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Monday, 10/10/2011, 09:25 am

Rashad Evans Will Not Sit Out And Wait For Title Shot

“I told him that, ‘you’re the unluckiest guy I ever met.’ Depending on the timing and how all this shit works out he will fight again. He wants to. He was like ‘I’m not gonna sit around and wait again.’ So he probably will (fight). We’ll see how this whole thing goes down, we’ll see what happens. Plus Jon Jones has fought four times in 10 months. It’s crazy.”


11 Responses to “Rashad Evans Will Not Sit Out And Wait For Title Shot”

  1. Joe says:

    rashads droppin to 185 to fight andy

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Unluckiest after Pat Barry.

  3. Dan Walker says:

    Dana grabbing his nose, pretending he isn’t making rashad wait.

  4. CALI says:

    Rampage vs Shogun in Japan. Rashad vs Dan #1 Contender match….do it.

    • JBJ sucks says:

      Those are very good matches to make because if you put Rashad vs Shogun I don’t think he will win he has a much better chance vs Henderson

      • Creature says:

        Nah Shogun’s take down defense isnt all that great, and everyone knows Rashad is going to take him down and grind him to a dec. Hendo on the other hand has the same if not better KO power than Shogun, and has the wrestling ability to negate Rashads. Hendo is a far worse match up for Rashad

      • CALI says:

        WTF are u kidding? Rashad would get outwrestled and bombed on by Hendo.

  5. DontBeScaredHomie says:

    its beyond me why they make jones fight 4 times in 10 months when most fighters only fight twice a year. i think the ufc has it in for rashad. they can wait 10 months for edgar and maybnard but they can wait till early next year for rashad. i think dana is on jones cock if u ask me

  6. GSP vs BJPENN says:

    I think if DW kepp doing what is does example GSP vs DIAZ ….#2 p4p Edger now Rashad vs Jons he gona fuc* UFC ….UFC will be wwe or Belator organization that nobody wona see ….i start slowly but surly start hiting this organization…FUC* DW …….Plus i don’t know how they can make JONEs fighting 5 times in one yaer but they can’t make him whith maybe one and half month to fight RASHAD becouse DW knows Rashad will take title from JONS maybe Jones wont more fight so he get some more experience before he fight Rashad ..he know Rashad would bett shi@ of him…..JONES and DW are fake mother F***ers

  7. pongo says:

    don’t think its too major jon jones fighting four times in 10 months. he hasn’t taken any damage in any of the fights and he has never looked like he has even broken a sweat. if you were cracking skulls every time you went into the ring you want to be in every other month doing it again.

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