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Wednesday, 09/19/2012, 11:59 am

Rashad Evans Believes He Will Fight Jon Jones Again In A Year | UFC NEWS

“I probably know a lot more about Jon Jones than most people and have such insight, so Vitor asked me to be his righthand man in preparation for the fight. I think it’s a huge mistake to consider him an underdog because this is an MMA fight. You’ve seen some of the most dramatic finishes and upsets in this sport. It only takes a second. Anyone at this elite level, no matter what your rank, has a chance to beat someone. It may be your night; it may not be your night. I definitely think Vitor can knock him out. Vitor has probably the fastest hands I’ve seen in MMA, and besides that, he has the power behind it too. If you look at all his experience, he’s been doing this since Jon Jones was like in the third grade. He has been doing this a long time.”

“I’m positive we will fight again at 205, maybe in a year or so, but we’ll fight again. If he needed to talk about some things, I would talk to him. Once all of this is out of the way. Jon’s not a bad kid. He has a good spirit inside of him, but I’m not going to share any secrets with him before the fight.”

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Rashad Evans, tells radio his reasons for training Vitor Belfort to face Jon Jones.

In a more interesting part of the interview, Evans revealed that he has every intention of getting a rematch with the current champion.

Is anyone interested in seeing Jones vs. Evans II?


19 Responses to “Rashad Evans Believes He Will Fight Jon Jones Again In A Year | UFC NEWS”

  1. Texas says:

    War Rashad! But sadly, I don’t see the fight ending any differently than their first fight. But I will be pulling for Rashad.

  2. Rashad's earlobe says:

    I am a fan of Rashad’s and was disappointed in his relatively tame performance against JBJ. I expected him to stay out of range until the right timing, and then counter one of JBJ’s long limbs being thrown out by exploding into range and using his speed and power to quickly deal heavy damage. After stunning or weakening JBJ, he could neutralize his range by pinning him against the cage and dirty boxing (careful not to be standing guillotined or Judo tossed).

    Against someone with JBJ’s physical attributes and wide array of skills, a solid gameplan and very disciplined control of range and timing are critical. Feinting and baiting out JBJ’s slower long range actions first is much more effective than trying to constantly push through that range and getting buzzsawed by strikes and then manhandled to the ground.

    I still believe Lyoto Machida and Rashad Evans have the highest likelihood of defeating JBJ, if they play smart. Vitor Belfort has a chance too, but if he just goes out there swinging for the fences he will eat a couple strikes and then be quickly taken down and fed some ridiculously violent elbows.

  3. magoo says:

    You couldn’t beat Jones, soo now your living your dreams through Vitor? Sounds about right to me!

  4. chardt says:

    Is it just me, or does Rashad sound like a dumped girlfriend who is delusional and thinks she still has a shot to get back with her ex….it’s over dude, let it go.

    But on the upside, you can still be Cuba Goodings stunt double.

  5. Bryan Fury85 says:

    If he knew how to beat him, why didn’t he do it when he had his chance. No dickride, but Evan has the potential to be one of the greatest fighters ever but this shoulda coulda woulda bullshit is for the birds. Prove you’re the best fighter that we know you are and keep the other shit to yourself.

  6. SVUSO3 says:

    I’m a big fan of Rashad but every time he talks like this makes me hella mad. He didnt do anything to JBJ in their fight! I do believe tho they’ll fight again, hopefully this time he’ll come to fight. As for Vitor he does have a chance. In and out, threaten with tds, just mix it up every where. As long as Vitor doesn’t leave his neck out & get taken down, he’ll be fine.

  7. DMAC says:

    Suga had 5rds to make changes and implement new strategy but all he did was stay at firing range of Jones. Sure you didn’t get taken out but it wasn’t like you took any chances. I wouldn’t mind the rematch after he wins a few fights, or shit, talk your way into it.

  8. Brend0magic says:

    War ‘SHAD!!!!!

  9. scott slack says:

    the jones vs rashad fight was one of the most boring fights I have seen in a while…sure hope it doesnt happen again….but if it did , i’m sure it would go the same way

  10. punchkick says:

    let it go suga

  11. stephen riddle says:

    I want winner of henderson/machida vs. Evans for the shot or winner of gus. Vs rua. But really i want anderson vs.jones now so i can see the p4p greatest hold up both belts at the same time.

  12. jdog says:

    Isn’t this just total BS!!!!!! He said Jones was fake AFTER telling him to take the title match, then he said he would NEVER fight a team mate, now he is training Vitor and what IF Vitor wins??? Will Rashad do what he condemned Jones from doing??? I liked Rashad during TUF, then with how he talked to Rampage I started to dislike him, now I can’t stand him as a person but he is a good fighter

    • RNC says:

      So what if he’s training Vitor, he was asked to and is a smart move by Vitor. And what’s wrong with how he spoke to Rampage, oh so Rampage didn’t say anything either? Come in dude it was TUF they were building up their fight. You could see after the fight they had more respect for each other then they let on.

  13. drew says:

    rashad if u just go at jbj the whole time and i really feel like youll do better…i feel like jones has to be faced with an opponent who wasnt scared to actually just implement there gameplan and go with it win or loose, everyone either said they got out of their gameplan or just wasnt pulling the trigger so rashed if u do that getting knocked out or submitted or w.e happens just go for it…i really think vitor has a chance…i feel like the best way to do anything is for vitor clinch it up with john and use that to explode his hands on jbjs chin and then will see if he has a tough chin with like 5 or 6 punches landing in less then 3 seconds…maybe im thinkn about way to far into things but think jbj is growing out the big beard anticipating vitor to just stand and hopefully the beard will help to slide off some of the punches especially when there both sweating in like the 3-5 rounds…could just be over thinkn it

  14. RNC says:

    Some of you guys are looking to deep into this. Personally I’m a big Rashad fan, yes sometimes he puts his foot in it but who doesn’t. Just because he lost the first time doesn’t mean he can’t have a better performance 2nd time round

  15. Mike b says:

    Rashads been around for a while but I think he still has that drive to be the best.i definitely see him climbing back up the 205 pound ladder and deserving another shot.rashads the man.

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