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Wednesday, 09/28/2011, 07:00 am

Rashad Evans: Jon Jones Thinks He is “Gods gift to the fight game”

“Right now, this dude’s on cloud nine. He thinks that he’s God’s gift to the fight game. I think he’s gonna think that he can just walk right through me. Now that he’s beat ‘Rampage,’ he’s gonna think that there’s nothing I could do. He’s seen my style and he’s gonna think there’s nothing I can do. He’s gonna go out there and just try and embarrass me. He thinks it’s gonna be an easy fight, but he’s gonna find out different.”

A confident Rashad Evans tells Pro MMA Radio exactly what he thinks about the current champ of his division.

With a promised title shot in his sights will Rashad have the patience to wait out the recently announced Jon Jones injury to finally get a shot at the title he has been promised for over a year, and will the two finally settle this growing grudge?


60 Responses to “Rashad Evans: Jon Jones Thinks He is “Gods gift to the fight game””

  1. T.DADDY says:

    Bones is gonna fukk u up son…

    • Buford says:

      SO TRUE!

      I think Rashad is a better fighter than Rampage (i’m a great Rampage fan!), but he’s still not nearly good enough. Jones is the new Spider ;o

      • Jeff says:

        Let’s wait for him to defend his title like 5-6 more time before we start calling him the new spider….

        • Calvin says:

          agreed at least let jones vs machida and if jones wins then we can start comparing but not saying hes the next spider cuz honestly i feel rashad is going to bring it and give jon jones a war and if jones wins i think he can beat hendo or shogun lets throw forrest griffin and we shall see if he can do what silva did to him if not he is no spider

      • rob says:

        Lets refrain from comparing him to anderson silva. silva would destroy jones.

        • Steve says:

          I respect your opinion Rob but we all know that Jones’ wrestling would be too much for Anderson who has trouble with wrestlers to begin with. It would be the first and only time Anderson would lose by a KO/TKO.

        • Calvin says:

          thats if he can get him down cuz he can try going for a take down silva can throw a strike and that might be the fight

  2. tito says:

    everytime i see rashad i think of his fight w/machida talkin sh!t as hes getting knocked TFO

    • Calvin says:

      thats my all time favorite ko funny thing is i know people who hate on machida saying hes the worse fighter in the ufc and worship rashad it always leads to a dumb argument because in the end rashad got ktfo by the karate kid

  3. james says:

    Jones performance was a lot more impressive than sugas last performance. That said I like Rashad so will root for him. Lets hope his mom comes up with a good gameplan lol.

  4. Connor says:

    Rashad!!!!!! dethrone this mofucka!

  5. James Wolfe says:

    “Right now, this dude’s on cloud nine. He thinks that he’s God’s gift to the fight game…” Only you are saying that Rashad, no one else… He will prove that you are NOT a top 5 fighter. You are in dream land Rashad, and Bones will destroy you and shut you up once and for all. Jones all the way…

    • DanaBrown says:

      He’s the only one saying it cause he fucking speaks the truth buddy. You don’t think anyone else in the fight game is thinking that exact same thing?!

      • Joe says:

        id love to see any of you do the things Jon has done and see how any of you would handle it, you guys think Jon’s sooo cocky, yet look how much respect he showed rampage even after the fight. BUT like i said if any of you were in Jon’s shoes i bet you’d be motorboating and humpin any woman just like rampage

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Not a top 5 fighter?! You may not like the dude, but let’s be real; Rashad is a top 5 fighter all day long. Stop the hate, bro. For real

  6. DanaBrown says:

    There’s probably a spy close by Suga. Take that lanky son of a bitch out!!!

  7. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    As much as I can’t stand rashad i will definatly be rooting for him over the cocky arragant jerk Jon Jones. i have never in my life seen an MMA fighter more in love with himself and that is saying a whole lot when you consider idiots like Bisping and Koscheck. Jon jones 23-24 years old but he is always injured when its convenient for him. Somethin g is so very fake about jon Jones. Its obvious he is really a nasty ass bitch who is actaully a HEEL but fakes being a golden company boy for Dana White. If the guy would just quit fakin g everything that comes out of his mouth i wouldn’t have a problem with him. Only fights that makes sense IMO right now is Jones vs A. Silva or Jones vs Machida. rashad at 5’10 is going to get slaughtered

    • Mo says:

      Sounding kinda desperate guy. Just let Bones do his thing and keep drinking that haterade from your cozy cave, we call your mama’s basement. Why can’t people respect fighters for what they do and accomplish?? Instead the ignorance in people always seeps through first and we have to deal with them trolling on the internet like they know wtf they are talking about! Grow up lil guy, we’re all sorry Jon Jones didn’t autograph your favorite pair of tightie whities, but he probably just thought you were creepy.

