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Monday, 04/23/2012, 01:01 pm

Rashad Evans | "If an opportunity happens at 185, I'll take it." | UFC NEWS

“I’m a 205-pounder. I’ve only lost twice and I lost to a good competitor … But if an opportunity happens at 185, I’ll take it. But I like 205, I’ll just have to work my way back up and get back to a title shot.”

Rashad Evans comments at the UFC 145 post fight press conference.

Rashad has only lost twice in his MMA career. His first loss coming via knockout against Lyoto Machida at UFC 98 and the second one coming against Jon Jones via a decision at UFC 145 this past weekend. One interesting fact is both losses came in title bouts.

Evans road to a title shot at Middleweight would be shorter than at Light Heavyweight. He would be starting with a clean slate and apart from Sonnen the current number one contender and possibly Belfort there are no other current standouts in the division. One impressive win over a top Middleweight could be all it would take for Evans to get a shot at a second divisional title.

In the Light Heavyweight division Dan Henderson is up next and the likes of Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Lyoto Machida, Alexander Gustafsson and Ryan Bader could now all potentially be in front of Rashad, the field is simply more crowded.

Do you think a move to Middleweight would be beneficial for Rashad and could he be a threat to Anderson Silva ?


58 Responses to “Rashad Evans | "If an opportunity happens at 185, I'll take it." | UFC NEWS”

  1. Rob from ROC says:

    Id rather fight jones over silva anyday. Stay at light heavy

    • Quazzi says:

      lol rashad would be a BEAST at 185. Can he beat silva? who knows but i would love to find out.

      • Steroids was once tested positive for having Chuck Norris in them says:

        Vale Tudo

      • Doug says:

        I think Rashad would Be a force at 185. He would beat Andy. Everyone sleeps on Bisping though. He’s in the discussion.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Rashad would destroy Bisping at 185 any day of the week. Yeah last time they fought Rashad only had his wrestling but now he is well rounded and has power which he would have no problem with his speed chasing down Bipsing and catching him. No way UFC would take chance setting up that fight as we all know Bisping has been in the UFC protection plan from all strikers since he was H-BOMBED by Hendo. No we will continue to see Bisping fighting the mayhem Millers, dan millers of the UFC and people will continue to exaggerate Bisping ranking. No way bisping should be ranked above Munoz, Vitor, Weidman, Franklin, Palharis, and lets all pray UFC picks up Lombard who would CRUSH bisping

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          most of the time i like what you say but i dont agree with the bisping things you mention.
          everyone drops to hendersons overhand when it lands.
          Bispings chin has been tested and his wresting takedown defence is solid
          This write up completely overlooks the fact that Phael struggled against bisping and it could have gone either way.
          Everytime someone says bisping isnt good enough he proves them wrong.
          as for UFC protection scheme, hes not in it. theres no value for protecting him and hes not a big crowd bringer unless he fights in the UK.
          basically all of what you say about bisping is wrong .

          Hes aready gone the distance with Rashad and Wanderlie. yes he lost but they didnt knock him out or devistate him like people expected.

          Bisping has come a long way from those days

  2. Liam says:

    Rashad would cause Silva problems !

    • Gerald says:

      you are kidding right? Jones, who isnt a top striker like Silva is ate Evans up. i cant even believe you said this lol. as an Evans fan he cant stand up with silva nor is his take downs close to Sonnen’s. so there is nothing there for him. it would be better for him to step up into Heavys for a title shot.

      • Pijan says:

        I disagree, I think Evans has the better wrestling. Plus Evans has the NATURAL size advantage over Sonnen. Would be an interesting outcome. I don’t think either man can beat Silva though.

      • Alex says:

        Gerald wtf? Rashad has the same if not better takedowns than Sonnen considering his size. Rashad would destroy Sonnen and everyone at middleweight with the exeption of the champ AS. Rashad has to due the same as sonnen did against silva last time. take him down and keep him down. The difference here is that rashad evans has bjj black belt and much better striking than sonnen. So if you think Sonnen can cause silva problems, then Rashad will be a huge threat against silva!

        • BirdCityButcher says:

          i agree absoluletly. ive been wanting rashad to move to MW for awhile now. im not gonna gonna say he would be a huge threat to silva but a much much bigger threat than dipshit sonnen.

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          rashad didnt destroy bisping last time, granted it was time ago but it was around the time rashad was destroying everyone else

          infact hes only destroyed griffin and lidell before he lost to machida. avenged a draw against a weak and down trodden tito ortiz
          he went decision with a rampage jackson that hadnt fought for ages and who has since been on a massive losing streak

          im not sure what planet you are on but the calibre of fighters in mw are much more dangerous for rashad than 205

    • jherman1 says:

      u dudes r crazy . rashad went all 3 with Phil Davis. could do nothing with Jones. wait …he knocked out Sean salmon ranked #297. Anderson would murder him. the ufc has been holding onto evans forever so we can get treated to more showboating and watching Evans climb into the ring like an ape and wear 3000 dollar suits and go to the judges score card for a decision . don’t forget wearing sunglasses indoors . . rashad is the #2 guy because that’s where the ufc wanted him. i hope rashad did get his assuming beat into 185. maybe him and chael can fight so we can watch two men lay on each other for 15 minutes. get off rashad dick this ain’t T U F

  3. Kingsforge says:

    Jones has the same unpredictability as Silva, but Silva has the striking power. If he couldn’t take Jones I don’t see him taking Silva. Maybe if he got him down to the ground, but no chance on the stand-up.

