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Tuesday, 10/02/2012, 12:34 pm

Ratings Report | Most Recent TUF Episode Draws Lowest Audience In Series History | UFC NEWS

Last Friday the UFC hit the TV waves on FX again with “The Ultimate Fighter 16: Carwin vs. Nelson” episode 3. The show drew in an approximate 775,000 viewers to FX.

This number marks an 11% decrease from the previous episode and interestingly enough marks the lowest audience in the shows 16 season history. The previous low came last season, also on FX, with episode 11, which drew 821,000 viewers.

So far the reality series has yet to draw the same type of appeal as it did on SPIKE TV where it averaged 1.7 million viewers per week.


10 Responses to “Ratings Report | Most Recent TUF Episode Draws Lowest Audience In Series History | UFC NEWS”

  1. Smackuround says:

    Should have never left spike, and Friday nite is stupid. That’s like intentionally missing your target audience

    • Bob says:

      Agreed!! Nobody is going to stay home on a weekend just to watch TUF.. Also nobody watches FX..

      FX plus on a weekend night = Epic Fail..

      You would think with all the money they have and all the experts in it would of known nobody would watch it in that situation.

      I watched every season except last years and this years. I have to watch a rerun online when I get the chance because hell NO I am not going to change my plans on the weekend to stay home and watch TV unless its a ppv event.

    • Repo says:

      If Nelson and Carwin aren’t fighting they shouldn’t be on tv.

  2. Smackuround says:

    Should have never left spike, it was basically the UFC channel

  3. Come at me bro says:

    I love the UFC on fox fx and fuel tuf would do great if it wasn’t Friday night I still DVR it and watch Saturday morning more fights are cool to me

  4. tehehe says:

    airing it on friday nights is retarded..people like to go out to bars/clubs instead of sitting at home in front of a tv…

  5. Nando says:

    Tuf is done, simple.

  6. Wednesdays was better.

    Friday nights a lot of people that would watch are not home.

  7. birdcitybutcher says:

    I have been at home injured for the past couples of weeks from a car accident so I’ve been watching more tv lately. I’ve actually watched the first 2 episodes of this season and its not just the day they air it. Its the cast a bunch of kids who watch too much ufc. I don’t see the kinda of desire and heart in the fighters like the previous seasons. A bunch of class acts with mediocre talent and not a drop of humility

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