    • To GROF says:

      Do you have a link or quote that shows JJ “obviously” being “very fake” or “arragant?’ (arrogant). I’ve been requesting this info for months and no one seems to have any.
      Many people said that JJ faked a hand injury to avoid fighting Rashad, but Rashad is next on the docket whether JJ likes it or not. So now, like it’s always been, it’s a matter of time.

      And I find it typical of Rashad to say comments like the ones above because I think that Rashad is feeling doubtful on the outcome of when he fights Jones. Jones controlled an in shape and motivated Rampage for 3 1/2 rounds before finishing him BUT Rashad struggled to a decision and almost was knocked out by a Rampage coming off a 14 month break, ring rusty, and had to cut 50 lbs to make weight. There is doubt in Rashad’s mind and you will be hearing more crap out of Rashad as he tries to mentally get into shape to fight Jon Jones. Jones by TKO over Rashad (referee stoppage). It won’t be as good a fight as people think it will be.

    • MMA Genius says:

      No doubt – easy on the haterade. You’re reading between the lines on the little footage you happen to see of Jones and than acting like you’ve known him your whole life. What are you psychic? You don’t know the dude. & there’s nothing that he’s ever said or done that would warrant him being called a phony. At the end of the day, the dude is a fighter. And he’s got the belt at 23. So shut yer’ crabby little hole, b4 I call Fitch to come and bend you over.

  8. Jason says:

    What ever happened to humble fighters? GSP

  9. Michael says:

    They are busy laying on guys for five rounds

  10. steven horgan says:


  11. Mitko says:

    you guy should help Rahad with the game plan, i see a lot of people will be rooting for the impossible Rashad to win. I see Vega treats him as a heavy underdog initialy
    Jones will not lose trading and standing up no matter who i in front of him. he is just too quick, big reach and he clinche to avoid the range. Even if you know his game plkan there i nothing you can do about it
    The only way Jones lose if someone i able to get takedowns and keep him down for majority oif the time.. do some damage in G&P, and maybe get a decision and not absorb too many of those knees and elbow kicks

  12. pk9grrr says:

    well im not a huge fan of jones but im coming around slightly and he does have some meanaaazzz skills,we gotta admit the youth today are a bit cocky/confident every decade they change altho i did see a bit of humbleness in jones at the post fight conference ,i reckon after a bit more years in ufc we will see a more mature mentality in jones ..actually be good to see him grow not only as a fighter but as a person to i give jones props

  13. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Is MMA a popularity contest now? I understand JBJ has a cocky, arrogant attitude, but to say the guy sucks, or is overrated, or is ducking specific fighters, or has never fought the best, or only beat (insert name) because they were less than 100%, etc… because of their personality is just stupid. If you hate the guy, hate the guy, but don’t knock a guys talent just because you don’t like his attitude.

  14. Joe says:

    lol how come we don’t hear about rashads whiny a$$ attitude?

  15. e says:

    fkn rashad is jealous.

  16. Buford says:

    Can anybody explain to me what Jones meant when he said, that Rashad already had ruined his special night twice?

  17. Creature says:

    I hate Jones plain and simple, i think hes fake and just trying to be mr perfect in front of the camera.. But he is a monster, and has incredible talent. Hes also still a little green in the fight game, and no one is unbeatable. Rashad has some of the better tools to dethrone him, Rashad is prolly the fastest and most explosive fighter in the division, has take downs and top game Just as good as GSP, and has serious power and cardio.. speed = getting inside the reach, take downs = taking away jones crazy striking while also making him tenative to strike for fear of a TD and getting caught with rashads punch.. only people i think have some type of legit chance at beating Jones.. Rashad, Machida, and Hendo.

    • Joe says:

      if shields can beat hendo….. then i doubt it! lmao

      • Creature says:

        Hendo was injured leading up to the fight with back problems and could barely train. He was out of shape and the weight cut screwed him.. at 205 Hendo cuts about 1 pound, 205 Hendo is a whole different monster then the 185 Hendo

    • MMA Genius says:

      Yeah he is trying a bit too hard to say the right things, you can see that. but the dude is also what 23-24? & the Light Heavyweight Champ in the UFC. That’s a lot for a young guy. and it’s not like he’s totally dropping the ball out there. He is definitely aspiring to be a positive person and a strong minded individual. Whats wrong with that? What would people prefer from him? To call everyone in the UFC a bunch of pussies b4 he smashes them?

      • Creature says:

        No not at all, i just think a lot of what he says when on camera is somewhat of an act. If he honestly is just a complete ass when the cameras are not on, id rather him be that then fake. I doubt hes all that horrible of a guy, but i doubt even more that hes the Mr. Perfect hes trying to make himself look like. If you are a nicer guy but have a mean side when the trash talking starts. dont hide it

        • Alex says:

          Or, he can keep letting his fighting do the talking. Who cares about trash-talk? It’s sad that you can’t imagine he’s a genuinely nice person, and automatically assume every nice guy on camera is a douche in reality.

