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Tuesday, 03/20/2012, 09:13 am

Rampage Still Wants Out Of Last UFC Fight | Doesn’t Care About The Money, Just Wants Respect

“I wish I didn’t have one more fight for the UFC. I’m trying to get out of it. I’m sorry, but if you’ve got a fighter like me who likes to go out and put on exciting fights, why are you going to keep giving me wrestlers who are going to take me down? I’m going to an organization that gives me a little clout and the guys appreciate me for putting on a good show. I don’t care if I make $500 again.”

In an interview with “The Daily Star”, former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson expresses his feelings about his last contracted fight with the UFC. While the organization offered up a rematch with “Shogun” it seems as if “Rampage” still wants out of his contract.

Anyone surprised here?


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72 Responses to “Rampage Still Wants Out Of Last UFC Fight | Doesn’t Care About The Money, Just Wants Respect”

  1. Donnybrook says:

    Shogun a wrestler?!… please Rampage don’t play us for fools. If he want’s respect then I suggest he takes this fight because he’s starting to sound like a pussy.

    • jim says:

      these comments were made before the fight announcement the site was just a little late in posting it. Actually this might be the second time it’s been posted

      • Donnybrook says:

        Oh… that makes sense.

        • jc says:

          where does rampage get off thinking he puts exciting fights on lets explore the last few fights from rampage:

          vs bader – boring got dominated, couldn’t get up
          vs jones – stayed on the outside, timid didnt connect with anything
          vs hammil – BORING, still couldn’t finish hamill
          vs machida – clearly lost the fight. wasn’t much action
          vs Evans – boring fight – put on his back and couldn’t get up
          vs Jardine – couldnt even finish jardine i mean WTF
          vs silva – exciting, first round ko

          therefore it was 7 fights ago back in 2008, the last time jackson wowed the fans

        • MManimal says:

          well you have to give the guy some credit for the hammil fight,it was exiting and he displayed nice striking,sorry that matt hammil was a top ten lhw and didnt get fuked up like a pussy,guys the lhw division is full of tough guys,you wanna see crazy knock outs go watch local mma shows so you can see scrub cans ko each other,this is a diff lvl diff game top lvl pro mma is about skill the ko and submissions are just the icing on the cake lets get real.

  2. Tootsie says:

    Only Rampage can complain about getting a title shot.

    • david says:

      you do know that shogun isnt the champion right?

      • Ry says:

        You do realize Rampage fought Jon Jones right? In attempting to make someone else look stupid you succeeded in making yourself look retarded. Hate people like this.

    • Hostile Hunter says:

      Lmao Shogun isnt Champ anymore. Ever hear of a Guy call Jon Bones Jones? GOD FORBID THIS IS MMA!!! Go Box you fucking pussy…

      • MManimal says:

        your right,but it kinda sucks that wrestlers like to take advantage of the WRESTLING based point system in mma,all the guys that held rampage on his back didnt do shit,if it woulda been pride rules rampage prolly woulda won most of those fights how he wanted to,sorry but your wrestling should be used to finish the fight from the top and most ppl dont cuz of points

  3. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    MMA fighters are amazing athletes, and Rampage is undoubtedly one of them. But what the hell does this guy want? He’s changed his mind so many times recently it makes my head spin. I completely understand one fighter calling out another fighter for whatever reason. Thus, requesting a rematch with Shogun is fine. Now he’s changed his mind again and wants an opponent with a specific set of skills that plays into his strengths? C’mon, this is getting ridiculous.

    • WaG kA nA ! ! ! says:

      He wants to fight either an airhockey or a table tennis player.

    • Khaos says:

      I think it’s kind of sad. He’s hitting that stage in his career and the new guys are a totally different breed. Some of the older guys are adapting well, others are somewhere in between but he was used to being a dominant force and he can’t adapt to the new. I like Rampage a lot he’s an amazing dude and a really exciting fighter of yore but he doesn’t like that he can’t seem to compete any more and he’s lashing out. It’s normal I think, just a little sad. I hope he does well in whatever he does next, I still think he could be a good gatekeeper fighter but I doubt he could be a title contender again really. Although props to him, Jones couldn’t finish him but he was dominated.

  4. I couldn’t stand Rampage before, now just hearing him talk makes me sick. I think the UFC SHOULD let him go. Let him try and go be successful somewhere else as long as it’s far enough away that we don’t have to hear him complain about respect, getting the fights HE wants, and money as he drives around in a Lamborghini while many Americans struggle for jobs. He’s acting like a child in Toys ‘R Us.

