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Friday, 09/23/2011, 01:44 pm

Rashad Evans Thinks His Former Team Did Spy On Rampage Camp

“I think they did it but I don’t think Jon was a part of it. I think it was Malki his manager and I don’t think Jon was really in on where Malki was getting his information from”

During today’s UFC Fan Q&A session one of the fans asked former champion Rashad Evans if he thought that his former team was capable of getting information from an inner-camp spy in Rampages camp.

He didn’t really hesitate and insisted that yes, that team is capable of such activity.

Anyone surprised?


21 Responses to “Rashad Evans Thinks His Former Team Did Spy On Rampage Camp”

  1. Cody Schumacher says:

    Makes sense

  2. Mike Diaz says:

    Not at all…..

  3. Bovice says:

    Cant believe anyone believes this bull… Jon Jones is fareal, and he ganna have to prove it to all you doubters the hard way…

  4. Matt says:

    Hardly anyone is doubting jon jones you novice mma fan. He is very skilled but that’s irrelevent to the fact that his camp was spying on rampage. I hope rampage catches him and puts him too sleep. That’s his only chance of winning this fight. Rooting for rampage.

  5. Paul Thompson says:

    He is for real for sure but I think Malki did do it. I think Malki knows everyone and this MP vp called him up and told him about Rampage’s injury. I think Malki is likely a typical scummy manager industry type and likes to think he is the clever gordon gecko of mma. Unfortuneatley Jones is collateral damage and now looks like a douche. I dont think Jones was in on it or would condone it. I bet Jones gets a new manager soon. That being said i would like to see Rampage ko Jones. Rampage would get one last chance at a greatness for his legacy and then Jones could come back stronger and wiser after dealing with a loss. Everyone wins…makes a great story line.

  6. Ryan says:

    i wouldnt be too surprised. I think that’s how Jackson’s camp is able to bring up good games plans

  7. MMADork says:

    Not the slightest bit surprised. All of Jon Jones’s responses have missed the point that it’s his camp, not Bones himself, that’s being accused. Of course Bones didn’t have time to spy. No one said he was doing so personally. In any case, it’s much ado about nothing. This isn’t armed robbery. It happens all the time at all levels of sport.

  8. Dangerous says:

    I definitely think Jones’ manager did spy on Rampage’s camp behind Jon’s back. Even with all the hate he’s been receiving, Bones seems very dedicated and passionate about the sport and doesn’t seem like the type to resort to spying to get an advantage. But since it is his manager, it looks like Bones told him to do it or was involved in it. I’m just hoping for a great fight on Saturday night. I really don’t know who’s gonna come out victorious, which makes it so intriguing. One thing that is certain though is that a healthy and motivated Rampage will be the toughest test of Jones’ young career so far

  9. Jay says:

    I defenitly believe that this happened and I believe that it is something the camp does regularly and that is why Rashad was so quick to say ya I believe it, success brings money and everyone wants money. It reminds me of when the New England Patriots were caught spying on team defences, did Tom Brady do that personally no but did he benefit from the information absolutely he did. I don’t think it was Jon Jones idea to do that and I don’t believe that he knew this was happening but believe the Greg Jackson camp did this and have been doing this for a while.

  10. Rashad would know how team slick operates!

  11. Leon says:

    It is unfortunate that his camp has to stoop to such levels in order to try to get an edge in the fight, especially considering how talented Jon is. Jon displays alot of integrity and class, so I am sure he had nothing to do with it. But, as others have said, its a fact of sports that some will do whatever to win, and that is confirmed by Rashad’s quick admittance that they are capable of spying. It’s nice to know that it has basically been proven Rampage is not crazy, he comes off as an honest guy as well. I am a fan of both Rampage and Bones, it will be a very entertaining fight all politics aside!

  12. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    As much as i can’t stand Rashad i do believe he would have knowledge of the charactor of Jones’ crooked manager malki. I do however believe Jones didn’t know anything about his manager hiring a spy in Rampages camp. I think from here on out this malki should be known as a total SCUMBAG and not trusted by anyone. i hope this Malki loses clients-fighters over this as it really shows what this guy is capable of. i was really disapointed at Dana’s response when asked about if he believed Jones camp had a spy in Rampages camp and he said he could care less. I think he should have said something like if it was true i would be very dispointed in who was responsible.

  13. Funkyfinish says:

    Remember when ATT spyed on GSP for the Alves fight?
    As unsuccessful as that was, maybe that is where the Jackson camp got the idea.

  14. AJR80 says:

    I had a feeling right from the start that this was Malki Kawa at work. That guy LOVES to get his name in the news good OR bad. I don’t think Jones or Jacksons had anything to do with it I think it’s all down to Malki Kawa.

  15. jon says:

    hmm…….. rashad is a punk! that means he spied on rampage before their fight too cos rampage accused him of doing the same. I did like rashad when everybody was hating on him but I think he’s just a hater.

  16. DBKlein69 says:

    thats true rampage said rashad kept punching him on his injured knee. so he basically just admitted to it.

  17. Lex w says:

    Who spys on another fighters camp…. grow sum nuts and get some confidence

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