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Wednesday, 09/28/2011, 07:00 am

Rashad Evans: Jon Jones Thinks He is “Gods gift to the fight game”

“Right now, this dude’s on cloud nine. He thinks that he’s God’s gift to the fight game. I think he’s gonna think that he can just walk right through me. Now that he’s beat ‘Rampage,’ he’s gonna think that there’s nothing I could do. He’s seen my style and he’s gonna think there’s nothing I can do. He’s gonna go out there and just try and embarrass me. He thinks it’s gonna be an easy fight, but he’s gonna find out different.”

A confident Rashad Evans tells Pro MMA Radio exactly what he thinks about the current champ of his division.

With a promised title shot in his sights will Rashad have the patience to wait out the recently announced Jon Jones injury to finally get a shot at the title he has been promised for over a year, and will the two finally settle this growing grudge?


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