  5. california grown says:

    i liked rampage back in the day
    if he wants respect, he can keep wanting it
    respect is earned…. just like game, no one gives it away for nothing
    sack up rampage and fight shogun like a man

    • Khaos says:

      Hear hear. He doesn’t have to be a dominator to have respect either, just as long as he has tenacity and he doesn’t make excuses or quit. He has my respect already because he’s had a hell of a career, but I hope he doesn’t squander it now

  6. Gary Lalari says:

    Ummmm this didnt happen today so why are you posting it today this is got to be like a week old i remember reading this a week ago stop trying to stir up shit. btw this happened before his opponent was announced

  7. slacker says:

    Wow. Bringing up wrestling again. His ego is reeling and he is trying desperately to convince us he’s right. He’s hanging on to his past glory real tight now.

  8. Yeas says:

    People keep thinking its ego or pride but let me offer something else.

    Fighting has changed, good wrestlers have gotten so good they can survive a stand-up and enforce their game plans. No longer do wrestlers get steam-rolled and have enough ability to survive long enough to close in and fight. Previously? It was mostly a defensive style, one that Rampage was pretty good at.

    Rampage feels unappreciated:

    1.) Because he feels that he does what he is told and isn’t being given the respect from the brass he feels he should.

    2.) Because the UFC and Rampage have not agreed on where is career is headed. UFC wants one of its LARGEST draws to be in the top-tier/title picture. For that, he has to beat some wrestlers and less than exciting fighters. Rampage wants to have fights, he wants to brawl and put on shows. I’m sure if you said here’s a title shot, he would say yes BUT I think more importantly he wants to walk away from a fight with blood on his gloves.

    Rampage is the perfect lowest common denominator for the UFC. He has the name-brand recognition and the appeal to casual fans that technical fighters simply cannot give. Bader wasn’t a bad fighter for Rampage but definitely not the ideal one considering the opportunities that were offered. He did not want to go to Japan and have a hugging match against the cage.

    Maybe I’m biased, but I feel the UFC will always benefit from the inclusion of Rampage. He is a mainstream and exciting fighter who is pretty easy to keep happy.

    Actually, I am biased. I’m a Rampage fan and I guess I will always sympathize.

    • ucantbeserious says:

      great comment.

    • Ronda Rousey's Camel toe... says:

      +1 come on! lick my camel toe….you deserve it!;)

    • slacker says:

      Less than a year ago, he said, “Jon Jones is the future of MMA; I am the present”. So, come on. What is all this wrestling talk now? Rogan was right about him.

      • Yeas says:

        Rampage never made an excuse about his loss to Jones. He even went on record to even say that he was in his best shape and lost to Jones. That was his previous fight, there was no excuses and there was no incident.

        In addition, rather than posting another reply, to “Dude” below this comment: Rampage is an exciting personality, which is clearly measurable by the amount of camera he is given and appearances he makes. He is one of the largest stars in the UFC, and if memory serves me correctly, the 2nd highest paid.

        People like Josh Koscheck aren’t exciting fighters but they have personalities that sell, which is as important to the UFC as an exciting fighter.

        However, it is the UFC and fighting ability is needed. Rampage’s last finish was Silva. He had a decision fight with Jardine which was NOT boring. He took a year off and then fought Evans. 4 years? More like 2 years. He has also had 7 fights in that period. He sells fights, and will always be a selling feature in the UFC.

        Notice how Dana hasn’t been very verbal about the Rampage situation? He doesn’t want to burn any bridges with the guy. He knows the guy will leave and eventually come back.

    • Dude says:

      Uhm hes an exciting fighter? What have you been watching? He hasn’t finished anyone for what now? 4 years? He’s a bitch and complains to get his way

  9. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    LOL this article doesn’t make much sense. If he said this recently then Rampage either has Alzheimer Disease or Schizophrenia…

    “2 Keep it real,the Shogun fight will have 2 wait just found out that I have 2 get surgery on both knees, but I heal fast don’t trip”

  10. This is an AWFUL MMA website. says:

    This is an OLD Rampage quote. You guys are really letting this website fall apart. The deceptive post title, the really old news posted as fresh, this website is seriously becoming an embarrassment to the name BJ Penn. It’s sad.

  11. the original steve says:

    lol to rampage money=respect

  12. Magoo says:

    Quit sniveling get your knees operated on,fulfill your contract obligations…ie respect..then go do whatever the hell it is you wanna do,frankly I’m tired of your pissing and moaning every other day,I’m hopin they”ll give you Thiago Silva for your last fight instead of Shogun!

  13. Donovan says:

    He’s done. That’s dissappointing.

  14. Danny says:

    Considering he’s always spoke about how much he wanted a rematch with both Shogun and Forrest, he sounding a little silly now that he’s got his shot at Shogun and still wants out.

  15. Gouldx87 says:

    As much of a Rampage fan as i am i dont agree with this crap at all. Who are you supposed to fight? they gonna feed you dumbies to stand infront of your boxing all day? maybe add some diversity to your game instead of complaining that noone wants to stand infront of one of the hardest punchs in the division

  16. Scott Pacheco says:

    Since Rampage is gaining all that weight and wants to just stand up and fight maybe a Kimbo Slice matchup would draw some viewers.

