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Tuesday, 08/28/2012, 04:02 pm

Rashad Evans Disappointed In Former Teammate Jones For Not Stepping Up | UFC NEWS

“For me, it’s a two part question for me. For one, you want to always keep it right for the fighters. It’s great for the fighters to have the right to choose a fight. That is one of the liberties we do have, the option to say yes or no to a fight. But then on the other hand, you have a tremendous responsibility as the champion. You are the champion of the UFC. Not only that, you became champion of the UFC through circumstances like this. You had the opportunity to fight for someone that was injured. He stepped into a fight, after I got hurt, so he stepped in for me to fight Shogun. So, he was rewarded by the very process of somebody stepping in to take a fight. So, he owed it to the UFC to take the fight. Not only that, he owed it to all the other fighters on this card who are going to be missing paydays because of that. And lets not talk about how the UFC has done so much to make him the face of the UFC. They sponsored him. Everything he’s gotten is because of the UFC, the whole Nike endorsement and everything else like that, has all been because of the UFC. When he got in trouble a few months back, it was the UFC who stood behind him and kind of made it go away relatively quickly. So, for him to turn his back on the UFC is very hard to believe, for one, but it’s just disappointing. I’m sure one day, when he has the time to understand the ramifications of his decision, he’s is gonna think, ‘Wow. What did I really do?'”

“For me, it’s more of a sadness than anything. What it comes down to at the end of the day, despite the fact that me and Jon had our situations and we did part ways the way we did and we fought and I lost, I don’t want to wish bad on him. I never want to wish bad on anybody like that because these are things in life that affects more than Jon Jones. It affects his family, it affects everyone that is close to him. So, to wish bad on him is to wish bad on a lot of other people that I have no problems with. Another thing is, dimming his light doesn’t make my light any brighter. So for me, I just feel bad that it has come to light, exactly what I was saying and I don’t want to be like, ‘Ah man, I told you so, I told you so.’ I would have been happy if he made me look like a liar. For me, it’s about the organization and the sport and he is an ambassador for the sport, so, when he does things like this, it affects everybody involved. If he is going to be champion, then he has to take responsibility pretty serious and know and that he is representing more than just himself with the choices that he makes.”

In a recent interview with Pro MMA Radio, former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans, took the big brother approach when asked about his former teammate Jon Jones and his part in the UFC 151 scandal.

Anyone else surprised that Evans didn’t take the opportunity to bash his biggest rival?


52 Responses to “Rashad Evans Disappointed In Former Teammate Jones For Not Stepping Up | UFC NEWS”

  1. GET RID OF JONES (forever) says:

    I’m not surprised, Rashad is a class act. If he would have bashed jones, it would look like he was sour about the loss. Kudos to Rashad for not taking that route.

    • Rashad Got All You Guys Hook, Line, and... says:

      Read with an open mind and you’ll be able to read between the lines: Jones was rewarded? If you think about it, when Rashad was unable to fight Shogun, Jon Jones saved that card from being the first ever cancelled by the UFC! Right? So, Jon did the UFC a favor and saved them a bunch of money. It’s a two way street: the fighters are the ones the fans come to see and order the PPVs and buy the tshirts. ALL fighters bring in money for the UFC and in return are paid by the UFC for their services. In the opinion of many, the fighters are not paid as much as they should be getting paid (like boxers many people say).

      Fighters from UFC 151 will still fight and get paid–just at a later date. Is it Jones responsibility to ensure the fighters are paid on the date the UFC says? Fights are being re-booked, so they will get paid.

      The UFC stood behind Jones following the DUI? What could they have done to Jones? Suspend him? Well, think about it, they could have done anything they wanted to him–there’s no collective bargaining agreement between the fighters and the UFC. But they didn’t because Jones is a cash cow to the UFC. And firing your LHW champ for a misdemeanor would be publicity that the UFC didn’t want or wouldn’t want. Rashad is exaggerating saying that the DUI went away “quickly.” Even if it did, the UFC has the power over the courts and legal system to get the outcome beneficial to them? Dont’ think so.

