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Friday, 02/01/2013, 12:39 pm

Rashad Evans next for Anderson Silva with win at UFC 156?

Just a few days ago Dana White stated that Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva was “closer than we think” but now that may have all changed.

On Thursday we learned that during a media gathering Dana White talked about the possibilities of a Evans vs Silva fight “Dana: if Rashad wins on Saturday and wants to go to 185, I would consider him vs Anderson. It’s down to him and Weidman.”

It didn’t take White long to elaborate saying “before he gets a chance at Silva, Rashad Evans will first have to get past Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC 156 this Saturday”.

That fight will be Rashad’s first since losing a lopsided decision to Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones at UFC 145 in April 2012. White though did state that Weidman “is one of the options the UFC is looking at for Silva’s next fight.”


11 Responses to “Rashad Evans next for Anderson Silva with win at UFC 156?”

  1. Nickmayall says:

    lol Rashad… no… Weidman yes.. Rashad hasnt done shit compared to Weidman lately.. Weidman deserves his shot.. PERIOD..

    • Whosoever says:

      “Rashad hasn’t done shit compared to Weidman lately”

      His last fight was with a guy that a lot of people think is the one to beat Silva. Who did Weidman fight last? Oh yeah, a hyped up Munoz. He has also won a SPLIT decision to Damian Maia, who Silva completely clowned.

      Rashad has beaten Ortiz,Rampage,Griffin, Liddel,Bisping (who would probably beat Weidman)and soon to be little Nog.

      Now that I’ve refreshed my memory with the two fighters and they’re big name wins, you’re right, Rashad hasn’t done half of what Weidman has.

      Aint nobody got time for dat!
      Get outta here!

    • Dee says:

      Rashad has better credibility, a bigger name and could make Dana a lot of Money. All Weidman has done was disgrace the sport by running his mouth like Chael Sonnen to get himself into title contention. If Weidman would have done what Rashad has done, which is go out there and fight and earn his “name,” then he would be able to make big fights happen, but he refuses to do so. The general population do not know who he is.

  2. confucius says:

    weidman has beaten half ass competition. munoz is the only debatable opponent and lets be honest, dude isnt that impressive either.

    • Quazzi says:

      Agreed. Weidman will get a shot at the belt some day no doubt but rashad is a way better match up for anderson. I cant stand rashad but i have thought he needed to drop to 185 for a while. He is a top 10 lhw and very small for the division. At 185 he could be a beast. Dont think its enough to beat silva but would like to see him try

  3. Big Daddy says:

    Weidman no way! Nor Rashad. Rashad got knocked out by machida, what makes you think silva isn’t going to do the same? It should be rockhold vs silva. Rashad vsvweidman or Lombard vs Weidman. Fuck! I want this matchmaking job cause Joe silva or whoever the fuck isn’t doing their job or they really suck balls at it!

  4. magoo says:

    Every other mms site has the weigh in videos WTF Godamn I don’t know why I stay loyal u guys don’t seen to give a fukc! By the way Frankie looks great and as always Aldo is cocky. Frankie’s gonna be the 145 champ tommorrow night… Can’t wait!!!

  5. Verob1 says:

    AGREE with everyone who says Rashad and I don’t even like him. Look, we have all seen what is determining title shots lately, MONEY! it doesn’t matter who Weidman has or hasn’t beaten, that fight doesn’t sell and we know it. Someday, if he knocks off some big names like Vitor or bisping and somehow develops a personality or some damn way to get over with the casual dumb ass fans then yes. But as of now, the only people hollaring his name are the Silva haters who think the champ is scared. That’s so laughable I won’t even go there.
    Like or not, rashad has the name value to sell PPVs against the champ and that’s all that Dana and crew think about. Not to mention Anderson wants big money fights! I guess some of you are forgetting Anderson does this as his JOB, not for fun. He will retire in a few years and he wants to bank as much as possible as would each and every one of us. So hate all you want but Weidman isn’t next unless Rashad gets blown out. Even then I could still see them going with someone else before him.

  6. 123 says:

    anderson silva will embarrass rashad evans, at ufc 145 jon jones could of easily finished him but didnt.. anderson silva should fight sum1 who actually deserves to fight him like.. chris weidman, hector lombard or another fight with yushin okami.

  7. GOLDENBOY says:

    Lombad will KO Okami and will fight Vitor to become N1 contender. Boetsch fight was BS call, they gave it to Tim for landing baby point kicks.
    Rashad cant do nothing to A.S. even if he takes him down he wont do demage.
    Evans is a great fighter but A.S. will kill him. Weidman needs to fight Jacare or another top opponent to even be top 5

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