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Friday, 03/23/2012, 10:34 am

Rampage To His TRT Critics | Get Rid Of Your Slave Mentality

“If I was losing my hair and the doctor told me, ‘You need a hair transplant,’ I’m going to do a hair transplant. If I get my tooth knocked out like Randy Couture did against [Lyoto] Machida, I’m going to get a new tooth put in my mouth. If my testosterone gets low and the doctor tells me, ‘You need to raise your levels back up to where you used to be when you were 25,’ and you’re fighting these young folks, I’m going to go do it. I feel like it’s a medical condition. I have to say this. I have to say this and maybe some people will get mad, but I feel like whoever’s getting mad at me for healing myself up, [there’s] an old saying, a slave mentality, like, ‘Oh, how dare you make yourself 100 percent to be fighting out there.’ That’s what comes to my mind.”

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is still finding himself under fire for his admitted Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

While a guest on Sherdog Radio he wanted to make it clear that he doesn’t care what the critics thinks and believes they need to change their attitude.

Who out there is against the use of TRT regardless of circumstance?

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80 Responses to “Rampage To His TRT Critics | Get Rid Of Your Slave Mentality”

  1. Steven says:

    +100 Rampage

    • DELA says:

      Keep telling yourself that getting old is a “medical condition”. TRT aint healing, its cheating, plain and simple. Bunch of WWE fall-out fans on this website, thinking steroids are ok. Not even Kunta-Kinte would cheat like that Rampage.

      • Steven says:

        Lol can you say that on someone elses comment, instead of calling me out

      • Eric says:

        YOU’RE A DOUCHE plain and simple. A close minded douche.

      • Nuitari X says:

        ppl are so fucking stupid, testosterone is a natural hormone produced in every mans body!!! when you get older u start to lose it so therefore you can’t be the man you used to be, so what the hell is wrong with getting back to a natural level and not abusing it? its not a fucking steroid people, its already in you!!! Idiots.

        • california grown says:

          u can get over the counter stuff that is similar, but doesn’t raise it off the charts like trt can if used improperly.
          trt is legal folks, but it can be abused, just like alcohol and other drugs.
          testosterone production and levels in men decrease exponentially after age 30. our caveman ancestors were old at age 30 and were lucky to live until 35. so due to evolution, man is limited.

        • jonesy says:

          you dont know shit…when a body builder wants to get jacked the main steriod he uses is always testosterone enethtate,,the same shit the fighters are using,,,i dont understand if a body builder uses it then its a steriod but if a fighter uses it it is natural??? lots of older guys after 28 test levels go down…i dont see my dad taking it,,,guys lose there sex drive but doint take it…bj should take it then fukit he would be a killer

      • jonesy says:

        i agree ,,getting old a medical condition…its a young mans sport..and rampage is the worst cuz he was jjust mouthing off a few months ago about how he would never do that..

    • PREDICTABLE says:

      Rampage should look into braincell replacement…

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I never would HAve ever thought Rampage a mAN who has been given all the breaks in world and made a star by the UFC would be just another black guy with a chip on his shoulder. wow I can see a young black guy who live s in the ghetto never had nothing having a chip on his shoulder but i am truly dissapointed in Rampage. Thru all his whining and bitching i stood behind him and stayed a fan but this was the final straw. I HOPE THE UFC RELEASES RAMPAGE TODAY FOREVER.

    • dave says:

      Where do they inject the Testosterone in his ovaries? He will get bitch tits you know.

    • jc says:

      the difference is that you aint 25. you should have testosterone at the same age as a normal 34 year old of however old you are. you cant ride the tiger forever. there will always be a trade-off for age an experience that’s life homie

    • Jus Sayin... says:


  2. chris says:

    Both of his examples were of unecessary fixes. Now if he were to need say radiation, no one would say dont get it. However that also doesnt mean he should be fighting or be allowed to fight either.

    • DELA says:

      +1 exactly, this
      ignortant fool trying to compare cosmetic procedures to TRT treatments that can help you put somebodies life @ risk.

      • Thurgood Jenkins says:

        DELA, I assume you saw the MMA Uncensored bit too?

        • M.DELA says:

          No, I didn’t. Thats strait off the dome. If they said something similar, than good on em’

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          They were interviewing a doctor, and he was talking about TRT. He made an analogy just like yours, something like, “If you play baseball, you’re crushing homers. But with MMA you’re putting someone else’s life at risk,” or something very similar.

  3. true mma says:

    Dana should just let him go. Shogun is going to kill this no wrestling fool.