      To wish bad on Jones is to wish bad on Jones’ family and he doesn’t have a problem with the family? Really? What kind of statement is that? So, if a person is not depended on or loved by anyone, Rashad could “wish bad” on that person with a clear conscience?

      He definitely has a problem with Jones–a jealousy problem. Rashad talked the talk but couldn’t walk the walk. He was embarassed by Jones from the 2nd round on. But that’s another story.

      According to many fans, you’re not a champion unless you defend the belt. So Rashad’s not even a “real” champion. He failed miserably to defend the belt. He’s lucky he fought Forrest for the belt in the first place.

      I don’t hate Rashad, but I think his b.s. is transparent; I don’t understand why Rashad is not looked upon as being phony by Jones is. One conclusion of mine is that Jones is not shy to praise God and bring religion into the Octagon. Don’t know for sure, but that’s what I suspect.

      Jones is the UFC LHW Champion of the World.

      • Yo papi says:

        Damnnnn! +1 Fuck rashad bro!

      • Nick says:

        You’re reading way to into it. It’s because you support Jones and I’m fine with that, but you’re trying to sound smart to make your biased opinion shine. Jones is a dick, a selfish tool. He talks about “God this,God helped me with that, I’m a man of God, etc” That’s bullshit. He should be ashamed to consider himself a christian after what he did. He turned his back on the very people that put him in the spotlight. He’s all about the money, and he’s made that very clear. Rashad is 100% right in this piece. What Jones should do, and I know he won’t, is issue an apology.

        • Brend0magic says:

          Nick +1. And yes I agree with everything you said there, and everything Rashad said, “you became champion of the UFC through circumstances like this.” sooooo true. Jon does owe it to the ufc, but instead he shows his true colors, and listened to the sport killer Greg Jackson.

        • Spoken like a true says:

          drinker of the Dana White Kool Aid…

      • Lobes says:

        I got really bored after your first paragraph !

      • seems like you are doing less of reading between the lines, and more assuming and making up your own definitions of what Rashad meant

      • Josh says:

        Shogun took jones on 2 weeks notice

        • Hey Josh says:

          “Shogun took jones on 2 weeks notice” to where????? What the f are you talking about? If you’re talking about the fight that Shogun lost, then you are incorrect. UFC 126 and 128 was about 6 weeks apart. Jones didn’t know he was fighting for the championship until after the Bader fight. It appears that Shogun knew before Jones because Shogun was at the fight and made an appearance in the Octagon with Jones.

          But I think the winner between Jones/Bader was going to get the title shot anyhow.

      • Xaninho says:

        Shogun didn’t refuse to fight Jones.

      • Bjj2 says:

        Dude shut up… U r talking out of ur crack

      • Reality says:

        @Rashad Got you hook line and sinker:
        I agree with Rashad but you do make some valid points. One could see it Rashad’s way or your way. Jones still had to work hard to get all of those perks so it’s not like everything was just “given” to him. However, when Rashad says Jones got the title through the same process he turned down makes complete sense. Jones didn’t save the card he fought Shogun on. It was a huge opportunity(more so for Jones than anyone else). If he turned it down I’m sure someone else would have taken it and he would have looked bad from then.

  2. Gefco says:

    This is the fight game there’s no I in team it’s a guy in the octagon and his opponent I feel for the guys on the on the undercard. As a champ u need to step up and show why ur the champ.

  3. Sr.stinson says:

    Agree with rashad, but to be honest if you wanna blame this on someone, blame the ufc because if you are gonna give the power to the fighters to choose their fights then don’t bitch about it (Dana White) because you dont like their decision if you don’t want this to happen again just dont give that kind of power to the fighters and that’s it or at least try to put together better cards so that the entire card won’t depend only on one fight.

  4. 757 says:

    I like Rashad more all the time. He really is becoming a classy fighter.

    • Mike b says:

      Agree,I hated rashad at first but now he’s one of my favorite fighters.i think I started to like him when he was a coach on tuff.i think he was one the best coaches on that show.him and Tito I think we’re the best coaches.i just think he’s a great guy and a hell of a fighter.hopefully he’ll be back in the cage soon.

