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Tuesday, 03/27/2012, 09:50 am

Rashad Evans | I Have The Mental Edge Over Jon Jones

“I’ve got the advantage mentally. He’s not ‘Jon Jones, unbeatable champion’ to me. I know the real Jon, the nervous kid who would ask me to tell him how to dress, how to talk and how to fight. I know how he reacts when things don’t go his way, how he can’t handle it mentally. I know all about him, all about his coaches and all about his camp. I could probably tell you what he’s doing in the gym right now. He’s in the exact same environment doing the exact same things with the exact same people. But I’m in a different environment, I knew I had to learn, had to mix things up, and I had to change. Jon has no idea what I will do on the night.”

While talking to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Rashad Evans discussed his upcoming title fight against Jon Jones.

We have gone over this more than I care to count, but Rashad makes some valid points. Will it matter on fight night? That’s the big question.

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15 Responses to “Rashad Evans | I Have The Mental Edge Over Jon Jones”

  1. Jujitsu Player says:

    Rashad is really playing this mind games card. Really looking forward to seeing Jones rag doll him around the ring.

  2. JOSH says:


  3. Jason says:

    I have to go with Rasad on this fight. His wrestling looked extremely good against Davis. He can take anyone down at this point.

  4. jim says:

    getting so tired about hearing this stuff, i seriously thought they fought last weekend.

  5. Scotty says:

    Its getting to the point where im starting to feel the same as i did with the Edgar vs. Maynard 3 fight.. “Just get this shit over with already!” This fight has been way to long in the making and just sick of hearing these two say the same shit over and over in interviews..

  6. Nick says:

    He’s mind fucking Jon. I really don’t know how Jon is taking it, I hope he’s fine with it. I’d be going ape shit and saying everything about Evans.

  7. Magoo says:

    What Josh said, quit regurgitating the same old stories !

  8. “Rashad is really playing this mind games card. Really looking forward to seeing Jones rag doll him around the ring.”

    straight up…

  9. Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

    fo with this shit man fs

  10. Axeholes says:

    I think Reshad’s only chance to beat J.Jones is to get him to the mat, and inflict G & P. That, or striker’s-chance factor.
    I would like to see J.Jones get clocked solid on the chin for once, just to see how much granite his jaw is actually made of. Who knows…

  11. CaliMan says:

    I hope Rashad is a huge underdog, b/c I’m putting up some money on him. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  12. vince espitia says:

    Rashad is retarded. He’s only fought twice in two years. He’s betting his entire existance on sparring matches with a young Jon Jones. He’ll be fighting a champion Jones this time. He says he has the mental advantage and he doesnt. Rashad beat a glass jaw Forrest Griffin for the title and then a few months later had his glass jaw cracked by Machida. This ass whoppin gave us the greatest knockout poster on the internet. He wasn’t mentally tough enouph to stay at heavyweight and now he’s disguising his mental weakness by running his mouth every chance he gets. Suga is gonna get crystalized! Round 4 or sooner. Your going to get KTFO. See you at middleweight where your going to get KTFO and then see you at wealterweight where your going to get KTFO. Finally you’ll last be seen at Greg Jackson’s gym cleaning toliets and mopping floors and your drivers license photo will be the same picture as the Machida knockout pix that we are use to seeing on the internet.

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