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Wednesday, 09/04/2013, 03:24 pm

Rashad Evans vs. Chael Sonnen set for UFC 167 Co-Main Event

By Evan Stoumbelis

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Rashad Evans and Chael Sonnen will face off as the co-main event of UFC 167.

Sonnen took to twitter last week to arrange the fight with Evans, asking him what he was doing on November 16th. Rashad responded that he was doing nothing, to which Sonnen sent him a picture of a fan made poster featuring Sonnen vs. Evans as the co-main event of UFC 167.

UFC 167 is set to take place November 17th in Las Vegas with Georges St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks as the main event.

Also confirmed for the card is Rory MacDonald vs. Robbie Lawlor and Josh Koscheck vs. Tyron Woodley.


4 Responses to “Rashad Evans vs. Chael Sonnen set for UFC 167 Co-Main Event”

  1. Bob'O says:

    Been wanting this match up for a long time now, but damn Sonnen must be making a lot of coin? I never seen a guy fight so many times in one year. I doubt he will trash talk Evans too much cause they are friends and are both wrestlers. This is a good match up though. ~Bob’O

    • UFC 84 Forever says:

      We might not necessarily want to see him fight for a title again but it’s clear he’s hungry after that Shogun fight to get right back in the top tier of fighters!

      Agreed this is gonna be one hell of a match up, and Sonnen must be making some real coin. Based on the way he called him out I agree this won’t be much trash talking by Sonnen (unless maybe Rashad starts some).

      Agreed, this is gonna be a hella interesting fight!

      • Nate "THE STEROID KING" Marquardt says:

        Why is it UFC fans cry nonstop about all the TRT cheaters except Sonnen?

        That is some hypocrite BULLSH’T. How Sonnen didn’t lose his LEGAL JUICER exemption after showing up to a world title fight with enough JUICE in him to jump over the damn moon. testosterone level of 17 men allowed Sonnen to fight and have strength to hold Silva down and its outright insane that not once has Dana or Rogan or Goldie ever said one damn thing about Sonnen cheating his as’s off in that fight. We saw the difference in Silva vs Sonnen 2 where Sonnen was only allowed to have the testosterone of 6 men instead of 17 and he lasted what 2 minutes.

  2. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" Marquardt says:

    Rashad’ wrestling easily cancels out Sonnen’s and EVERYONE knows Rashad UNLIKE Sonnen is well rounded. This fight will be decided on the feet and easy boxing clinic for Rashad

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