Tuesday, 01/29/2013, 06:58 pm

Randy Couture Signs Contract With Spike, Will Coach On New Bellator Reality Series.

Former UFC heavyweight and light-heavyweight champion Randy Couture is set to coach up and coming MMA fighters on Spike TV once again, however it will be for an organization other than the UFC.

According to a report by Loretta Hunt of, Couture has signed a multi-year deal with Spike TV, where he will be involved in multiple projects on the cable network.  

In what is a major deal  for Viacom owned Bellator MMA, Couture is slated to appear as a coach on a new Bellator reality series, which is set to begin filming in February, and to air later this year. According to the report, Spike TV will unveil this announcement on Feb. 5 during a press conference in Los Angeles, also per the report Couture and spike came to a deal in December.


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