      • Tommy gunnz says:

        I didn’t care to much for rashad either,but recently I’ve been gaining respect for rashad as a fighter and a person.i respect him more as time goes on.hopefully he’ll get another crack at the belt if he can get some wins together.respect to rashad.

    • 757MikebTommyGunnz says:

      yeah i never did llke rashad before but now he’s the coolest guy around. just like y’all, i love the guy so much. he makes me so happy.he was so good on tuf and i loved that so much. he so shiny too. if only i was gay. what the heck, i am gay. i love rashad.

  5. mahs says:

    The First point Rashad made is very strong.

    Jones got his shot through similar circumstances…and the UFC has done everything to put Bones in the spotlight and he couldn’t return the sentiment.

    I’m interested to see how his career and “brand management” is handled for his next few fights.

  6. drew says:

    that is a wise man, fighter, and father speakn right there

    • Diaz bro says:

      I liken Rashad alot more these days.

    • B-rad says:

      Yeah to be honest i wasnt a big fan of Rashad when he first hit the scene, but after the Rampage fight i became a big fan of his (although that performance wasnt a fan getter) He’s a smart, well spoken guy, I look at him as someone that i hope to become when i get older

  7. Shadleigh says:

    Rashad defenitely more likeable with comments like that.

  8. You sir,are a moron says:

    This is probably one of the best and most rational opinions i have heard from a another fighter in this situation. Suga was right though.used to hate him until the jackaon/jones drama.

    P.s. bones is a chump and not a true champion

  9. bahahah says:

    JBJ reminds me of a certain president we have running our country right now. weezed there way into the hearts of there fans just to end up a huge disappointment

  10. DMAC says:

    JBJ beat your ass Suga knock it off already..

    • Pancho says:

      How does everyone say they liked Rashad after what happened with Rampage? He talked shit about how he would knock him out for months then layed on him, just like he did to Thiago after he got his ass rocked, and just like he did to Phil Davis. I’m glad Bones kicked his ass.

  11. T.DADDY says:

    Rashad keepin it rizzzzeal!!! bones is a BBQ BIZNITCH!

  12. slacker says:

    The thing about it too, that is bad, is that he was already ON the card. He wasnt asked to join a card or come on short notice or anything, as typically happens. Sure, he is allowed to say no to a fight, but he was already slated to show up that night. Jacksons camp is getting into some analysis – paralysis or something. The guy is already in great shape, just beat a great wrestler in Rashad, so adjust your game plan and get in there and fight. So ridiculous.

  13. Judge_Dreadz says:

    Rashad always came off as a smart dude u guys do know he’s been in UFC since like 05′ or something Never understood why ppl hated him so much he matured alot since then and is a guy i can see working for UFC like Florian being so classy and well spoken.Kudos to him for spot on comment and not trying to bash Jones.

    • MMAKnowitall says:

      I remember back on TUF 2 when Rashad lost the first challenge for team Franklin (they were in a swimming pool seeing which team of heavyweights could endure holding something heavy over their heads the longest). In any case I said “that guy has no heart” and then he proved me wrong…Three times during the show and then in the finals. And after the first win I was cheering for him and I haven’t not cheered for him in any fight of his. Well- that’s a partial lie, I was neutral on the Liddell fight but laughed my ass off when Evans planted Chuck, because all the racist white trash morons at the sports bar who’d been shouting for Chuck to ‘kill the n****r’ had tears in their eyes and the place was dead silent. I see a lot of humility and character in the guy. And if there is a brotherhood and mutual respect amongst the fighters, JBJ turned his back on that by ruining the paydays of others. Yeah Henderson delayed announcing his injury. The man is 40+ and in the twilight of his career, and had an opportunity to fight for the last piece of a amazing legacy. It very well could be that his chance may not come around again. So of course he didn’t wanna back out until he was sure he couldn’t fight. Dana expects his champions to be fighting champions, regardless of any fan’s opinion. This is done so MMA doesn’t make the same mistakes as Boxing did. However, proper governance of his fighters IS giving them the chance to say yes or no. I want to like Jones…I really do, but if he’s going to put himself on a pedestal every time this happens he’s going to make it really hard for me.

