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Tuesday, 09/11/2012, 10:27 am

Rashad Evans: Jon Jones Is 'disillusioned', Vitor Has A Good Chance | UFC NEWS

“As far as if Vitor becomes light-heavyweight champ, that’s great, that’s what I would want. The way things work out right now, I don’t know how far I am away from getting a title shot. You never know with the UFC, so I’m just going to keep fighting and competing to be a champion, and whatever breaks free, breaks free. If I get an opportunity at 185 and it’s a serious opportunity, then I’ll take it. If I get a fight, same thing at 205. I’m still pursuing the championship title in any way I can. Any shape, form or fashion. For me, helping him train is not so much about me. I want to help him become champion.”

“I’m glad Vitor made me part of his journey to become champion. People want to always throw ego into it, like ‘Rashad, what are you going to do?’ And this and that. I’m not worried about that, man. My main focus is for Vitor, that’s it. Everything else?It doesn’t even matter right now. I’ll cross whatever bridges I need to cross when I have to cross them. It just makes no sense to worry about things I don’t need to worry about right now.”

“Yes, yes, he has more than a chance. I truly believe it, I truly believe it. Vitor has some of the best hands, the fastest hands and he is very fast and he’s very explosive. You know what I’m saying? So I think Vitor makes it a fight. He goes in there and he makes it a fight.”

“He’s (Jones) a phenomenal fighter. He’s got a lot of craftiness, a lot of poise. Very patient. There are things he got better at since he became champion and since I trained with him. For the most part, he needs to be who he truly is. But, being who he truly is, is not a guy who is disliked. He can actually be a good person, but I think him slipping back and forth between the person who he thinks people want him to be and who he truly is has really messed him up. And he doesn’t know where to come from now. He doesn’t know who to be. So he’s trying to balance out who he should really be. When he first came in, he was trying to be something a little too much of what he really wasn’t.”

“Of course, if he (Jones) ever needed me for anything like that, I’ll be there to talk to him and to help him out if he needs it. And I don’t know everything there is to know about life, either, so I’m sure if there’s something I have a problem in life, I’m sure I can learn from him, too. I think right now, he needs to really sort out some things in his life as far as his management situation and just find some people on his team who’s really going to give a true idea and true perspective of where he’s really coming form because sometimes I think he’s a little bit disillusioned. I think disillusion can cause a lot of harm to you.”

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans tells Ariel Helwani during yesterday’s “The MMA Hour” that while he hopes the best for Jon Jones he is happy to see Vitor Belfort in the Blackzilian ranks and believes Belfort has the tools to bring home the title.


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  1. Not You says:

    Fucking Rashad man. What a great attitude. This dude has come a long way.

  2. DMAC says:

    Suga still salty about Jackson telling him to kick rocks with open toe shoes! It would be one thing if he actually brought a fight to Jones but you didn’t and you still got shit to say, come on son!

    • Unarmed Spectator says:

      @DMAC I had to read that article again because your comment.?. I didn’t hear him talking smack about Jones ability to fight, he actually complimented the fact that Jones has learned more since the last time they trained together. He didn’t say shit about Greg Jackson. He just made a comment about Jones’s personality, demeanor, confusion of character. I personally don’t think he was that far off either, about Jones trying to be someone other people want him to be and not himself. Maybe I missed the fine print.

      • DMAC says:

        No he didn’t at all I just always think that when I read something about Jones from Suga, just how i feel thats all.

        • Sean says:

          so your an idiot who never evolves his ideas or thoughts…sweet

        • Gouldx87 says:

          No no he doesnt just not evolve his thoughts and ideas he fabricates them. Im not a fan of Rashad in any way but this was a mature and spot on statement from him. He didnt trash talk anybody DMAC just makes things up in his head so he can hate on people he will never equal up to

    • ufclvr says:

      While Rashad didn’t look great against Jones, Jones couldn’t put him away. If I’m not mistaken that was the first five rounder Jones was ever in.

  3. bjj BB says:

    Who is this ****ing wanna be can’t get a title looser ass passing jugement on Jones. He beat your cocky ass son and he’ll do the same to Vitor. Then all you haters who don’t have the intelligence to understand what it mans to be champion can kiss my ass. What gives you the right to think that you can pass your opinions on the CHAMPION?? Not a word you know is it, because hes on a level youll never know. Integrity is up to the person you dumbass fans who are jealous of the success that there looser asses will NEVER have!!!!