  4. Magoo says:

    Im thinking you need a labotomy rampage!

  5. Guamy says:

    Damnit i didnt know that getting older is a medical condition LMAO. Rampage is an idiot but i did used to like watching his fights. now idc because hes just another pharmasuitical fighter. way to go rampage trt is not gonna give you good wrestling and submissions.

    • Brandon says:

      It’s fine to rag on Rampage for using TRT, butyou also must do the same to Dan Henderson, Chael Sonnen, Nate Marquart, maybe Randy Couture and a bunch of others who wont admit it. At least Rampage was up front about it, which he didnt have to!

      • jonesy says:

        and thats a god point the one guy who never used it and fought until he was almost 50 was randy couture,,,im sure randys levels went down also and he just took it as life…he never git into it ,why are guys that are in there 30s now using it

  6. drew says:

    im pro trt, nobody that will comment on this can say its cheating or this or that…its almost like the fans out here dont understand antaomy of the body, your body drasticly stops producing testosterone at about 35 and anything after it just gets worst and worst…if you dont like trt then get over it, done watch the fights, dont bitch about, dont even compare any mma fighter with a credible record to WWE…it really has no parallels the only thing wwe is all about is painkillers and roids,,, u cant use roids in the ufc hence why jackson faced bader because its not illegal haha, bunch of fucking haters on this site…anybody can say look at hendo look at couture and say well they dont do it…im happy they dont, im glad their body can still be at a 25 year old body state and not need it…testeserone is not a drug our bodies produce it…i feel like im explaining simple anatomy to elementary students but its just adults who thinks its cheating, what a bunch of idiots

    • DELA UNO says:

      You’re using the term “anatomy”, when you’re talking about “physiology”. You are a serious retard! Of course you’re body produces less testosterone as you age, it’s called “Nature”. When you start F*ckn’ w/ nature, it’s called “cheating’.

      • So... says:

        …what about supplements??? Supplements are UN-natural. Supplements are ACCEPTED. Amino acids. Protein. All what a body needs to grow and repair. If TRT is viewed as “cheating,” what about supplements?

        So, what is being promoted by DELA UNO is an ALL NATURAL division(s) where the fighters gain strength on a NORMAL DIET alone! No supplements, no TRT, no steroids. Not even XYIENCE may be consumed, which will upset one of the UFC’s biggest sponsor. But, hey, it’s cheating because it is NOT NATURAL. G’day.

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! THANK YOU! I’ve said that three different times on here over the last few weeks.

        • toneloc24 says:

          Are you really comparing testosterone injections to supplements moron? Unbelievable..

        • Why don't you.. says:

          …elaborate, if you’re able…You do speak English, right? Cmon, give it a shot!

        • M.DELA says:

          Define the word “supplement”, now define the word “Replacement”. Can we both agree that their meanings differ? Now it’s time to correlate TRT with the word “Steroid”. It is what it is my brother.

        • You are what you are says:

          ..which I’m sure many see right now. If that’s your argument, then you don’t even realize that you’re arguing in favor of my point! Supplement is to add on to what is already there. Replace is to add on to what was once there. Either way, you’re adding on. Semantics.

    • Chris says:

      Hendo has/still does use TRT. Do your research before calling us idiots.

    • shoe maker says:

      thanks doctor drew i am not against TRT by any means.. people who NEED it should use it.. I just don’t see how it make sense that someone can add steroids to their body in order to try and take/cheat/steal someone else’s livelihood from them just because they are older than the other person.

      And one thing your failing to mention is abuse of TRT.. back to 25 years old WTF does that mean. is that ur average 25 year old or are we talking about the levels of a 10x olympic champion thet is born once every 100 years.

      GTFO with that shit.. you know they are dosing themselves up to the LEGAL/UNDETECTABLE levels..

      If they really wanted to compete/CHEAT with steroids, they should have to show every dose they take, why they needed to take it, and what were the before and after levels.

