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Tuesday, 03/20/2012, 09:13 am

Rampage Still Wants Out Of Last UFC Fight | Doesn’t Care About The Money, Just Wants Respect

“I wish I didn’t have one more fight for the UFC. I’m trying to get out of it. I’m sorry, but if you’ve got a fighter like me who likes to go out and put on exciting fights, why are you going to keep giving me wrestlers who are going to take me down? I’m going to an organization that gives me a little clout and the guys appreciate me for putting on a good show. I don’t care if I make $500 again.”

In an interview with “The Daily Star”, former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson expresses his feelings about his last contracted fight with the UFC. While the organization offered up a rematch with “Shogun” it seems as if “Rampage” still wants out of his contract.

Anyone surprised here?


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