    • Philly says:

      You should have to pass an I.Q. test in order to be allowed on this site.

    • Kyle818 says:

      So if rashad has no right to pass judgement on jones, what in the universe would give YOU the right to pass judgement on rashad? A former champion who has fought and beaten the who’s who of the division. And I used to be the biggest rashad hater on the planet. When he ko chuck I hated rashad with a passion. But the reality of it is, if there is anyone out there who does have the right to make these kind of statements about jones it is rashad. Rashad used to be Jon jones. When he beat forrest to win the title he was the most hated dude in the UFC. Remind u of anyone? When he won the title no one imagined rashad losing the title anytime soon. Rashad has been there and done that and experienced it all. He has totally turned around his character and who he is. He is no longer the cocky up and comer/champion. He is now a seasoned veteran who sees things clearly because he has been humbled. A former big brother figure to jones who took him under his Wing. Rashad sees where jones is at in his career and can relate. All of rashads comments about jones haven’t been rude of judgemental of him. He is simply trying to help. Saying that jones could call him up and talk to him still if he had a problem… Cmon man that is pure class especially after all the bad blood they had from their fight. And for rashad to go five rounds with jones, a guy who is at least a full weight class above him, that’s not too shabby. And once again, if you don’t think rashad deserves to be lending jones advice and making these types of comments, then you and I and everyone else here doesn’t deserve to even comment on this article. None of us have been UFC champs so don’t pretend u know more than u do.

    • Haha what a fucking prick! Kill your self!

      • Majestyk says:

        Unfortunately, every time a JBJ story appears on the site, at least 1 post by bjj BB follows shortly thereafter. One hand on his keyboard, and stroking himself to Jone’s photo with the other, he angrily babbles on, using convoluted logic to defend Jones and explain to us “loosers” how great his hero is. P.S. Agree with Philly about the I.Q. test.

        • Ironfist says:

          He be strokin that’s what he be doin he be strokin…..strokin to the east strokin to the west strokin is what he does best ha strokin that’s what he be doin.

      • Unanimous221 says:

        You’re the one who should do that coz u don’t have friends.

    • Gouldx87 says:

      Obviously if anyone understands what it is to be a Champion its Rashad who has held the LHW title instead of the Keyboard Warrior title like yourself you dummy

    • Macc says:

      Well maybe because rashad was the champ and completely dominated FG to get the title?? But just a maybe, mean jones only got his title because shogun was training to fight rashad, but got jones on a 2 week notice….. Stop being a mma noob!

  4. waikrujudovic says:

    Anyone who stands in front of you and is willing to fight has a chance to win. Anyone is one punch away from bieng knocked out – one wrong move or position from bieng submitted – a cut away from stoppage – or out gamed for a decision win due to research of that fighters style . Yes folks Mma fighters are human and have weakness and loop holes in thier style. Finding them in the Exchange is what seperates a win from a loss. And anyone out there can’t tell me that some child has not punched them in the nose or eye by accident and it didn’t hurt at some point. Now take two men or women at same weight and take that same hit from a trained fighter even if it seems that the other person is outclassed in opinion. Or even they lost to people they beat. You are fighting the betterU person at that moment and time of the fight. Style match ups can change the whole course of any fight outcome. How many people thought Tito Ortiz would lose to Ryan Bader and win in that dominate fashion? I see a lot of posts of people calling eachother names Andre so on. Also I hate this one and that one. 99% of the posts are from people that have never set foot in any fight sport or have even had a fight in thier life. Let alone know what it takes to get ready to compete. What may appear to be true of an outcome of a fight can sometimes prove anyone wrong. Injuries hamper any fighter making weight can run u close to sickness or fight sick. We are not in thier bodys or minds. They may be mentally stressed due to personal issues. That is 99% of ur fight wanting to win the will not to give up knowing u showed up 100% ready. Having faith in your training and art forms u practice. Seems long and boring but what I wright makes sense ask anyone that has done any competitive sport. So Rashad is not crazy for saying what he feels. We are always going to have our opinions and views like anything else in our lives. The better man at that moment when the fight happens will win.


    BJJ BB,man your still swallowing Jones c0ck huh?

  6. Jujitsu Player says:

    There’s a surprise, Rashad backing the opponent against Jones….

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