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Monday, 07/16/2012, 10:00 am

Rashad Evans 50/50 On Possible Move To Middleweight | UFC NEWS

“I’ve been thinking about going down to middleweight lately. I haven’t totally made up my mind. It’s something I’m going to think about a little more in the coming months and see where my body’s at, but I’m definitely giving it serious consideration. The odds of me moving down to 185 are 50-50 or better.”

“The last thing I want to do is move down and become half the athlete I am at 205. That’s something that happened to me while wrestling in college (at Michigan State). I cut too much weight, and if I had competed one weight class higher I would have had a better career.

A move to 185 will be permanent. But what I’ve been thinking about also is that I’m one of the top contenders at 205, so there really is no reason for me to move other than fighting some different people. At 205 I fight tough guys anyway. Jon Jones is a tough dude.

I’m a 205-pound fighter and the reason I’ve been successful is that I have attributes that, being a smaller guy, I’m able to bring, like having the speed advantage, things like that. It’s something I might not necessarily have at 185. That’s something I have to think about as well.”

Former UFC 205 pound champion, Rashad Evans recently told ESPN that a move to the middleweight division is not out of the question.

But would it be a good move for the former champ?


37 Responses to “Rashad Evans 50/50 On Possible Move To Middleweight | UFC NEWS”

  1. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Rashad would be a great addition to 185. 185lb division is getting really stacked lately and Rashad for sure will provide some challenge to Anderson.

  2. danielrchargers says:

    Sounds REALLY GOOD.
    Rashad is a middleweight at heart.

  3. MMAnalyst says:

    Rashad vs Hendo or Shogun at 205 would be good but otherwise, yeah – move down to 185!

  4. RNC says:

    Defo a good idea Sonnen put the blue print down for Anderson, Rashad has great MMA takedowns n transitions if he could get him down he’d do more damage than sonnen would love to see that fight

  5. Nightofcolumbus says:

    He would be a killer at 185!

  6. Eric says:

    Rashad vs Silva!! that would be awesome! i think rashad at 185 would be beastly. His speed may increase due to being lighter. like mike tyson used to say, “SPEED KILLS!”

  7. Me says:

    Give him either the winner of Boetsch & Lombard, Or Belcher, if he wins he deserves a title shot at Weidman or Anderson!

  8. maurice says:

    rashad has no fucking chance at mw. i think vitor, lombard and bisping could work rashad. yes i said bisping, the guy that imo beat rashad when they first fought. shit, chris weidman might even fuck rashad up. one things for sure, lay n pray isnt happening to none of the elite at mw. with that said rashad going to be on the feet a lot more then he wants to. if he does make it to a fight with anderson, then he’s going to lose. if he thought jones was tricky…he has no idea. rashad doesnt have the chin, cardio or skills to hang with anderson. he does have a good double leg, but a double leg isnt going to win u a 5 round fight with andeson silva. i see anderson fucking rashad up in the clinch while rashad tries to attempt wall and stall. but i do wanna see the STANKY LEG!!

  9. ya herd says:

    I think it could be a risky move like rashad said theres a big chance he wont have a speed advanage, hes also got a bad chin, so droping all that weight could make his chin even worse just my opinons! i also think he coudld be good at 185 there isnt much pure wrestlers in 185 compared to 205, thats the reason. His striking is good but over rated , hes got power a yea but when the heats turned on he always looks for the takedown he cant go toe to toe, hendo, shogun, would ko him in 3 rounds, thats what i mean as being a good striker and the elite. he should fight shogun at 205 before the move! then a rematch with michael Bisping for the middleweight title! thats after anderson silva retires::)

    • swagger says:

      getting out – struck and knocked out once doesnt mean he has a shady chin…. just means he had a bad night and got caught…. Jon Jones landed flush on his jaw several times in their fight and rashad kept coming….

      And before he has a rematch with bisping for the title….. one of them has to actually win it first…. and bisping hasnt shown the ability to hang with someone whos been in title contention before…..

    • ............ says:

      I’m pretty sure rashad is still faster than most middleweights. I would also say his wrestling is technically better than all the middleweights.

  10. Balls McGee says:

    How does he have a bad chin? U retards think cause someone gets knocked out once they have no chin.

  11. Michael hamlin says:

    He needs to move down cause he will never beat Jon jones!!!

