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Monday, 11/19/2012, 05:41 pm

Ratings Report: TUF 16 Episode 10 Tanks with 643,000 Viewers on FX | UFC News

“The Ultimate Fighter 16: Team Carwin vs. Team Nelson” episode 10 drew 643,000 viewers on FX, down from the 921,000 who tuned in for the debut of episode 9 the previous week, becoming the second-smallest ratings of the season – a notable drop from the prior week.

TUF episode 10 featured Team Carwin’s Neil Magny earning a “W” via unanimous decision opposite his teammate Bristol Marunde.   Team Nelson’s Colton Smith earns a “W” via decision, as well over Team Carwin’s Igor Araujo.

The series resumes on Nov. 30 with the remaining two semifinals on episode 11 after a break this week in observance of Thanksgiving.

 The “TUF: Live” ratings include:

  • TUF episode 1: 947,000
  • TUF episode 2:  872,000
  • TUF episode 3:  775,000
  • TUF episode 4: 1.1 million
  • TUF episode 5: 624,000
  • TUF episode 6: 811,000
  • TUF episode 7 : 676,000
  • TUF episode 8: 1.1 million
  • TUF episode 9: 921,000


6 Responses to “Ratings Report: TUF 16 Episode 10 Tanks with 643,000 Viewers on FX | UFC News”

  1. UFC fann says:

    That’s because Julian is a loser and a wack job!! I liked the show until he started throwing his bitch fits now it’s just like another episode of the Jersey shore, I haven’t watched it since. We need to get back to real men and real fighters not these pink mohawk bitches!! It’s ruining the show it’s not the type of show that needs bullshit like that

  2. UFC fann says:

    Not to mention whose bright idea was it to put the show on Friday nights who the hell would want to stay home and watch anything on a Friday night. If this show was aimed for men 18 and up don’t you think that age group is going to be out partying on a Friday night. This show needs to be on a Tuesday or Wednesday night middle of the week 9 o’clock

  3. Xaninho says:

    The timing is bad and I agree on that Julian dude. He acts all tough in the house when he knows the other guy isn’t going to punch him because the other guy doesn’t want to get thrown out of the competition.

    We saw what kind of heart he really has in his fight. Dude was scared to throw a punch or kick and delivered a snoozefest.

  4. Timing IS bad says:

    Agree with what you guys are saying about timing but as I just watch this stuff online I gotta say people probably also don’t watch this season just cause the fights are like 80% + garbage and for fucks sake can someone beat that cunt Colton already. Thinks he’s such a fucking badass

  5. Brandon says:

    It is because this years field of fighters are horrible. There is not anything impressive about any of them. They are not out there to look impressive. They are out there to simply survive to the next round to get to the finale and six figure contract. I think Dana has proved what he is willing to do for fighters that go out there and leave it all in the cage, ex:Bonnar/Griffin and many others. Both got six figure contracts. These guys act like they are afraid to do that. This is the worst season by far. Maybe there will be better coaches and better fighters next season.

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