  17. mma99 says:

    Rampage first says UFC underpays its fighters. Then he says he doesn’t want the money. He says he wants exciting fights. But he comes in overweight and basically collects his paycheck. Then he dictates not who, but what type of fighting style he’ll go against.

    This guy is garbage. He’s a shell of his former self and he knows it. He just fronts and complains. We all know this guy is just tired of getting his ass kicked.

  18. Koshchek Loves Gay Porn says:

    He needs to get back on testosterone, cause he’s whining like a little bitch.

  19. Coffee409 says:

    If he wants some respect he should start being relevent.

  20. kyle says:

    Dude. You’re have a wrestling background yourself. I love you man. But you’re getting whiny. Learn how to stuff these wrestlers. You’re not washed up I’ve seen you recently work evans and make bones run. As you would say “you still got this.” But you’re acting outta line. Like only want fights you can win? I didn’t see you bitchin when you had no answer for Silva and Shoguns knees back in pride…come on man…

  21. Jason says:

    He just wants easy fights he can win. He has a new excuse every week.

  22. Azuzsa says:


  23. Nick says:

    I’m a Rampage fan, but he needs to fight Shogun then he can go.

  24. Jb says:

    Well you just tossed your legacy in the shitter you retard, bi polar baby

  25. true mma says:

    This mma rampage….

  26. T.Daddy says:

    Cry me a river Rampage… Machida ain’t a wrestler and u barely won that fight.. (I think machida won). And u looked like shit in a bag ur last I don’t know 5 fights… Wandy was ur last real victory.. so stop all the cryin about guys tryin to take u down.. its mma not boxing…

  27. al says:

    He should go to heavy weight and fight mark hunt

  28. Mike McMack says:

    Rampage isn’t going to get out of his contract but I’m sure that after he found out he was fighting Shogun he changed his tune and will take that fight no problem. He’s going to do great in Dream where he can fight someone like Fedor in front of the Japanese fans. I hope he does leave so he can stop complaining about the UFC and Dana. He’s made his money and now he wants to just enjoy fighting again.

  29. The_Gooch1 says:

    He wants easier fights. That’s all he’s trying to say. He wants to dominate a lesser opponent so he can excite fans the way he used to.

  30. DyNoMiTe says:

    Here’s what ya do. Learn some fucking takedown defense ya dumb shit!

  31. repairman jack says:

    UFC should let him walk away if he doesn’t wish to compete at the top level against the best guys no point in keeping him

  32. bart says:

    Just let him go. he doesnt want to fight so he wont do good his last fight anyway. It will be a waist of time. let someone else who actually wants to fight take his place on that card

  33. Mantion says:

    What good fight?? I’ve seen almost every UFC, Most TUF, every MMA I can watch.. I have seen a lot of fights. Not once has I ever seen this kid fight and was impressed. Dana let the kid go, there are thousands of men out there that deserve a shot.

    • john says:

      Watch his fight against Henderson when he defended his belt after he easily KOd chuck to get the belt. Watch his fight vs. Randleman in Pride for the number 1 contendership. In fact Dummy just watch all his Pride fights. Cause that was his Prime, thats where he fought the most. I wasnt impressed by Ali vs. Holmes, Ali must suck then. rampage is a Pride fighter, more about all the fighters less about money. In case you didnt know Japan has shit loads of money and 40000 people filled in their arenas . 10000 watch UFCs.And He beat chuck, Jardine, Machida, Henderson,Hammill, Eastman, Wandy, and more. Hes bored with the UFC. As a lot of fans are too.

  34. KevinBrazil says:

    “why are you going to keep giving me wrestlers who are going to take me down? ”
    1st because they can and it’s your job to stop them, thus making it MMA and not a kick boxing match.
    2nd WRESTLERS is he talking about Shogun, if anyone is going to stand with him it’s Shogun.
    3rd. You want respect???? Beat Shogun!! Show everyone you still got it!!!
    Just my opinion, and I’m a Rampage fan or trying to stay that way I mean.

  35. John says:

    They gave you wrestlers out of respect because they were the better fighters that would give you a shot to get back to prominence. If you want respect stop whining and do your job

  36. DAMAN says:

    It looks like rampage has the same thing Gary Goodrich has. He’s just been hit toooo many times. He’s lost his mind. That just some sad shit to see.

  37. Spades says:

    Rampage hasn’t put on a good fight in years. He has don’t nothing in the UFC. (outside the UFC yes). Now I want to watch him even less. He’s become so desperate for a won that he goes to twitter to ask for Dana to just give him a win. Maybe bring back kimbo for him. I would let him out of his contract because he’s a let down to the fans.

  38. Estrada says:

    i agree with rampage he likes to put on a show he wants someone to stand with him and give the fans wat every fight fan wants to see a knockout! not some boring wrestilng match round after round there not just fighters there entertainers

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