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Thursday, 01/09/2014, 09:31 am

Ratings Report: ‘UFC 168: Weidman vs. Silva II’ Massively Successful In PPV Buys

When it comes to PPV buy rates we never really get disclosed true and accurate figures. However the one reliable and lone source for UFC pay-per-view figures has and always will be, Mr. Dave Meltzer.

When people talk of buys, stating this PPV did this amount and this one did that, it is all based on his industry intelligence. The UFC never confirms figures, nor do the broadcasters, however, Meltzer’s time in the PPV business has gone on way before the UFC existed and therefore his estimates and contacts are widely considered as valid and on point.

With that being said, here is what he said via The Wrestling Observer Radio Show about UFC 168:

“It’s between 1 and 1.1 million… The late buys haven’t been counted, and there’s always going to be lag in recording, things like that, so it’s probably going to end up 1.1 million.”


3 Responses to “Ratings Report: ‘UFC 168: Weidman vs. Silva II’ Massively Successful In PPV Buys”

  1. hanibal says:

    if I’m not wrong that’s more than 76 million dollars from just one event !!
    so why is fighter pay so shitty?!! why do many fighters get less than 9k a fight?!! and why was the most they paid any fighter just 5 mil?!!

    dana white you greedy motherfucker

    • Fred Baden Agvald says:

      The most they ever paid a fighter was like $600K for Anderson Silva a few times I think…you have a good point though. At least lower the pay of the main event guys to like $250K max and spread the savings amongst the prelim guys

    • Eren says:

      who cares what the fighters are getting paid.. it aint you… they put on a good show

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