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Monday, 03/25/2013, 10:30 am

Rashad Evans’ Back is Against the Wall for UFC 161 | UFC NEWS

One time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Rashad Evans, could be fighting just to stay in the UFC soon.  He is coming off two losses, first to Jon Jones last April and then to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira in February.  Both losses were unanimous decisions after fights that underwhelmed expectations.  Evans (17-3), who usually brings quickness that serves his defense as much as his offense, looked very hesitant in both fights, apparently unwilling or unable to exchange like he used to.


In his next fight, however, he will be taking on heavy-hitting Dan Henderson.  Hendo (29-9) is also coming off a lack-luster loss, his against Lyoto Machida at UFC 157.


Rashad Evans recently talked to MMA Mania how important this fight is for his career.  “In the fight business,” he explained, “you’re only as good as your next fight.  If you lose two or three, then you’re done.  My manager Bill Robinson always says, ‘You’re either one fight away from getting a title shot and becoming champion or you’re two losses away from being cut from UFC.’”


With that in mind, this next fight against Henderson is a big point in his career.  As Hendo and Machida fought for the number one contender spot, an emphatic victory for Rashad could put him right back into title contention.  He described feeling as if “my back is against the wall,” which for him is good, because “this is when I perform at my best.”


Evans and Henderson are set to face at UFC 161 on June 15 in Canada.


6 Responses to “Rashad Evans’ Back is Against the Wall for UFC 161 | UFC NEWS”

  1. Rashad should challenge Jackson's... says:

    …integrity and ask to return to Jackson/Winkeljohn’s. That would be so interesting. I think Rashad is at least two dominating victories away from a title shot (maybe 3). If Jones cleans out the LHW division, meaning AG or Gegard, or maybe Glover (if he beats Te Huna), Hendo or Machida, the timing may work out that Rashad may stay at LHW and Jones move up to HW. The training together wouldn’t be so bad. Travis Browne may have to find a new camp though!!! lol.. just some thoughts…

  2. Dddddddd says:

    I also would like to see him move back home to Jackson. Obviously Jackson does well with guys that need the mental support. It seems he would be a good guy to have in a big camp considering he could drop a little or stay at weight.

  3. Swifty says:

    If he does lose he should not be cut. Losing to top fighters especially by decisions should not get u cut its when u lose to the up and comers u should get cut. Being boring has to come in affect at some point but I don’t think that supply’s for Rashad

  4. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Rashad has seemed half-assing it. If he was on, he should have fukced little Nog up. He made a mistake leaving Jackson’s. He’s talked retirement. Hendo will retire him. His head and heart is not in the game.

  5. 123 says:

    Jimi Manuwa would beat all the top contenders at Light Heavyweight.. no1 even mentions him.

  6. Yeah right says:

    Yeah f’ing right. He has been the main event or co main event in all the losses. At the most he would be pushed to an under card. He lost to all top level fighters.. Maybe he needs to be put in front of some cans to beat down to get his swagger back. He is just in a slump and he lost all of his confidence when he got knocked out by machida. You can totally tell that he took that TERRIBLY.. hasn’t been right since. Let him get a highlight reel knick out or three dominating rounds of takedown and gnp.. He will be back.. He’s still got it, at least that’s my opinion.

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