      If they could prove that it was not to cheat.. i would be all for it

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Drew you are the biggest idiot on this site since bla blah blabh. You know nothing about TRT. Have you ever been on it? Do you know what it does to body when used in massive amounts like Sonnen and Nate “the cheat” Marquardt use it? TRsut me when i tell you even in small dosages it makes you feel like you are 25 again. Testosterone is a steroid PERIOD. you need to listen what doctors say about TRT. TRT is for old men like me (50yrs old) who had back surgery and 1000 injections in my spine to relieve nerve damage burning in my legs. I have never in my life EVER used any kind of ILLEGAL steroids but since my doctors failed to tell me that the spinal injections they gave me for 7 years were full of POISON (cortizone type steroid) it RUINED my testosterone level and when i was tested 2 years ago i was a 187 which is like a 90 year old man. I go see doctor once a month and get a very small 50 mg shot which is like one/50th of what Sonnen and marquardt take weeky and i went from being broken down old man 260 lbs all fatt from not being able to move and in seriosu pain in 2 years on minimal TRT dosage I am now 225 solid ripped muscle and in better shape than i have ever been in my life so when i sit here and raed some idiot say TRT does nothing to help a 30 year old fighter I call 100% BULLSHIT. If i took one/tenth of what Sonnen and marquardt use weekly i would be superman. Everyone taht knows me are shocked on what TRT has doen for me. TRUST ME WHEN I TELL YOU THIER IS NOT A 30-39 YEAR OLD FIGHTER IN WORLD THAT NEEDS TRT FOR LEGITIMATE REASONS. The only reason Sonnen and Nate “cheat” Marquardt need or SAT THEY NEED TRT is because they have both RUINED theri bodies using steroids for last 15 plus years and taht is a fact. All any of these fighters taht are currently using PED’s has to do is stop taking their ILLEGAL steroids for 2 weeks then go to doctor say they feel like shit and then beg doctor to give them a simple blood test which will show they have LOW Testosterone because tehy satopped taking their ILLEGAL steroid and it will show tehy are lowT and tehn they all get tehri litt;le note from doctor and then a RX for a VERY SMALL amount like I get but then they do exactly what Sonnen and marquadrt do and send their test results to an online doctor who will prescrible them 200 MG a week and tehn they have a manager do same thing then they have an easy 500 MG a week to shoot up and BAM you now have LEGAL STEROID ABUSE AND TEHY ARE ALL DOING IT. GET A CLUE DREW BEFORE YOU SPEAK BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE THE SLIGHTEST CLUE WHAT THESE CHEATYERS LIKE SONNNEN AND MARQURADT ARE DOING. ALL THEY AHVE TO DO IS TAPER OFF A WEEK OR 2 BEFORE TEH WEIGH INS AND GET THEIR TESTSOETRONE LEVELS BELOW 740 WHICH IS AN INSANE AMOUNT, I AHVE NEVER TESTED ABOVE 400 AND I GEEL LIKE SUPERMAN. 50 YEARS OLD BENCH PRESS 450LBS AND RIPPED FROM USING THE LOWEST DOSE TRT LEGITAMATLY THRU MY DOCTOR AN DI AM TESTED EVERY 2 MONTHS UNLIKE SONNNEN OR MARQURADT WHO WE ALL SAW HAD A 3400 TESTOSTERONE ,LEVEL; FOR THE A,SILVA FIGHT WHICH IS LIKE A WORLD RECORD.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Any idiot that tries to compare over the counter supplements like protein powder to steroids is so stupid they need to be taken out an d shot because if you really think they do the same thing you are clearly a waste of oxygen. TRT is steroids not supplemets and you could a million dollars worth best supplements in world and you wouldn’t get within a mile of results of $50 worth of steroids

    • Brandon says:

      Men’s testosterone levels dont drop drastically after 35. It drop 1 to 2% a year on average. Fighting is a younger mans’ sport based on nature. just because something is legal doesn’t make it acceptable. If Rampage used TRT to treat the injury that’s reasonable’ if hes still using it its not! Drugs and pharmaceuticals are not mutually exclusive. Food contains drugs: caffeine, other stimulants, depressants… pharmaceuticals includes hormones natural produced by the body and other chemicals that aren’t, you tried to make it seems like you were an expert using condescending language like “elementary” when you have only a superficial understanding of biology. im a biologist. consider yourself educated!

