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Wednesday, 11/21/2012, 09:49 am

Rashad Evans: I Think GSP Beats Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS

“Oh yeah, I definitely think he has a shot against Anderson. One thing about Anderson is this right here: Anderson’s a great fighter, but one thing with Anderson is that he has such a problem with defending the takedown. And then on the ground even sometimes he allows people to advance position way too much.”

“You see Chael Sonnen, the second time he fought him. He took him down and before the round’s over he had him in mount. You get a guy like Georges St-Pierre in a position like that, Anderson may not make it to another round.”

“You know [Silva]’s going to get taken down, but what it comes down to is does Georges have enough razzle dazzle in order to get in to take a shot? And I say ‘yes'”.

“I think Georges beats Anderson, yeah. I really do.”

– Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans via’s “The MMA Hour”.


23 Responses to “Rashad Evans: I Think GSP Beats Anderson Silva | UFC NEWS”

  1. O.T. says:

    I get Rashad Evans’ point…I just don’t think GSP can take the stand-up that Anderson will deliver. If GSP stands the way he did against Carlos Condit, maybe he could set up a takedown…maybe…

  2. TheTude says:

    Rashad is just stating the obvious , GSPs takedowns are what makes him so effective, he does have a great jab but Silvas striking abilities cancel those out for sure. From what i saw in the 2nd chael fight, Silvas takedown defense has improved. Watch the second round when chael goes for the takedown, silva stuffs it impressively after that Chael couldnt even stand for 30 seconds with Silva. I’ve heard people say it was the missed backfist that beat Chael but there is no way he would have lasted much longer. I think chael has stonger takedowns than GSP but GSP is quicker. Still, i see the super fight ending in the same manner, once Silva and GSP are stood up, it wont be long before the canadian is turtled up on the ground getting TKOd

  3. yeahrightman says:

    Rubbish. Anderson showed how good he is off his back against Sonnen. Even in that first fight which Sonnen was “winning” he looked beaten up and battered by Anderson’s bottom game well before the choke/armbar. GSP couldn’t finish Condit on the ground and Anderson’s jitz is far superior. If it even gets there. I think Anderson will KO him very fast. If he even agrees to the fight.

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  5. 11thhour says:

    Did you miss the second round Rashad? zero take downs.

  6. Huh? says:

    So, Rashad, you are telling me that GSP has more strength in his strikes than Sonnen(juiced up)?? Because if i recall…a juiced up Sonnen hit silva a UFC record 200+ times and silva didnt even look like he was in a fight. But GSP can finish him on the ground? Sounds legit…


  7. Nick says:

    LOL if GSP gets him in that position he may not make it to the next round………..very rarely has anyone not made it to the next round with GSP as all his wins are generaly decisions

  8. Levi says:

    AS by KO over GSP. I like GSP as he is not one to mouth off. But should he, and the more he does and the longer the fight last, AS will punish GSP or a quick end to the fight.

  9. Ernest of Science of Fights says:

    I am rooting for GSP but he’s not strong enough to give Silva a takedown threat. And true, Silva is getting better at takedown defense.

    On the other hand, Silva is always a grave threat standing up and GSP has never felt a brand of striking like that of the Brazilian. In this case, the Canadian’s shooting quality will suffer due to the fear of getting hit.

  10. b-rad says:

    Did anyone see GSP’s FACE from what Condit did from the bottom? What in the hell u think Anderson would make him look like then?!? GSP is a bad cutter. He doesnt take damage well. Anderson could have him looking like a carved pumpkin thats been setting on your front porch for 2 months! All withered, wilted, and smashed in. GET REAL TROLLS!

  11. Shihan Scott says:

    During a Matt Hughes seminar on Oct. 20th, Matt Hughes stated the exact same thing. He sees GSP taking him down and willing the fight.

    • yeahrightman says:

      Yeah, every wrestler I have heard comment on it has said that. The reality is, Silva just KO’d a roided up light heavyweight with ease, and GSP couldn’t even finish a lack luster (it must be said condit has looked better) welterweight, or his last several other welterweights. Anderson is going to murder him, GSP knows it, Anderson knows it, I know it….All that’s left is you, Rashad and Matt Hughes.

