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Wednesday, 10/12/2011, 09:06 am

Rashad Giving Machida More Than A Chance Against Jon Jones

“If anybody can give him trouble, I would think it would be Machida, and for a couple of reasons. One reason is Machida’s used to that kind of craftiness and movement because he trains with Anderson Silva, so he’s used to seeing that. That’s where Jon Jones got a lot of his style from is Anderson Silva. So Lyoto is used to training with the originator. One thing Jones brings to the table that Anderson doesn’t is the ability to take the fight to the ground. He brings that ground and pound and Jon is very good at that, so there are a couple of areas where Lyoto will have to watch out for Jon. But for the most part, if he can use his footwork and watch out for some of the tricks and not stay on the outside and watch like everyone else does… I think he could do pretty good in this fight.”

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans, goes on record with and talks about the UFC 140 main event between Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida.

Having had some terrible luck in the past few years, Rashad is forced to sit on the sidelines yet again and watch his divisions title picture unfold without the inclusion of himself.

With Lyoto Machida being his only professional loss and having trained with Jones extensively, his insight into the fight is always well received, however, he did pick Rampage to beat Jones at UFC 135 and we all saw what happened.

Is Evans just trying to poke at Jon Jones or do you really think Machida will be his toughest challenge?

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36 Responses to “Rashad Giving Machida More Than A Chance Against Jon Jones”

  1. MFbrian88 says:

    If anyone has a chance it is Lyoto. I think if Jon gets a bit too flashy Lyoto will catch him with some counters and KO Jon. We will see….

  2. CdnMMA says:

    No way, not in a million years! And I’m not even a Jones fan, but there is NO WAY, Lyoto is gonna take out Bones. What are we basing this on? His KO of a well past his prime Couture? How about his KO of glass chin Rashad? Sorry guys. Bones is going to run over Machida like he did Rua. Honestly, I don’t see anyone beating Jones right now, save for a 100% berserker Rua and even then I think Bones is elusive enough to wear him down and finish him off. I honestly think at this point Bones could beat Anderson he’s THAT good. Again, I’m not even a Bones fan, but after having watched almost all his fights, this kid is legit!

    • jroch says:

      ” at this point Bones can beat Anderson”!!!!!!! now you’re just talking nonsense!

      • RCS says:

        not nonsense he’d have size and wrestling advantage. it would be a compelling fight.

      • Mike says:

        I’m a massive Silva fan but seriously Jones is a monster and would destroy him. He’s too big and strong and would rag doll him round the ring. Look at what Chael did to Silva with his wrestling and look at the size difference between the fighters and add in what Jones can do with his reach, stand up and ground and pound. I doubt this fight will ever materialize because Dana knows what would happen. Jones has more chance of stepping up in weight than down.

    • Bulgemaster says:

      Lets not forget about thiago silva. Give lyoto props. He’s a hoss and definately has the biggest chance in my eyes at getting that strap

    • Calvin says:

      Why is he past his prime after he loses? because if i recall he was whoopin ass till Machida came in

    • ty says:

      you say your not a bones fan but your post was you saying how good he is and all about him so pretty sure you are one ….jones isnt even close to silva silva would crush bones …bones has only had one title defence n your saying hes better then silva use your head

    • Boojii says:

      Agreed to CdnMMA, Lyoto have very little chance if he don’t use his leg to kick Jones’s leg. Jones has reach and size advantage. Am a huge fan of Lyoto but Jones have so much advantage.
      Lyoto seems to be too passive and doesn’t seem to kick his opponents legs. Lack of Leg kick was his downfall with Rua. He need to be more aggressive in his approach and adapt with Jone;s versatility.
      I would give 3 out of 10 for Lyoto and 9 to Jon Bones.

  3. tim says:

    After the rampage fight in danas blog… Jones was almost crying because his legs hurt so bad from a checked kick. I hope lyoto kicks his leg into two like a stack of boards. and then grabs the foot and twists it so the compound fracture tears his leg off. If lyoto cant do this.. Jones is just going to use his demonic spirit to overcome him

    • To Tim says:

      …so then you also saw the video of Rampage whining in the locker room following the fight because of the beating by Jones. Point is, a fight is a fight. The toughest fighter is going to be in some kind of pain afterwards. Hell, I play fight with my 11 year-old son, letting him strike as hard and as much as he can, and when it’s over, I’m in pain. I can only imagine a grown ass professional fighter doing it with intent of killing me. I know Machida was in pain after picking himself off of the Octagon following 113.

  4. Mike Diaz says:

    I will pick Machida if he can take Jones into the ladder rounds. Its hard to count out Jones, his frame and talent are a hard combination to finish. If anyone can do it, the Dragon has the sole chance in the entire division. IMO, Evans has just about a chance Rampage did so I am glad his crack at the bat is not up, seriously! PENN NATION!!!!!!!

  5. ThaGreenBandit says:

    I’ll agree with that

  6. GSP says:

    Machida all the way man this is done!

