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Wednesday, 09/19/2012, 11:59 am

Rashad Evans Believes He Will Fight Jon Jones Again In A Year | UFC NEWS

“I probably know a lot more about Jon Jones than most people and have such insight, so Vitor asked me to be his righthand man in preparation for the fight. I think it’s a huge mistake to consider him an underdog because this is an MMA fight. You’ve seen some of the most dramatic finishes and upsets in this sport. It only takes a second. Anyone at this elite level, no matter what your rank, has a chance to beat someone. It may be your night; it may not be your night. I definitely think Vitor can knock him out. Vitor has probably the fastest hands I’ve seen in MMA, and besides that, he has the power behind it too. If you look at all his experience, he’s been doing this since Jon Jones was like in the third grade. He has been doing this a long time.”

“I’m positive we will fight again at 205, maybe in a year or so, but we’ll fight again. If he needed to talk about some things, I would talk to him. Once all of this is out of the way. Jon’s not a bad kid. He has a good spirit inside of him, but I’m not going to share any secrets with him before the fight.”

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans, tells radio his reasons for training Vitor Belfort to face Jon Jones.

In a more interesting part of the interview, Evans revealed that he has every intention of getting a rematch with the current champion.

Is anyone interested in seeing Jones vs. Evans II?


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