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Thursday, 04/04/2013, 11:25 am

Rashad Evans Says 185 In His Future If He Fails Against Hendo

“If I lose my next fight, I would consider dropping down a weight class. If I drop down to 185 and things weren’t going right, then I would think about retiring.”

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans, finds himself on the fringe of a place he thought he would never be.

After winning The Ultimate Fighter in the heavyweight division, the former champ captured UFC gold in the UFC’s 205lb weight class all while remaining unbeaten in his pro career.

However since his reign of dominance that saw him capture the title, Evans has done little to impress. After he seemingly lost his ability to entertain in his fights, the former champ now finds his back against the wall leading into his fight against Dan Henderson, so much so that he is contemplating a shift in weight class or possible retirement.



8 Responses to “Rashad Evans Says 185 In His Future If He Fails Against Hendo”

  1. Things change QUICKLY in this game! says:

    I remember the days (what, 2 years ago??) when Rashad was brash and confident and proclaiming to be unbeatable after learning from the Machida loss. I think now that he has found a gig that doesn’t involve getting punched in the face, he has something else to fall back on besides fighting. Cool for him.

  2. Sasquatch says:

    Sounds like he lost already.

  3. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Rashad has been done since Machida KO’d him. I don’t think his ego can handle losing that way.

  4. Ddddddd says:

    Wow,I hope he didn’t peak. I like Rashad and he’s had some sweet fights. Not only did Machida take something from him but I think the dynamics of that and Jackson after affected him.

  5. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    He couldn’t take the dynamic at Jackson’s to become second fiddle to Jones at 205. That’s cool, but he should’ve gone to a better team, like ATT or AKA or even Tristar. I think he did lose too much and his ego won out. He should stick to broadcasting, I love his Momma stories.

  6. magoo says:

    How bout you get up for ur fight with Hendo and leave it all in the cage, then win lose or draw theres no shame to move to 85.

  7. beanz says:

    what i think really changed rashad was the beating jones gave him,bruised his ego and hasnt had the same cockiness since

    • Yup says:

      he fell hard after all the talking and couldn’t back it up. Jones kept chugging along. Then Lil’ Nog just beat his ass. Big fight coming up for Rashad. Let’s see what he’s made of…

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