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        On ewould hope “IF” and thats a big “IF” you were an educated biologist you would know the difference between what TESTOSTERONE can do to human body compared to protein powder or caffeine. You make it sound like testosterone isn’t a steroid and isn’t taht big of deal. TRUST ME testosterone makes you into a beast even in very low doses like I am prescribed. If I took one -50th of what Sonnen and Nate “The Cheat” Marquardt take on a daily basis i would be an animal. All you have to do is listem to the doctor they had on the MMA insider show and he tells it straight. All these fighters are using it as a performance enhancer plain and simple. I am on lowest dosage prescribed by any doctor and even at 50 years old it has made me not only finally over the debilitating affects of having broken my back but now am ripped from head to toe and feel like i could get in cage. I can’t even comprehend what it must make “CHEATERS” like Sonnen an dmarquardt at the INSANE dosages they are on. Also what is insane is the testosterone number these fighters are allowed to fight with 740 is off the friggen charts. avergae male is like 400. Only reason athletic commissions are using 740 is because in very very rare cases theri has been 21 year old NATURAL Olympic athletes taht have tested as high as 740. Not even one tenth of the population of 21 year old males in world have a 740 testosterone level yet the athlteic commiosns are letting these 34-36 year olds like marquardt and Sonnen walk in cage with HUGE elevated testostrone levesl which is like a human weapon in itself. That doctor said you may as well let them have a brick in their hand if you are going to let thes e guys fight with this much JUICE in theri sytems. keep in mind the number he’s atlking about is 740 and we all watched Sonnen fight andeersen Silva with a 3400 testostrone level which is totally insane. So for all you idiots who try and say only raeson Sonnen was suspended for a year is because he forgot his “LEGAL JUICER” note from his favorite doctor you are totally an idiot. Sonnen was JUICED up beyond what most people could ever comprhend and it allowed him to fight so far over his head. Now lets just hope they actually test him this time since there is no athletci commison in Brazil. i think Dana white did this on purpose so sonnen can JUICE all he wants to. Keep in mind even at 740 Sonnen is still fighting at nearly double the testosterone as the average athlete in world.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          what i meant to say is not even one-tenth of 1 % of 21 yr old males in world have a testosterone level of 740 but the athletic commiosns are allowing 34-36 year olds like Nate “CHEAT” Marquradt and Sonnen fight with that insane elavated number which makes them into a 21 yr old super athlete which is totally not fair to all the natural fighter s in UFC. TRT creates an unfair playing field and taht is why it is BANNED in Olympics and all other pro sports EXCEPT MMA

    • Nuitari X says:

      +1 ppl are so fucking stupid, testosterone is a natural hormone produced in every mans body!!! when you get older u start to lose it so therefore you can’t be the man you used to be, so what the hell is wrong with getting back to a natural level and not abusing it? its not a fucking steroid people, its already in you!!! Idiots.

  7. drew says:

    but rampage if your comparing being an mma mutlimillion dollar fighting legend to slavery you really need to stop fighting.

  8. still a fan but come on!!! says:

    “he wanted to make it clear that he doesn’t care what the critics thinks and believes they need to change their attitude.”

    anyone who brings things up and say they dont care, care. he wouldnt be bringing it up otherwise if he didnt. i swear, he needs to get his head together. Stop with all the complaining and excuses rampage!!! you are the one putting yourself in the bad light! You went and made a movie, that wasnt very good for your mma career because you put your training on hold for a while. You complain about the ufc not paying you what you think you deserve, then in interviews you say all this crap about how everyone in your family is asking for money and thats why you need to get paid. They arent suppose to pay for your family, they are suppose to pay you to do your job. Then you go on and keep insulting, while saying, you dont care if you get paid $500. That sorta goes against what you said before. And, the whole thing about fighting people who try to take you down, of course they are going to try to take you down! Why would they take away their advantage and risk getting clocked out. Its called mma for a reason, its not boxing. I went from hating rampage (saw him first on the ultimate fighter season 10 and thought he was a dick) to liking him (kinda got use to him) then back to hating him (cause all he does is talk, make excuses, and blame everyone else). I know im nothing compared to him, but shape up rampage before you do further damage to yourself. Im really not one to dislike a fighter just because he loses, but when they cant take responsibility for their actions, I think theres a problem. Just my two cents.

  9. Matty Bronx says:

    Come on Rampage. You supposed to be a tough guy and your talking about fighting guys with higher testostorone than you. IT’S CHEATING!!!! You should retire now and buy a house in Mark McGuires neighborhood so you 2 can justify each others bullshit.

  10. guamy says:

    let him fight KING MOE for the steroid championship LMAO.

  11. Zack says:

    If you need trt maybe it’s time to hang em up rampage. That’s a easier explanation

  12. Ruben says:

    TRT is for pussies

  13. Kingsforge says:

    If they’re going to allow TRT in sport then the athletes should only be allowed to up their levels based on a rounded down age, so if they’re 34 and lower than the average 30 year old then they can use TRT but only to an average 30 year old level.

  14. Nick says:

    Don’t really know why he’s acknowledging his haters. They’re like crickets. Make all this noise until you get close. No one on here would say anything to his face. So you should just shut up. Plain and simple.

  15. DMAC says:

    Funny how Pedro takes a 1 sherdog interview with rampage and chops it up everyday to create new news.