  12. ya herd says:

    being knocked out once has nothing to do with a bad chin! the reason is that he got like a 20% punch witch hit his ear of a rampage witch hasnt knoced any1 out in over 3 years and he got droped and nearly killed, then thiago silva droped him and nearly kod him, and the dragon droped him then i think he droped him 1 more time then he gets knocked out yea for sure he has got a granit chin lmao. Everytime rashed gets hit hard he looks for the takedown, hes a bit like overreem can do it all but has a bad chin

    • ftb says:

      none of those guys are elite levels strikers…..

    • Balls McGee says:

      And how the fuck do u know how hard the punch was? And it’s not always about power it’s about placement an ur body doesn’t react the same to the se punch. U think graphs and charts tell it all don’t u. By all standards on here machida has no chin cause shogun knocked him out

  13. maurice says:

    he has a bad chin because everytime he gets touched on it he does the stanky leg. the best strikers rashad has ever faced are thiago, rampage, machida and jon jones. against all 4 men he was knocked down and forced to survive. and as we all know…he didnt survive against machida. the only reason he got victories over page and thiago is because of extreme lay n pray and wall and stall. it was obvious against all guys if he didnt stall the majority of the fight away he would have been put to sleep. if he was a real “fighter” dana would have already called for the drop in weight and booked him in the title fight. last thing anyone wants to see is rashad stinking up another pay per view by trying to stall.

  14. Setsuna says:

    I asked Rashad at the fan expo q&a session if he would drop down and fight silva. he said if the ufc gave him the chance he would but he really doesn’t want to drop down but he will talk with his team about it

  15. WrestlingRules says:

    Yuuuup Suga needs to come to 85 and make him some Anderson NOPE Silva pie!!! I say set this up NOW for November!! Evans will make some Nope Mince Meat Pie….Can’t Wait!!

  16. Pijan says:

    Silva/Evans would be interesting, Evans posses pretty much the same skill set that Sonnen does, but he’s bigger, probably faster, and has slightly better stand-up. Pretty sure Silva would put him to sleep in the earlier rounds but it’d be a great fight. I think he can make a decent run through the MW division.

  17. Justin says:

    Everyones an MMA analyst these days……Rashad is elite no matter what weight class hes at, end of story. He will do great at 185 in my opinion, besides theres much competition left im MW.

  18. JM Solivio says:

    it would be a one easy fight for Rashad to become the contender for Silva. I totally think fighting Belcher, Weidman or Bisping for #1 contender is an easy W and will have a high a high chance of beating anderson. Hell be a monster at 185!

  19. JM Solivio says:

    dropping at 185 will give him higher and better chance for winning a title.

  20. The Steamboat says:

    Don”t know…I think he’ll lose much of his strength. Should drop only for contention or championship fight, but not for career move. 205 is where he’s a beast.

  21. Jordan Byrd says:

    This is why there needs to be a 195 pound division. Smaller light heavies like rashad would do great in that kind of division. I also think Hendo would do pretty good at 195. Another thing that should happen is move 170 up to 175 and make a 165 pound division that way there is ten divisions (including the 195). It needs to happen cuz guys like Diego Sanchez would be more comfortable and do better at 165. And that allows for more fighters to move to the UFC

    • The Steamboat says:

      Agree completely, You’ll have more title fights on ppvs and someone could unify titles in 3 weight divisions, which could make things more interesting. Possible superHW division????

      • Jordan Byrd says:

        There isn’t enough “good” super heavy weights to justify them getting their own division, look at who has is dominating the division right now, Dos Santos and Velasquez and they are both at the lower end of the heavy weight division at 230lbs. If more of the big big guys at like 265 and up started doing some damage in the division then maybe. And even then they should keep it at just 10 divisions, we don’t want it to start looking like boxing with like 80 weight classes.

  22. stephen riddle says:

    I still think t. Silva and rampage got paid to lose those fights because once they were simply punches away they simply stopped, watch those fights and tell me any different! Also at 205 if he hopes to have any title shot again he needs to meet the dragon again!

  23. Clay says:

    I would say he could move down for a couple fights and see how he handles the weight cut. But he also said it would be perminent.. He’s a great fighter. I think he could stand with anderson for awhile. Idk if he would win but he would get a massive payday.

    If not I think he should make at least one more title run at 205 and face jones again just for the hell of it. He’s top 5

  24. Pancho says:

    Not a fan of Rashad, he’s too cocky and talks alot of shit that he doesn’t back up. He talked all that shit to rampage about ko’ing him, then layed on him. He got a lucky punch on an old iceman who he ran from until that point.

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