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Tuesday, 01/15/2013, 05:09 pm

Rampage: UFC won’t let me wear Reebok in the cage | UFC NEWS

By Evan Stoumbelis

Rampage Jackson says he has a new reason for leaving the UFC after his upcoming fight against Glover Teixeira at UFC on Fox 6 in Chicago.

Rampage says that UFC refuses to let him wear Reebok apparel in the Octagon, after recently inking a deal with Reebok, Rampage wants to represent his new sponsor during his fights.

“My reasons for wanting to leave the UFC is still the same. Matchmaking is just one of the reasons. It’s nothing about money. I’ve done this interview several times before and don’t want to go into it. I have a new reason. I’m sponsored by Reebok and UFC says I can’t wear Reebok in the cage. Stupid stuff like that. It’s not about money, it’s about respect. I’d rather take a money cut to go to another show and get appreciated. I’m sponsored by Reebok, just not allowed to wear it in the cage. I can’t wear Reebok while I fight.”

The former UFC light heavyweight champion has gone 4-3 since losing his light heavyweight strap to Forrest Griffin in 2008, including a submission loss to Jon Jones in 2011 for the title. Rampage is coming off a decision loss to Ryan “Darth” Bader last February in front of Japanese fans at the Saitama Super Arena. Since then Rampage has continued to made it abundantly clear that he officially wants to part ways with the UFC after he completes the last fight of his contract in January against Glover Teixeira.


28 Responses to “Rampage: UFC won’t let me wear Reebok in the cage | UFC NEWS”

  1. Kenshiro says:

    Rampage been bitching a lot (still a fan though) but i wonder why the UFC wont let him wear Reebok in the cage.. i mean that’s just straight up taking money out of Rampage pocket!

  2. Dee says:

    The sad thing Rampage, there isn’t anywhere else to go. Before you could have went to WEC, Bellator, or Strikeforce. Unfortunately Zuffa has bought out all the competition except for Bellator…Wait Rampage vs King Mo! That would be a big hit!

  3. Gee says:

    the more i read stuff on this website the more i think dana white is a douche. Dana sounds more and more like Vince McMahon in his power tripping and disrespect of MMA legends. I can’t wait for the next MMA promotion to come into the race. should be quite interesting

    • chris says:

      Dana is a douche! Fighter can rock boarderline racit tat’s on them (BROWN PRIDE) But man can’t rock reebok!That’s waste! Dana fucks with whoever he doesn’t like ..ex Tito! Look how he sent him under the bus,Oh lets not forget Randy! Once Randy was hitting to retire he shat on him too, once you have a few bad losse’s and want to take your own direction or have more say he throws his people under the bus…The guy is no different then Vince mcmahon of the wwf..or wwe..or whatever its called now!

      • stevie says:

        “brown pride” has nothing to do with skin colour buddy, its the college he wrestled at.

        • Joe says:

          Stevie, you’re an idiot. He went to Arizona State University. Their mascot is the Devil. Brown Pride simply has to do with his Hispanic heritage not where he went to college. It’s not any more racist than BJ being a proud Hawaiian, or GSP being a proud Canadian. I honestly don’t see the problem with “Brown Pride” but that’s just me. I’m half Hawaiian and half Caucasian.

      • bill says:


        Look up and the look up

        One sells hate music, the other sells lowrider accessories.

    • nothing changes but the cost says:

      Million penny pinchers doesn’t get worse then that!!!

  4. xhoochiex says:

    Rampage in ONE FC I wanna see him soccer kick someone! lol

  5. The natural says:

    Yea that’s fd up rampage shld were reebok anyway what’s goin happen they goin to fine him. Yes rampage will be fighting in Japan and yes Dana is a douche and very disrespectful to all his fighters he thinks he runs mma and thinks he created mma plus thinks people watch the UFC cause of him poor rampage or any fighter that tells it like it is

  6. Damrea says:

    So other fights can be sponsored by Nike and wear Nike in the ring cough Jon Jones ..Cough Anderson Silva ..cough JDS ! Yet Rampage can’t sport Reebok in the ring ??? Sounds UFC has a deal with only showing off NIKE apparel and logos !

  7. carlo says:

    Sponsors have to pay a fee to the UFC if they wanna sponsor a fighter. Either Reebok doesn’t want yo pay the UFC that fee or Nike’s deal with the UFC prevents direct competitors like Reebok from sponsoring a UFC fighter. Sounds like this isn’t UFC’s fault but Reebok’s for not doing their homework.

  8. AZZA B says:

    Rampage will go back to Japan and fight for Dream. Good on him, I actually dont think he’s “bitching”. I agree with alot of his arguements.

  9. Sleazy Sid says:

    Carlo said it best. This isn’t the UFC’s doing. It’s a contract thing. Rampage is just ignorant to realize that. And I guess you all are too.

  10. stopbitchin says:

    Rampage is a one dimensional fighter he gets mad when he fights a wrestler…this is MMA not boxing if you wanna have a standup only fight go box UFC ain’t going anywhere Rampage is washed up…and if I hear Rampage say this is his best training camp ever like he said in his last 4 fights u automatically know hes gonna suck

  11. migseptember says:

    Why Junior Dos Santos allowed them to wear Nike ?

  12. T.DADDY says:

    This guy said he wants to go where he is appreciated… Appreciated for what? Cuz all you been doing is losing.. and losing bad… Rampage wants someone to stand right in front of him and box… Well news flash this isn’t boxing.. I can’t wait till I watch Glover kick ur ass live at the United center…

  13. Time To Wrestle says:

    Rampage is a whinny little bitch. All he has to do is get Reebok to pay the UFC their extortion money and he could wear Reebok on his face.

  14. Thom says:

    this site seriously has the scariest e-thugs ive ever seen. I think you guys need to realise that Rampage is one of the few veterans left, in a few years thats it. All the old school guys will be gone. Rampage was obviously injured in his fight with Bader and before that I thought he looked good. He fought a good fight against Jones but was clearly outclassed, before that he beat Machida, nearly KO’d Rashad etc. Stop hating the guy he has legit points and not so legit points but atleast he’s keeping it real unlike most UFC champs these days.

  15. Time To Wrestle says:

    Ok I get it, you are a Rampage fan and will give him slack. I’m not wired that way. If Rampage says something coherent and smart, I’ll say he is on point, but if he is being a douche, then I’ll point that out too. What matters is NOW, not what WAS. That is dead and gone. Rampage is being a baby and just needs to follow the UFC rules and he can get Reebok to pay him whatever he can get. Why is calling out a douche move a threat to you? Is this a politically correct and dishonest site?

  16. Gary Clark says:


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