  7. Joe says:

    i dont get how you guys think machida will be able to counter….
    come on greg jacksons got the plan all set up, and jon will be too fast, too long, and too strong, if the striking gets too crafty, then its Jon’s game to play cause he will just out wrestle machida

  8. Joe says:

    and jons down to get the freak sh!t on

  9. Joe says:

    but imagine if lyoto won, then rashad had to face him again! lmao

  10. ol raz says:

    Machida is a great warrior. but I agree that Jones reach, size, ground game and unpredictability a la Silva is A LOT to go up against…Jones has won the belt defended the belt and beat the hell out of everyone he’s fought. I have to give the edge to JONES. Plus I truly believe Rashad has the BEST chance of all to beat Jones. Look at all of Rashads fights and his lone loss to Machida was Rashad not being humble and being too cocky. I see Jones winning and I hope Evans gets a chance to take the belt from Jones…before Jones learns, evolves and comes back better stronger and more confident than before! If he loses the belt I see Jones getting it right back and holding on to that thing for a few years…and yeah, Silva is just too crafty, and has too much of a killer instinct to be bested by a young kid. Silva is a Master a la bruce lee…Jones is a gifted student on his way to being an epic master. see you on fight night

  11. Mike says:

    Makes for a great fight, still see Jones dominating but I think Machida is the best challenge out there at the moment.

  12. Chris says:

    Why does everyone overlook Machida’s TDD? Im not saying he will be able to keep the fight standing the whole time, but i think alot of people aren’t giving him any chance of that whatsoever.

  13. Really, Rashad??? says:

    Rashad said the same crap before Bones fought Rampage: “I think Rampage will pull this one out..” And we all know what happened. Jones could be fighting Jens Pulver and Rashad would say the exact same thing because he hates Jones and is envious of him also. He hates the Jackson camp. He feels he has been slighted by Greg Jackson and will say anything against them.

  14. Ninjaman says:

    Rashad paid respect to Jone’s and gave him compliments. Everything Rashad said is true. He did not say Machida was going to win he simply identified where he can do well and wher Jones is strong. To much hate that it makes you people blind!

  15. Mellow fellow says:

    i love how ppl still doubt jones i heard he wud get destroyed by shogun the opposite happend he wud knocked out by rampage nope submitted him in his best shape ever machida cudnt finish either of em he did with ease machida is a great fighter but jones is better come Dec 10th we gunna see that again he has the reach to catch machida from running close the distance take him down at will and goodnight machida bring on evans. I stopped doubting Jones maybe others should too

  16. TJ says:

    Rashad never picked Rampage to beat Jones. He said Rampage had a shot if he put the work in at camp, but he actually favored Jones in that fight. Machida is the best matchup for Jones at this point, his elusiveness will come into play and he will score as long as Jones doesn’t chase him down and take him down. I can see some Karate trickery from Machida on this one a la Steven Seagull.

    • J W says:

      “I got a feeling. I think that Rampage is gonna pull it off.” – Rashad Evans, UFC 135 Q & A with Mike Goldberg.

      Words from Rashad that proves he chose Rampage over Jones. Now, I have seen video of Rashad choosing Jones over Rampage. Just goes to show Rashad covering all bases to try and not look like an ass. Didn’t work….

  17. Juan says:

    Machida does have a great chance against Bones. Not because he trains with anderson but because of his style. I train Shotokan karate for quit some time now, and we see the hand of our oponent as if it was a sword, so we take less damage and inflict the most. Jones likes to use his reach advantage but how will he use it againt machida that uses distance to his advantage. I dont see anything anormal about jones, his just geneticly blessed, if he was phisicily like any of the 205 guys he wouldnt be champion. He has great potential, but not that good yet. I think if jones trained with karate champions like rua did he would have a chance, but jones dosnt have that much time, december is there match, 2 month is just not enouph

  18. The Firm says:

    Machida is crafty, but not sure he can deal with the distance Jones loves to fight from. One person that is COMPLETELY overlooked thus far is Hendo I must say. He has one shot power, TONS of experience, and HIGH caliber wrestling skills. He is not someone that will hang out from the outside and remember he has NEVER been KO’d. I hope he makes it through Shogun and gets a crack at it.

  19. Nepo says:


  20. SanSooRob says:

    Machida !!! Machida !!!

  21. Chad says:

    I’ve thought for a while that Machida might have the best chance to beat Jones. His style is just so different. Like Rashad said, he can’t just sit outside and watch like Rampage did. If Rampage would have kept up the leg kicks and tried to mix it up a little more he might have had a chance. I’m also with the earlier poster who said a 100% motivated Shogun could do it. You just don’t know what you’re getting with him though. All that said, no way I’d put money on anyone to take down Jones right now.

  22. I think in order to beat Jones.You have to attack his legs.Jones has really skinny legs.I don’t think it would take alot of strikes to damage Jones’s legs.But being able to get those strikes off to cause damage is another thing.

  23. Cheecho says:

    Jones will have the biggest challenge of his career in trying to find his opponent. Lyoto moves well and on top of that is use to training with a tall and highly skilled opponent. (Silva) …buuuut in my opinion he will find him eventually, and when he does, it will be lights out for Machida.

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