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Monday, 10/01/2012, 07:54 am

Rashad Evans Turned Down Booking Against Glover Teixeira, Short Notice To Blame Says Former Champ | UFC NEWS

“I will fight anybody with the proper notice.. But after 8yrs with the UFC & being one of their top earners. Y would I take a bad fight?! … Bad fight meaning not being in shape. Losing is hard enough but I will never serve myself up! If I’m haven’t been training I won’t fight! … I know alot of u fans may not realize but I don’t walk around ready 2 fight. No one does. In this sport it takes at least 8wks 2 b ready! … Fighting another person is much harder than most ppl think & if im not training it takes time 2 get ready. There r no easy fights!”

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, “Suga” Rashad Evans, recently took to twitter to explain his reasoning behind not accepting a bout at UFC 153 against the highly hyped Chuck Liddell Protege, Glover Teixeira.

Is his decision justified?


38 Responses to “Rashad Evans Turned Down Booking Against Glover Teixeira, Short Notice To Blame Says Former Champ | UFC NEWS”

  1. Xaninho says:

    Wow seems like no one wants to fight Teixeira.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      Was thinking the same thing, first Rua, then Rampage gets injured and now Rashad is ducking him….Rashad will fight anyone he thinks he can beat….

  2. Mike b says:

    U know what I hated rashad when he first came on the scene.hes one of my favorite fighters now.but I’m a little disappointed in rashad tho,I know he said he hasent been training and all but damn!!on another forum on this website he was bashing bones for not accepting the chael fight.come on now rashad don’t be a hypocrite man….I still got love for rashad but like I said I’m a little disappointed.nobody wants to fight glover..Lol

    • nick says:

      Bones had been traning to fight Rashad has not

    • KTX says:

      He’s not being a hypocrite, Jones had a full camp.

      • Mike b says:

        Ur right!he wasn’t even training.which I said in my post.but next time a fighter turns down a fight maybe rashad shouldn’t speak on it.u should always be ready to go cause u never know when an opportunity could come ur way.

        • effyocouch says:

          You sir are clearly not a fighter in any sense of the word if you think it’s that easy to be ready to fight at all points in time. You know that injury crisis the UFC is having right now? Multiply that by 10 and that’s what would happen if a lot of these fighters tried to train how they do year round. Not all fighters, but most.

        • Mike b says:

          Whoever said it was easy,don’t put words in my mouth cause that’s not what I said.i haven’t fought professionally but I’ve been training since I was a kid.and I’ve trained with a lot of fighters who actually still train when they don’t have a fight coming up.its called staying in shape u idiot.u must train with some lazy ass motherfuckers if they just train when they have a fight coming up.of course ur not gonna train 24-7 365 but if ur smart and wanna be the best u can be ur gonna train at any chance u what ur trying to tell me is that rashad hasent been training at all since April????????of course he’s not training hard 6 days out of the week but I bet u any fucking money he’s been training…..even my trainer Muhammad at renzo academy trains and dosent have a fight coming up yet.even UFC fighters like randy,JDS,bones,chael,guida live in the gym they say it their selves!even chael said he was in the gym when he stepped up to fight bones,of course he didn’t have a full camp but he was in that motherfucker staying in shape,he said it on fuel I posted my comment based of what I’ve seen and heard from fighters personally or on shut the fuck up and stop acting like ur some real fighter who knows everything when ur just looking in from the outside bit*h!

    • Clay says:

      Thank you! Everyone hated on bones!! Even rashad was talkin shit! Now look at him. Whoever was actually mad at bones for not fighting douchebag cheal (who always loses, can’t back up his talk, and doesn’t deserve a shot at anything) is a tool and just follows what everyone else (Dana) says. F U all

  3. Mike b says:

    The only guys I can think of to fight glover is werdum,mitirone,or pat Barry.

  4. DMAC says:

    Suga you look mad silly right now!

  5. Badboykilla says:

    Stupid stupid stupid, apparently everyone who reads these articles thinks it’s easy to take a fight on short terms. Short term fighters are usually unestablished fighters who are looking for a chance or fighters on their way out looking for their last stand! Even the great Anderson silva said I’ll fight anybody short term who is not themselves training for a fight! Why ruin what you’ve built just to make fans think you are tough. Turning down a fight with the same amount of time to train is one thing turning down a short notice fight is something else. Real fighters will understand, unappreciated ignorant fans won’t

  6. Brend0magic says:

    Smart move. Rashad is a thinking man’s fighter, not just some brawler who will fight anyone in anyshape.

  7. moron killer says:

    Rashad is right. The majority of stupid fans are wrong and take everything out of context.
    A real fighter knows best not keyboard warriors

  8. Unarmed spectator says:

    Rashad is right… And he doesn’t want another loss… Lmao

  9. Xaninho says:

    Rashad just lost a titlefight. He really doesn’t have a position to protect. I can understand when a fighter is next in line or #2 he doesn’t want to risk his position by taking a fight on short notice, but he doesn’t have that much to lose right now.

    If he’s in such a bad shape as he’s portraying in this quote, than he should really get his ass into the gym.

