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Tuesday, 01/22/2013, 11:38 am

Rampage Thinks Spinning Elbows And Oblique Kicks Should Be Made Illegal | UFC NEWS

“It should be called the illegal kick. It should be banned and it shows a lot about the fighter’s character that he would throw it. How would he like it if somebody threw it at him and stopped him working for a year? I thought it was an illegal move. I think spinning elbows should be illegal too because they land on the back of the head. But I appreciate a good fight, a good scrap, I just wonder which rule fighters will bend next.”

– Rampage Jackson via ESPN.

And the kick he is referring to goes something like this…


42 Responses to “Rampage Thinks Spinning Elbows And Oblique Kicks Should Be Made Illegal | UFC NEWS”

  1. Big Daddy says:

    For once Rampage is making sense. If those kicks are legal than why aren’t groin kicks or hits to the back of the head? Just like one of the Gracies said it’s not ultimate fighting, it’s ultimate tough guy who can make the rules work for him.

  2. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Ban oblique kicks? What? WTF do kicks to the body have anything to do with being illegal? Or does somebody not know where the obliques are located…?

    • Patrickus says:

      You should of skipped 6th grade English to get high off spray paint.

      Oblique means neither parallel nor at a right angle to a specified line; slanting, if you will.

      The muscle you are referring to applies to the definition therefore they are called the “obliques”.

      • AnatomyLessons says:

        Obviously sniffing paint didn’t help you with human anatomy, Patrickus. The obliques are on the side of your body! They are the muscles next to your freakin abs on the SIDES of your body. You gave a math definition, not an anatomy definition, sir. If anything, those strikes he is talking about are direct knee strikes. Which actually has no muscle on it, just connected to the joints surrounding it. There are a couple of different sets of oblique muscles in your body. Some in your neck, some in your chest, some around your eyes, and then the most often referred to ones, are the ones in your midsection or body.

        I bet you believe the hamstring is something on a pig as well huh?

        • Rob C. says:

          This comment made my night!!!hahahaha, Good job AnatomyLessons. I love it when assbags are put in their place. AnatomyLessons-1 * Patrickus-0

        • me says:

          I think you were missing patrikus point. its called and oblique kick because of the oblique angle of the kick.

        • rocko says:

          he was right. that is what its called the oblique kicks due to the angle of the kick.

        • Dev_NY says:

          AnatomyLessons and Rob C., you my friends should be banned from looking at MMA. The sad part is that you could of just looked at the video above and see what an oblique kick is?? “I love it when assbags are put in their place” – SMH

        • TheGuyI'mCommentingOnIsAFaggot says:

          Lol you just made yourself look like a huge asshole. You think the word oblique always refers to the body? Haha what a jack ass!

        • obama says:

          HAHAAHAHAHA smart ass get to school and study your own shit. get the fuck out of a MMA site trying to bring your dumb fuck terminology you are currently studying.

        • yeahrightman says:

          lol you silly boy. You totally missed his point and he’s the stupid one. Maybe you have a better knowledge of exactly where the oblique are but you have no idea about the English language.

    • Stupid Fucker says:

      You’re one thick cunt

  3. Bob'O's mom says:

    He says oblique… but the gif shows jardine getting kneecapped… nice move, but I agree with rampage on this. kicks to the knee like that are pretty nasty to the overall wellness of a fighter. that could end a career. I never erally liked them in the cage. JBJ does abuse the spinning back elbow because they almost always land on the back of his opponents heads. But I would worry more about the kick to the knee like that.

    I am Bob’O’s mom and I like being railed by donnkey penis.

    • Brian says:

      It is an oblique kick in the GIF. Its called oblique because of the angle the kick is thrown, not because it his the obliques (abs)…. basically Rampage is saying spinning elbows and kicks to the knee caps (basically Jon Jones’ whole repertoire) should be illegal because they dont knock fighters out. They tend to only cause lacerations (in the case of the elbows) or broken knees (in the case of the oblique kicks), both of which put fighters out for extended periods of time. A lot of fighters actually think elbows should be illegal because they tend to only serve to cut someone. Very few people get KO’d from an elbow, Rogan said before.

  4. Not You says:

    The technique of side kicking someone in the knew is referred to as an “oblique kick”. Not a kick to the oblique. Have any of you even listened to Joe Rogan’s commentary? Or are you all to busy throwing your beer at the tv while screaming “KICK HIS FUCKNG ASS!”

  5. Roscoe10 says:

    The straight kicks to the knee joints or upper knee are called oblique kicks, I know it’s stupid cuz the muscles by your abs have the same name but that’s what it is.

    • tsun says:

      They’re called oblique kicks because from the striker’s point of view, the leg is creating an oblique angle with his own body. Obviously it has nothing to do with kicking the obliques.

  6. D-rack says:

    Truth of the matter is rampage belongs in boxing. That’s all he knows so follow in kimbos foot steps.

  7. Master Splinter says:

    Rampage is right where I train these kicks are banned and spinning elbows are extreamly dangerous cause they land on the back of the head or temple..and actually Rampages wrestlings pretty damn good watch his fight with Hendo.His footwork isnt that great his boxing career will be unimpressive his footwork is suspect.

