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Wednesday, 05/30/2012, 10:05 am

Rashad Evans Not Surprised By Jones Arrest | UFC NEWS

Jon Jones receives an outpour of  support and criticism on what has to be the worst thing that could happen to the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

Rashad Evans weighed in on the recent mishaps surrounding UFC  Champion Jon Jones and shows his unexpected support on  FUEL TV’s “UFC Tonight.”

“Honestly, it’s hard to really say if it surprised me.

I just hate to see that happen to him, or to anybody, for that matter.

Some people really could have got hurt. Thankfully, nobody did get hurt. Hopefully, he learned his lesson from it, and he can continue to move on and be a great champion.”

Quite a turnaround from  the pre-fight press tour leading up to UFC 145.  Will we  see a friendship rekindled?

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35 Responses to “Rashad Evans Not Surprised By Jones Arrest | UFC NEWS”

  1. Reality says:

    The headline suggests that Rashad said something bad about him. I heard the interview and he said nothing bad at all. This article makes it seem a little different than it actually sounded.

  2. Diezel says:

    Well, Jon Jones is a excellent fighter, But Evans said he was a fraud, Apparently he wasn’t kidding… “glory to God for keeping me outta Jail” fake ass Mf’er

  3. Thom says:

    ”I’ts really hard to say IF it surprised me”…

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      Too bad Jones didn’t get a DWI in state where I live because they just changed law to where you get 6 months in jail for first offense. (UNLESS YOU HAVE DANA WHITE’S POCKET BOOK I’M SURE)

  4. jbeamazing says:

    moving on it’s not like he killed a baby he got a d u i life goes on

  5. Roy G Biv says:

    Actually guys your wrong he killed my cat freckles he was peeing on the pole when it happened.

  6. sup yo says:

    Lynn Mitchell, you are clearly misleading in this headline. honestly mate, i like this site but stuff like this lets it down.

  7. zg420 says:

    And I wasnt suprised when rashad got his ass wooped by john either who cares what that bottom bracket wanna be champion says!

  8. Mike says:

    Bad article. Rashad was pretty nice actually.

  9. bertram2323 says:

    well, i realize this comment will come across like i’m simply a hater, but to anybody who actually saw through the jon jones facade, it isnt a surprise he got drunk and smashed his flashy bentley lol. since before he fought vladdy, he’s said praise god and tried to tell us he’s humble and good, yet then acts and says things constantly to contradict himself. half the time, without even realizing it, or so it seems anyways. im glad jon is okay, glad everyone else is too, but this just proves that jon jones is a fraud. not to mention, the first thing he did in his statement was attack “haters”. before he even said sorry, he tried to put himself on a pedestal and belittle those who were right about him. so fuck jon jones, and fuck anybody who drives drunk. its a mistake, yeah, but not a mistake everyone makes. its a mistake that irresponsible idiots make.

    • Yes says:

      Exactly!!!! A humble person doesn’t call them self humble, also when asked about his “haters” he just states he has a lot of fans who he is an inspiration for… Dude is great but a douche, Hendo had it right when he said Jones isn’t genuine!

      Also, no need for the headline, it’s very amateurish.

      • What? says:

        A humble person doesn’t call himself humble? An intelligent person can’t do a self-assessment? Dude, you’re just……wrong. And, Jones comes across his fans and his haters on a daily basis! Just like BJ here in Hawaii, many of Jones’ fans tell him how much he means to them! BJ hears it all the time here.

        Jones’ chooses to focus on the positve, the fans who like him, not the haters who hate him. Successful people do that all the time.

        Is that difficult for you to understand?

        • Xaninho says:

          He’s probably not that intelligent…..

          His self-assessment about the humbleness was totally off and he drove his Bentley drunk, with two women in the back into a pole at 5 am while his girlfriend was at home with their kids.

          And I wouldn’t even care about it if he wouldn’t have put himself on a pedestal and talked down on other fighters.

          Is it difficult for you to understand he is not who he says he is?

  10. DMAC says:

    Gotta love how Suga doesn’t come with that condescending bullshit Jones did. Fuck Jones he’s the only champ in UFC history I’ve ever disliked, fake MF! Yes, I’m mad bros!

  11. Lol says:

    Bj penn authors once again trying to stir up drama. Lol thats the gay shit i hate about the media but it comes with being famous

  12. greg says:

    Yeah I’m not a fan of jones he’s imature honestly with his whole place in the ufc and everything he thinks he’s tough shit well not tough cause I mean he is but hot shit I ment to say.. I hate usually hate most of the time he speaks

  13. maurice says:

    @BERTRAM yea jones is a absolute fraud. i guess gettin a dui means everything he ever said is a lie. and i guess that makes him a fake christian and really he’s a devil worshipper. shut the fuck up man! ur whole post had to be the dumbest thing i ever read. and im i would address my haters as well, considering they dont give a damn bout him and wanna see him fail

    • No Brah says:

      Bertram is the supreme Kahuna of his ‘aina! He walks in his Malo on water across the oceans inbetween the islands! The stink of his bulls### arrives 10 minutes before he does wherever he goes! For real.

  14. I'll have another says:

    First of all it was a dwi not dui. And he had two girls with him that ended up in the hospital. So please know your facts before commenting such stupid shit guys. So yeah nobody was killed, but there where so injuries.

  15. lol says:

    I thought Jon Jones had a girl friend that I seen on a prime time against rampage, it looks like he’s a cheating man whore also, that doesn’t mix to well with christianity.

  16. orampaged says:

    what is up with this fighters only put out that jones has 2 bitches with him in his car and this site can’t report that either

  17. monkey juice says:

    As shuga giggles himself to sleep…heee heee heee….

  18. Numba1Ghani says:


  19. Shuga says:

    Shuga like Bentley broken.

  20. Mach00man says:

    A bunch of grown ass men calling another man fake. That’s what women do. Man the fuck up and just watch the fights!

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