    • Unarmed spectator says:

      I think that Rashad has a lot to lose regarding status. Losing a title fight doesn’t mean your out of contention for the title, just means your not the #1 contender, but he’s the new #1 contender gate keeper. If Glover demolishes Rashad Dana can push Glover to title contention really quick. If Rashad loses that knocks him down the ladder and might not see a title shot for years.

  10. Hahahahahahaha... says:

    dude, Rashad not taking the fight is smart. Of course you don’t want to take a fight on short notice and risk all what you accomplished in 8 years. But you sure were a company man when Jones turned down the Sonnen fight.

    Rashad would’ve took the fight if the fighter fit into his category as “an easy fight.” So it has nothing to do with fans, other fighters, or helping the UFC out. The choice was all about Rashad. Cool. But keep your preaching ass comments to yourself when you contradict yourself less than a month later.

    Same for Matt Mitrione, who now is on Dana White’s shit list. His UFC career is coming to a close. (Defries over Cormier??????? What????…Cmon Matt!…you need the fricken money, dude!)

  11. itsallnonsense says:

    Ive said it before, Glover Teixeira needs a break already! This guy could really mix up the division.

  12. Big Show says:

    Dana Jones vs Glover!!! make it happen…. no one wants to fight this guy, so put him against the Champ… so if he is in the way to make history, he most go trough Glover the only guy in the division who is able to stop him…

  13. Ngodup Pontsang says:

    Damn, all ya’ll are fuckin retarded. First of all, how much ya’ll think Rashad walks around weighin first? Secondly, if ya’ll think Glover Texiera is SO FUCKING TOUGH that fighters would actually avoid him, then why would Rashad ever take him on SHORT NOTICE. Rashad fought Jones, Machida, Liddel, Ortiz, Bisping, AND Rampage, yet you dumbfucks think he’ll “duck” Texiera??? WORD??? I capitalize main points because I feel like ya’ll are retarded and can’t read properly, but hopefully the capitilization will help you to “decode” this post. Ain’t none of ya’ll even been in a street fight let alone a pro fight obviously. So ya’ll should just keep ya opinions to ya selves cuz ya’ll are like dirty hillbillies fucking their cousin wife, shit just don’t make sense.

  14. ODLICIOUS says:

    Glover Teixeira is the guy in this division NO ONE wants

  15. Mzelster says:

    I see a lot of people backing radhads decision, but when it was jones who said no everyone jumped at him, now rashad is saying no and everyone is ok with that. I say this, champ or not if you are asked if you want to fight and you say no, then no it is and everyone has their own reason, so until you are in this predicament stop judging.

  16. Rob says:

    ^^^ jones had full camp suga didn’t

  17. Nunya says:

    After the loss to Jones, i understand Rashad’s decision. Yes, it is short notice, and respect the fact that a training camp of at least 8 weeks is vital. Having doubts after a loss also comes into play Not to mention the power of Glover does not make the decision easier. Basically in my opinion, Rashad’s decision makes him look like he is not sure of himself.

  18. Ryan kelly says:

    In all honesty after what a mess he made of kingsbury who would want to fight him on short notice dudes a monster and he’s from black house anderson Silvas camp dude is the real deal

  19. Bjj BB says:

    Wooooooowwwwwwww!! This is some bullshit!! Not being in shape, not enough time, fight dont make sense, is all reasons to not fight any1 when your at the top but rashad is being a f-ucking hypocrite right now, after talking all that shit about how jones did not fight sonnen, yea haters will say, but jones trained, yea he trained for sum1 elses style, so not training is the same as training for sum1 elses style, its just funny how he talked all that shit and now the tables have turned and look whos trying to keep his fans with this bullshit statement! F-uck rashad!!

  20. Clay says:

    It will be funny if glover loses his fight lol everyone is duckin him. Props to bones for putting up with all the hypocritical bull

  21. Judge_Dreadz says:

    Bones had full camp he was in shape and fight ready…Rashad didnt besides Glover is WaYYY more dangerous than Fhael will ever be…

  22. makaveli says:

    All u clowns posting that ur real fighters r nothing but cell warriors! Talking about how only u know what its like 2 fight. The 3 of u are only talking shit out ur ass cause your on a keyboard safe at home. Where ever u guys are training but be a sissy camp, if u aint ready 2 fight at any time it comes to it!

  23. ocelot says:

    Why will no one fight this guy? I will get my ass beat but I will fight him tomorrow. Dana call me!!!

  24. ocelot says:

    Why will no one fight this guy? I would get my @$$ beat but I would fight him right now. Hey Dana White call me!!

  25. mills says:

    James Te Huna would take the fight :)

  26. Dee says:

    Once again people are not making sense. When a fighter is coming through the ranks he has everything to lose and a lot to gradually obtain. Becasue in the beginning of their career they have very little ware and tare on their bodies they are able to train hard constantly around the clock, but when you are in the situation like Rampage, Rashad, and Silva you can’t train all out all the time. You have to give your body breaks. There’s a lot of lumps and bruises that just wont heal anymore. It also doesn’t make sense for fighters with their market value to take fights under short notice. Basically the UFC has gotten big enough where it can’t be run like a mom and pops shop anymore. It’s getting to big for Dana White to manage. He needs to quit doing a lot of the BS that he’s doing.

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