  8. Time To Wrestle says:

    Should I even get into this? Yah, I think I will. Lol. Rampage is definitely talking about that chicken shit oblique knee kick Jones and others do. I’d like to see someone do it to Jones!! Oblique in Rampage’s piece is being used as an adjective. The morons, ThaGreenBandit and AnatomyLessons are using it as a noun, which is muddying the waters here.
    An Oblique kick can also be considered a roundhouse or diagonal kick used often in Muay Thai and many times the oblique kick is used to kick the obliques!!! So there you have it,lmao.

    But to Jackson’s point, yah they should be banned as they are chicken shit kick techniques thought up in the evil and genius mind of Greg “Satan” Jackson.

  9. Magoo says:

    Jones schooled u and choked u out Whaaam page, can’t wait for Glover to KUTFO,all u do is piss and moan about everything. I’m sure you’ll have some excuse after Glover whoops your ass! Maybe they should ban your signature slam that could break a guys neck, or keep him from fighting and earning a living for an extended period of time… What do u think?

  10. haters hate shredders dominate says:

    I AGREE not even pro muaythai fighters do that, they hit the HIP!

  11. Jaedr says:

    Would be hilarious to see some one end JBJ’s career with a hard side kick to the knee

  12. 757 says:

    I think those kicks should be outlawed as well. They can and will actually end someones career. I know it’s fighting but those kicks are nasty and going to blow out somebody’s leg. Because it’s called prize fighting I think it should be taken into consideration that these fighters have to work.

  13. Jujitsu Player says:

    Agree with Rampage and a lot of the posts on here, direct knee stamps are outrageous and have no place in the ‘sport’. It’s only a matter of time before someones career is ended because of one of those strikes. This is not krav maga or street fighting! Spinning elbows is a different animal though, I see the risk but you aren’t aiming at the back of someones head, your really aiming it at the opponents temple.

  14. K2 says:

    And ban slams and whining!!

  15. gvd says:

    If you’ve never been kicked by one of those: they REALLY suck. And I just mean in sparring where it’s not 100%. Can’t imagine what it would feel like in a fight.

  16. MMACRAVER says:

    Rampage — “Every technique that I suck at defending should be illegal.”

    Yea it’s dangerous. Yea it can cause long term permanent, potentially career ending damage. fucking watch out? That’s the sport. You can also get brain damage from a headkick.

    It’s bad enough we don’t allow knees or kicks to the head of a grounded opponent, allowing wrestlers to be even more dominant.

    Lets not water the sport down even further.

  17. gvd says:

    Seriously, wait till someone does that full force at a perfect angle and perfect timing and turns someone’s knee inside out. This is how stuff gets made illegal anyways. Remember how slamming someone headfirst into the ground became illegal? By it ending someone’s career.

  18. Camilo Galeano says:

    The kick is a basic tecnique in Wing Tsun, also the elbow. If you really want to ban this stuff you might as well call it hump-boxing. This stupid UFC rules are one the reason why I miss PRIDE aside the fact that this guys only get 20% of whatever revenue the UFC gets which is millions! a misery in my eyes for what those warriors put on the cage…

  19. do da nasty says:

    It should not be banned? Rampage is moaning and bitching because he doesn’t know how to defend it, the key with all techniques is learning how to defend and counter effectively when put into those situations, so I guess after the first head kick or a overhand right causes severe and or traumatic injury someone will call to ban that to… its nonsense…

    • hendoooo says:

      It doesn’t matter about defending against it, that would be like saying striking of the groin, 12 o’clock elbows or rabbit punching should be allowed because you can still defend against it, which is absurd.

  20. Nunya says:

    I agree with Rampage on the oblique kick (which is a downword kick towards the knee, causing it to hyper extend. As the video plainly shows below the article) As for the spinning elbow i do not agree. Then you would have to take out round house or spin kicks.

  21. Todd says:

    Isn’t this a savat (not sure proper spelling) kick? And I thought joint strikes were illegal? As well as back of the head. You can hook a guy to the back of the head so make that illegal? Refs need to be more educated and commissions need to make sure things are clearly stated. It’s not a fighters problem the rules have gaps.

  22. republican mandingo says:

    Rampage is always complaining, he is just scared plain and simple. He is scared of wrestlers, BJJ, and now of spinning back elbows and obliques kicks… he is such a bitch… Glover Texeira will beat his coward ass

  23. Enzo says:

    The oblique kick is undoubtedly something that should be reconsidered whether it can be used or not. It can hurt a fighter’s knee/leg severely.

  24. nts5 says:

    That kick used to be illegal. Because it was seen as directly attacking the joint with a a strike. Then Anderson came along and Jon Jones came right behind him and then all of a sudden no one says anything. But i agree. that kick if you are good won’t impact your game to much if you don’t throw it. The spinning elbow… I can rationalize. But if it lands on the back of the head once give a warning and the second time it lands there take a point.

    But Rampage i Agree with him for once.

  25. hendoooo says:

    He is right, those kicks are very dangerous. Stretching/tearing ligaments in your knees is career ending and very dangerous for your later life, although it is a dangerous sport.. I just think its dirty to attack someones joints like that. The elbow is touch and go really. Definitely ban the kicks to joints. Nobody wants to see a hyperextension of the knee, its one of the worst injuries in any sport (tearing your ACL or patella tendon).

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