  14. stephen riddle says:

    He still doesnt want a piece of machida!

  15. BJ is KING says:

    LOL i totally forgot JBJ got his opportunity from Evans getting injured (Evans was looking great in the octagon before he got injured). That adds another string to my attack on JBJ, but I’d rather talk about whats the go with Roidy Macdonald and BJ Penn.

  16. Bjj BB says:

    Thats true what rashad said but the difference is jbj was next in line after rashad in the 205 class, so say what you want Mr bitter rashad but theres a big difference. And he said it him self, you can say yes or no, so in doing so dana should of had a back up plan, oh wait he did and his name was ANDERSON SILVA!! dana says no to silva, mahcida and shogun say no to jbj and jbj says no to sonnen and dan henderson was injured about 2 to 3 weeks b4 the fight and should of said something about it but never did, and some how this is allllll jbj’s fault? FUCKING BULLSHIT!! every1 in the mix said no but silva, so how could dana white be a hypocrite and blame jbj when he had the chance to save ufc 151 but said no? was dana thinking about the other fighters? was dan? if dan opened his mouth when he knew he was injured in the 1st place this would of never happened, but it did and dana said no to silva. so the only person to blame is, well ill give you guys a hint, it has the letters D A N in it!! so suck on that rashad and all you jbj haters!!

    • nick tarker says:

      anderson silva didnt say hed fight jones you faggot so dont run your mouth like an asshole unless you know your facts. silva said hed fight a diffrent lightheavy weight fighter

    • JBJ wouldnt fight Chael on 8 days notice, you think he would fight the man that just made chael look like a child? noooo..noooo.nooo…

    • Bob'O says:

      Bjj BB, I don’t think that your head could be stuffed any further up your own ass to tell you the truth bro.

      You don’t even know the facts about what you’re discussing. Silva said he would fight another LHW, not Bones.

      While you’re busy talking out of your pie-hole, people are just shaking their heads over your ignorance.

      Yep, That’s one more seat taken on the stupid wagon! ~Bob’O

  17. Leefal says:

    I always liked Rashad and never really understood the constant booing of him and general intranets hate.

    What triggered it? The Matt Hughes “showboating” comments? Or the rivalry with Rampage? Both?

    Can’t be because he’s “cocky” he’s no more cocky than every single other MMA fighter.

    Anyway, I’m happy to see more fans coming around to him. Thanks Jon, you wanker.

  18. KIDD433 says:

    Just when I start to like Rashad,I think about his fight with Thiago Silva.Damn that fight was discrace.I’m sure it was Greg Jackson at his best.I was glad when he left Jackson’s gay ass camp,because he has more potential than that…Hopefully him working with Vitor can help him be more aggressive again

  19. Judge_Dreadz says:

    Times like this is when a young guy like Jones needs a big bro thats not really his brother somebody like Rashad to give guidance and someone thats not using him to get rich (jackson) if Greg will play Rashad he’ll do it to Jones when the next big star comes around.Jones shouldnt played his boy like that where im from thats punk shit and u aint a real nigga ….Rashad seems like a guy that younger guys like Jones can learn alot from and not just about fighting.

  20. Doesntmatter says:

    Bussiness or not… if jon is right or not.. doesn’t matter. I’m not a fan of jon nor a hater. I just remember that in a lot of interviews jon said he wants to be the Muhammed Ali of MMA he wants to be the “Greatest” and to become the greatest u have to be confident that u are the greatest is what he said. Well in my opinion if u want to be the greatest u have to take fights like this.

  21. Timmy says:

    All this talk about the UFC putting Jones in the spotlight is crap! He’s a top 5 pound for pound fighter in the world they had no choice! Jones is in the cage winning them fights, Jones won the belt because he’s the best! He has no obligation to anybody. If it is about the money who cares its his job and we all work for money

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