  4. Ly-er says:

    I think Rashad would have a very good chance against Silva. His style seems like it could give Silva a lot of problems. With that said, i still think Silva would win, but I wouldn’t doubt Rashad could come thru w/ an upset!

  5. Pijan says:

    No, Evans would get fucked up. He has virtually no chance to beat Silva, and he would still be fighting against someone bigger than him. He could take him down, but he could also just as well be submitted. He wouldn’t stand a chance in the stand up department. A 4 take down fight against Anderson Silva would be the end of Evans middleweight career.

    • BabyShoes says:

      dude you know that Evans is a BJJ blackbelt and trains with a bunch of other BJJ black belts constantly right? Seriously doubt Silva could submit him.

  6. thetude says:

    Silva would destroy rashad, just like he did Hendo and Griffin, stay away from 185 rashad, you dont stand a chance buddy

  7. ya herd says:

    Bispig vs evans II there first fight was close and if bisping gets by tim i reckon they should fight for number 1 contender spot, i know people will say evans wouldnt desrve it after 1 win but bispings a top 5 fighter why not?

  8. Axel39 says:

    His moustache and beard has epic precision.

  9. Brend0magic says:

    Shad would destroy 185, would love to see it.

  10. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    Evans would be devastating in 185, especially because I think A. Silva will hang up the gloves soon (just a hunch nothing more). If I’m right about Silva than Evans would own that division because there’re not that many great MM fighters. I would think that Mark Munoz is second best and then there’s Sonnen, Palhares and maybe a guy like Weidman could be a force to reckon with. So the talent pool is not very deep here IMO (of course their might be up and coming fighters that I don’t know of). I would like to see UFC get Hector Lombard, I’m very interested to see how he would do in the UFC and maybe Jacare Souza.

  11. DUB says:

    No stand out 185ers beside Sonnen and Belfort? LMAO Stan, Bisping (both worthy of title shots after Sonnen, especially Bisping) Lets face it Bisping’s title shot is long over due.

  12. Xaninho says:

    He shouldn’t do that. It would end in a big disappointment. I don’t see Silva losing his belt. He is going to hold on to it until he retires at the top as a champ.

    The next middleweight champ will come out of a fight between the first two contenders for the vacant UFC middleweight title.

  13. lex walker says:

    Rashad could b champ at 185

  14. Donnybrook says:

    I hope he does it, he looked small compared to Jones and could probably drop down no problem. As far as beating Silva it wouldn’t shock me… Sonnen wrote the recipe on how to beat him and Rashad’s a better version of Chael… he’s faster, his wrestling is just as strong as Chael’s if not stronger and he’s also a better striker with KO power compared to Chael’s pillow power.

  15. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I’d like to see Rashad versus Okami or Rich Franklin if he drops to 185. He would definitely run into problems if he fought Belfort. I think for the most part he could beat most of the 185ers but a few would probably be too quick for him like Machida although I think Rashad can decision Machida in a rematch.

  16. mike says:

    Go for it rashad i think you will do sum damage and i think bisbing should get a shot at Anderson after he beats the crap out of sonnon i think he was cheated by the judges he got sum clean shots in.

  17. jon says:

    Depends on how he’d find the cut. It looks like he has the frame to handle it, and I think he’d have an easier time against Silva than Jones, simply because of the reach. Silva has shown his wrestling to be a little lacking, and Evans has to have better sub defence than Sonnen. Be good to have him and Bisping rematch too, though I still think Bisping is next in line for a title shot if he beats Boetsch. He should be able to handle that. I could see Evans vs Bisping being a no 1 contender fight.

  18. pat says:

    I would love to see rashad at 185. Give him bisping or okami, munoz, tim boetsch, or palhares and belcher winner. Lots of good fights for him .

  19. Mark says:

    Guys, Why so serious ??

  20. Dick Diaz says:

    rashad would be a pretty damn awesome addition to the middleweight division.

  21. Mick says:

    thats a pretty rough weight-cut

  22. Rondo says:

    Why the hell would he drop to 185 he’s the second best 205er inthe world right now.No shame in losing to the man that will go down as one of the best 205ers ever,with that being said its like the Rich Franklin/Anderson Silva gig at 185 Rich would never beat him kinda like Rashad will never beat Jones! But at 185 he will give the spider some fits, maybe even beat him, if Lutter Sonnen and Hendo could wrestle him down and give him grief,so could Rashad, squash your beef with Jones and Jackson,go back to Albuquerque and train wit the best again! Yea 185 might just be the answer for Rashad on second thought.

  23. James says:

    Id like to see Bisbing vs Evans 2, would be a great fight an the last went to a split decision, could be a no.1 contender match for the middleweight title

  24. Flex monkey juice says:


  25. No worreh says:

    Evans vs lombard or cung le or belfort dont wanna see evans vs bisping 2

  26. HectorLightingLombard says:

    I would love Shad at 185…but the question is could he make the cut down? He already cuts 15 20 pounds for light heavy weight….and considering his age not likely….but him vs Hector Lombard at 195 maybe 200 lb catchweight?????

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