted in fewer viewers.. DO YOU EVEN WATCH THE SHOW? They edited half the fucking fights in the opening episode.. Because there too boring? WOW… Id much rather listen to a spikey pink mohawked tool talk about stupid shit for half an hour.

        AM I saying the only thing BJ penn does is fight? No… I’m not you retard.. TRY READING… WHAT I ACTUALLY AM SAYING… IS that BJ built a legacy and being a baddass fighter who fucks shit up in the cage.

        Yes he is many other things. But what made him what he is today was his cage performance..When people think of BJ you get a HIGHLIGHT reel of FIGHTS… Not a bunch of shit talk or the story of BJ’s fucking life… MAYBE AFTER THE FACT.. those things are interesting because he’s such a badass we want to learn more about him.. But once again it all started with watching a killer in the cage. THAT IS THE POINT.

        • MMACRAVER says:

          When I reach your age I will see that you cant just fight? What the actual fuck are you talking about weirdo.

          We are talking about a sport, The sport is fighting.

          You are totally misinterpreting what I’m saying as if I just like to watch a derpy bloodbath.

          I love a close technical fight… ITS STILL CALLED A “FIGHT”


        • The Truth says:

          What The actual F I’m talking about is the perfect statement ! Do you know why? Because the article above pertains to UFC of FX 5… NOT The Ultimate Fighter. Next time read and understand the article before you start typing.

    • You for real, fuck head?
      BJ was 100% right with what he said on twitter!
      Diaz complainin’ all tha time ’bout mutha fuckas not comin’ ta fight’n doin’ the exact same shit he was pullin’ after bj smashed tha cunt outta him, in tha 1st round!

  3. Ryan Prieur says:

    I really enjoyed the card, a lot of great finishes. I think the problem with the UFC is they are having way to manny events a year! If there’s a figh every week, part time fans loose interest unless it’s a big name fighter. If you only have one a month or so you can put on great shows head lined with big names an have a lot more prelims for the hard core fans, and at least the part time fans will tune in for the big fights! Just my opinion but absence makes the heart grow fonder. I can remember years ago waiting and being so exited about an up coming fight, now it’s like “wait, who’s fighting this week end and who’s fighting next?” don’t get me wrong, I still watch em all, but I know a lot of people who just stop caring.

  4. Jayric says:

    What I think is that…They need to ask Chael P. Sonnen…I WILL WATCH ANY EPISODES WHERE SONNEN IS; before the fight, the fight itself and after the fight…That’s how effective he is and in addition to that he have the purse higher than a JBJ(UFC LHW CHAMP) and JDS(UFC HW CHAMP); that’s how you sell a fight…look at PVP announced by Dana…

  5. Jayric says:

    What I think is that the fighters and the promoters should learn more on the epic Chael P. Sonnen. He have the PPV purse to prove how effective he is in terms of fighting and getting someone to watch that fight. AS vs Sonnen is a very strategic fight and nobody would suspect that their would be a knockout/TKO/Submission and still everybody wanted to watch that because Sonnen made everyone believe(not that he can’t do it) that he will destroy AS and will destroy him badly. In addition to that as of what I can remember Dana gave a statement on PPV wherein Sonnen topped JBJ and JSD in terms of PPV. So I think it’s the fighters and promoters fault if it’s mediocre…It just lacked exposure and the fighters doesn’t have the ability to sell it..

  6. stonerman says:

    If this event was promoted more, then it would get more viewers. this was one of the better events, high percentage of finishers.

  7. Hahahanninen says:

    Put it on a channel that everyone can get….Im not going to pay for FX just for these events.

  8. Jay says:

    Fx is part of the problem. If these were still on spike viewer ship would be better. The ones of fox do pretty well too.

  9. Xaninho says:

    Commentary by Jon Anik basically sucks. He lacks knowledge and keeps repeating the obvious. It’s annoying.

    • The Truth says:

      I like John in the cage for post fight Q&A. Rogan is much better at play by play without question and does a good job educating the viewer.

      • Pkq says:

        Honestly I’m starting not to like rogan as much anymore, since he got his purple belt he feels like he need to educated everyone on every BJJ move they pull off. Frank Mir would be the best play by play commentator ever, he did extremely well in WEC I think they should let him take the seat instead of florian at least. Anik is a terrible commentator but he is a smooth post fight interviewer and I do like that, he sound so out I place commentating that its almost embarrassing

        • The Truth says:

          It was hard for me to throw that compliment at Rogan. He annoys me at times, but he has the job and I don’t. Great point about Frank Mir.

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