  18. Taylor says:

    jones is a good fighter,however i think he hides behind his reach wayyyyy to much. thats why i would like him to go up to heavy weight. he’d be forced to fight at some point. honestly i think hes getting by on reach alone. yes he has a variety of strikes in his arsenal,but he lacks power and accuracy. no one has brought the fight to him yet. its just like machida vs shogun 2. when shogun brought the fight to machida and stayed in his face he got knocked. or maybe jds could drop down to 205 and see how well his reach holds up them lol jds would bring the fight straight to him and take his head off. but it will be interesting to see how he reacts to evans take down ability.

    • Joe says:

      forced to fight??? how many strikes has he landed in his past fights???? no one has to bring the fight to Jon, because with an 84 in reach hes already in the guys face.

      • Alex says:

        Who cares how he does it, as long as he isn’t breaking any rules? The point is that he’s winning, which makes him the best fighter by UFC standards. Maybe he wouldn’t win as much if he was only allowed to fight guys with the same reach, but that isn’t how it works.

  19. jaime lopez says:

    Fu#% Jones !!

  20. Mac says:

    Jones is fucking boring!! He uses his reach too much and starts kicking and punching as he wants just because hes so fucking far away that you can’t counter right away… The motherfucker just kept running everytime rampage went in…

  21. Big J says:

    I’m not a fan of either, but I’m pulling for Rashad on this one.

  22. Ninjaman says:

    I cant believe where some of you people come of speaking negatively about Jon Jones? He is progressing and is humble. How hard is it for him not say “Wow I just beat the crap out of 2 prode legends and I was not even trying that hard”. He could say that but he did not. Even if he did all that says is he is true to fact. And for Mac who said he is boring, I would like to see the fighter who really excites you because Jon Jones is what MMA is all about and he will only get better. The sad thing is, he really has only been doing MMA for a very short time compared to others. Jon Jones is awesome!

    • Mac says:

      I hope you can keep thinking that way once rashad beats him… We have never seen jones on his back yet… Rashad lay n pray all the way to victory! 😉

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Although I disliked Jones before UFC 135, he has moved into neutral territory for me and has gained my respect by retaining the title. But, I have to disagree with you Ninjaman, he may have walked through Shogun but he didn’t walk through Rampage contrary to many articles on the fight. He gassed out in UFC 135 and in his fight with Shogun after round 2. If you don’t believe me then rewatch the fight, his kicks had no power and his hands were at his waist. Once he gets his cardio in order and gains some KO power then the perception of him being “virtually unbeatable” will change to “unbeatable.”

  23. What gives rashad a chance is he knows bones inside and out, and knows his weakness and strengths that is a plus. Just like Andy and machida, and Bj and Reagan. I think jones’s skills and size will be the deciding factor.

  24. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I think they are more so even now than when Rashad was in Greg Jackson’s Camp. Rashad was really impressive in his fight with Tito and was a totally different Rashad than the one I saw fight Rampage. Unfortunately for Jon Jones, I don’t think he has grown as much as a fighter compared to Rashad in between bouts. But, Jon Jones has a long reach, unorthodox striking, a flawless record on takedown defense and brutal ground and pound. Another advantage for Jon Jone’s is that in his fight with Rampage, I genuinely believe that he was afraid of Rampage which really made the fight go to the distance. Jon Jones isn’t afraid of Rashad but being overconfident could work in Rashad’s favor if he truly believes that he is gods gift to the fight game. If I was Rashad, I would wear out Jon’s legs and try and wrestle him in the later rounds because he has poor cardio. I would also watch “The Game of Death,” on repeat….

  25. mmaislandjunkie says:

    i feel bad for rashad cuz hes gonna get owned by jones and probably dissed afterward.

  26. Michael Williams says:

    I can’t wait to watch Jones do exactly that; and walk right through Rashad. I admit and concede Rashad is better than Rampage and conducted himself far better than Rampage during TUF. The thing is I like Rampage and I like to watch him fight and I just can’t say the same about Rashad. There’s just something about him. I think Jones will destroy him.

  27. pk9grrr says:

    i think rashad is more hating now,he actualy maybe gaining more fans so he should quit all this dis talk while he is ahead the dumbass

  28. zack says:

    machida is gunna front kick jon jones in his ugly ass face

  29. Mach00man says:

    Why are there so many people hating on Jones? When the only person we ever hear running his mouth is Evans? Evans has trash to talk about everybody but some of you call Jones cocky? I don’t get it. Now as far as the fight goes, i give it to Jones. This young guy has way too many tools for Evans.

    • Alex says:

      Like in he lead-up to UFC 135- Rampage did nothing but call Jones cocky and arrogant in the same sentence he was saying he would obliterate him. Meanwhile, Jones only mentioned “personal goals” and acted completely humble. It’s total hypocrisy and nonsense.

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