  16. Nando says:

    I’ve lost all respect for rampage

  17. Matt says:

    lol was only a matter of time before the slave card got pulled

  18. BJC says:

    I would call him a retard but thats not fair to the mentally handicapped

  19. Jim says:

    I don’t see a problem with it. If he passes the drug tests, he’s ok to fight as far as I’m concerned. Besides, TRT has nothing on fighters like Overeem; you can tell me that shit is natural all you like, but you’re either a liar or a fool.

  20. Lornesto says:

    My opinion: TRT should be banned from all contact sports, period. These doctors notes are just a way of exploiting a loophole in the system in order to be able to take an otherwise banned substance as a performance enhancer. With zero exceptions, athletes should not be allowed to compete while using TRT.

  21. StreetFighter2Turbo says:

    Funny how he failed to mention that TRT is intended for men in their mid to late 50s, and the fact that at what? 36? The only way an ATHLETE would need TRT is if he was abusing roids long enough for his body to stop producing testosterone.

    • wrong says:

      im a 31 year old man and i have had damage to one of my testicles which causes my body to not produce the lvls of testosterone that a normal man of my age would, some of these fighters may have been kicked in the balls too hard or one too many times and might have the same problem…u never know

  22. Someguy says:

    The medical system in America is so corrupt. They’ve brainwashed people like Rampage into thinking that they need some artificial injection or pill to be healthy which is RIDICULOUS!

  23. Dope Head says:

    No matter how much supplements or steroids someone takes doesnt matter. You need skill to fight. You cant just shoot roids and think your going in there to beat the best. It takes practice. If the guy was hurt and needed the trt let him do it. Obviously he needed them, he didnt even win the fight. So if these roids were a miracle than he would of one easily. But it takes skill, practice, and hard work to win.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Trust me whe you are on the amounts that Sonnen and marquradt are on it helps you recover 10 times faster from workouts and gain strength at arate a natural fighter could only dream of and it makes you into an animal and ables to you take far far more punishment.

      • Bla DeBla says:

        This acknowledgment coming from the same guy who hates fights that go to decision ?

        Wat a fucking hypocrite !

        You are acknowledging that juice turns guys into animals who can walk through amazing amounts of punishment but then you post about yer hatred of skilled fighters who counteract these juiced up gorillas by using speed , movement & dictating where the fight takes place , using their stamina to outlast them , not risk their long term health & let the judges decide who the better fighter on the night was .

        You are a fucking idiot Fitch .

  24. berto says:

    It didnt do him a bit of fucking good now did it. Now if he would of went in there and totally ran thru bader like a freight train then yeah you could probably say the testosterone was a factor. Dont sweat the small shit

  25. Majority of says:

    Doctors is killing everyone with their BS pills so i wouldve told the doc,”no fuck you, you dont know shit ima try and kick his ass without that girly man stuff” if you cannot then RETIRE pussies.

  26. Tsimanga says:

    So much for all the “I’M AN ALPHA MALE, YOU A BETA” talk Rampage has done over the past five years. Attempting to lambast Ariel and others every chance he gets. It seems like the jokes on you buddy… YOU are the Beta after all. Real Alphas don’t need TRT. So YOU are a poser….. marble nuts Rampage!

  27. slacker says:

    This guy just doesn’t know when to shut up. It’s pathetic.

  28. jack ross is stupid says:

    Spoken like a true wrestler

  29. Bla DeBla says:

    This is bullshit by Jackson .

    The reason he is taking synthetic hormones is to compete with Professional Athletes , not because his health is suffering .

    If he rested more & trained less & trained less intensely his body would recover naturally .

    It is not a slave mentality to respect the laws of nature , in fact I would argue that its a slave mentality that is making him introduce synthetic hormones into his bloodstream so that he can

    Please his master .

    His master can be the public who expect from him , his bank account manager , his Promotions company who have him under contract .

    His master can be many different things not just some wealthy Land Owner from the Confederate States Of America in a bygone era .

    Jackson is reading more & more like a drowning man desperately clutching at straws the more I read about him & is in danger of becoming a disgrace to the Sport , his Family & his people .

    Slave Mentality ?

    Some people need to keep their mouths shut before they open up a world of pain onto themselves .

    Jackson is an asswipe .

  30. Rob says:

    There are no strict guidelines on what is considered low testosterone. Anyone can go into a doctors office and get steroids legal this way. If they allow him to utilize TRT, everyone will take advantage of it.

  31. MikeMcSizzle says:

    Why is Rampage still relevant? He went down with PRIDE. Keep doing your films.

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