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Friday, 04/25/2014, 09:10 pm


Rashad Evans: ‘Anthony Johnson Is Going To Knock Phil Davis Out’

“AJ is going to be tough. AJ is going to be up there. I think AJ is going to be one of the best guys in the division. I think he is going to smash Phil Davis. I believe he is going to smash him. I love Phil Davis progression. I think Phil has come along and he is starting to come into his own as a fighter and starting to figure out his game a little more which has been impressive, but I think he’s not ready for somebody like AJ. He is going to be too physical. AJ is going to be too strong and he hits like hard, hard. I think he is going to knock Phil out.”

In a recent interview with Darce Side Radio, Rashad Evans discussed tomorrow night’s co-main event between, his teammate, Anthony Johnson and, his former opponent, Phil Davis.


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