  12. Mike McMack says:

    I wanna see Silva vs Jones, f**k all this talk of Anderson beating up a MUCH smaller GSP. It’s funny how people call GSP scared of Anderson when Spidey is obviously scared to fight Jones. None of the reasons Anderson gives about not fighting Jones make sense, GSP has said over and over again that he’s concerned about the size difference between he and Anderson.

    • Trent says:

      Silva will never fight jones.. He cuts alot of weight to fight at 205 never mind dropping to a catch weight and silva couldnt fight for the LHW belt because the next contender is lyoto machida.. Who he trains with and would never fight.. Theirs many reasons why he wouldnt fight jon so the GSP fight makes sense.

  13. ross says:

    guys who say gsp isn’t strong enough…gsp trains with guys double his size and weight all the time he could take anderson down for sure. but anderson in a 5 round fight catches gsp at some point and IMO thats the fight over his one hit ko strikes are too good. And i think he wants to fight gsp cause hes a bigger ppv draw which means more money.

  14. confucius says:

    STFU Mike Mcmack. I dont understand how these assholes who obviously are not professional fighters can say such stupid shit. “oh hes scared, oh hes ducking” these guys are fighters, this is what they do, nobody ducks, its a dumb shit made up story. If you want to cry about size Jon Jones should be a fucking Heavyweight anyways if you knew anything about the sport. Anderson & Jones said they do not want to fight eachother so theres your stupid ducking excuse out the window. If you knew anything about fighting youd understand its about skills not your size or how much you weigh. Ask Royce Gracie how he felt fighting Kimo at UFC 3 and submitting him. GSP & Silva have the same reach and a 4in height difference, so what. If you want to cry about how much the other guy weighs…Then the Kimo and royce gracie fight, the Royce & Shamrock fight, never happened.

    • Mike McMack says:

      Okay confucius, since your a pro MMA fighter and analyst. Silva and Jones are both ducking the fight, I don’t believe for one second that Silva doesn’t want to Jones fight because he doesn’t want to have to fight Lyoto and his other team mates at 205.

      Anderson’s scared thats my opinion, not a fact. He knows that he stands a much greater chance in losing to Jones then GSP which is why I believe he wants the GSP fight first. If he fights GSP and wins he’ll get the huge pay check he’s wanting and he might open up to fighting Jones. If he were to fight Jones first and lose, there wouldn’t be nearly as much interest in him fighting GSP after which would hurt Spideys pocket book. Anderson’s not scared to get elbowed, he’s scared of the 10’s of millions of dollars he might lose if he were to take the bigger gamble in fighting Jones first.

      Silva’s all business…fight the biggest PPV draw in MMA first (Silva vs GSP) THEN fight in what could potentially be an even bigger fight (Silva vs Jones).

  15. 123 says:

    i agree with mike mcmack, alot more people want too see anderson silva vs jon jones, but as soon as every1 mentioned it suddenly anderson silva wants to fight george st pierre.. i think anderson silva would beat them both in my opinion.

  16. dave says:

    either way gsp vs anderson or hendrix he is going get knfo…i think he has better chance of beating anderson the hendrix

  17. GET RID OF GET RID OF FITCH (forever) (forever) says:

    “You get a guy like Georges St-Pierre in a position like that, Anderson may not make it to another round.”


    If Anderson Silva decides to ‘clown’ GSP…we can see him lay down on his back and let GSP mount him and then submit him with ease…its so unfair to GSP to MAKE him fight The Spider…its like making Jose Aldo Jr. to fight GSP or make JBJ fight JDS (this i think is a lil’ fair but still…) so if this GSPvsSilva fight happens i wanna see GSPvsAldo then JBJvsSilva or JBJvsJDS just to make it fair to GSP

  18. slacker says:

    GSP will be able to take him down once or twice. But we all saw what happened to Chael against a healthy Silva. One take – down, the next round, all stuffed. It’s extremely unlikely that GSP will be able to submit him in the 1st round.

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