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Monday, 09/12/2011, 08:20 am

Rashad Evans To Host UFC 135 Q&A

The UFC has booked light-heavyweight number one contender, Rashad Evans, to host the pre-fight UFC 135 Q&A session in Denver later this month.

“UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage” is set to take place on September 24 live on pay-per-view from Denver’s Pepsi Center. The card features a light-heavyweight title fight in its main event between champion, Jon Jones and challenger “Rampage” Jackson.

With many fans chomping at the bit to see the grudge match between Jones and Evans, the UFC made an excellent move to book Evans to field questions from UFC Fight Club members on the eve of the historic bout between Rampage and Jones.

Having already faced Rampage Jackson both on the Ultimate Fighter reality show and in the cage and having trained with Jones, Rashad Evans, who will get the shot at the winner, is the best possible candidate to assist in hyping up the UFC 135 main event and give his opinion on the match-up to the Denver fans in attendance.

Doors open to UFC Fight Club Members at 1 p.m. local time and Evans will hit the stage for the event just one hour later. If you can make it, stick around for the weigh-ins at the same venue which are scheduled to kick off at 4 p.m. local time.


4 Responses to “Rashad Evans To Host UFC 135 Q&A”

  1. Blogging Jro says:

    I can’t see him having too much nice to say about either of these two. I think his fight with Rampage reconciled some of the bad blood from their TUF season, but the bad blood with Jones is still boiling, so I’d expect him to speak more favorably of Rampage.

    • Will says:

      He already commented that Rampage is going to get beat by Jon Jones… as much as he doesn’t like him, he knows Jones is the better fighter between Jones and Rampage.

  2. Joe says:

    think rampage can slam while get RNC? ha

  3. Tourney says:

    It sucks when there are more than one top contender for a shot at te title because someone always gets the short end of the stick. It would e awesome if UFC would incorporate a grand prix type event like Strikeforce or Bellator to see whos deserving of the title shot. For example would love to see a Rashad Evans vs Dan Henderson fight and Rampage vs Shogun. Winners fight eachother to see who gets Jones. Or Munoz/Leben vs Belfort/Sonnen. Winner would have the honor of being an Anderson Silva victim. Penn/Diaz vs Condit/Fitch-winner gets GSP. Guida/Henderson vs Melendez/Maynard gets Edgar. Lesnar/Overeem vs Mir/Barnett winner getting Velasquez/Dos Santos. Just makes sense after seeing guys like Rashad, JDS, and everyone in the lightweight division over the last two years get dicked out of title shots time and time again.

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