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Tuesday, 05/01/2012, 06:57 am

Rampage Still Promises UFC Departure | "UFC's just throwing me all these boring fighters"

By Jamie McAllister
“After I leave the UFC, I’m done with them! Just like when I left PRIDE. You remember when I left PRIDE? It’s over. I was very loyal to PRIDE. I fought for PRIDE, and I fought the way I fought to put butts in seats. I took risks, slammed people and stuff like that. PRIDE did a good job. They built me up. I wasn’t that good when I first came out. I fought Sakuraba and they built me up and then threw me in some tough fights. That’s the way you’re supposed to do it. Now, the UFC, I was a better fighter when I came there. My second fight, they throw me to Chuck Liddell. The fans didn’t know who I was. I knocked him out, the fans booed me. That changed me, who I am towards the fans. I used to be the nicest guy towards fans. My first time getting booed. How are you going to boo somebody for knocking somebody out? But I got a whole other opinion on that. And now, the UFC’s just throwing me all these boring fighters, these game planners, these wrestlers. I’m the type of fighter who you should match up with people who want to fight excitingly. You know what I’m saying? because I’m going to be the type of fighter who puts butts in seats.”

Rampage comments while on Inside MMA.

Rampage currently has one fight left on his UFC contract and after he’s done with that he claims his time In the company is over.

Rampage was supposed to fight Shogun Rua however due to a knee injury Jackson had to get treated that match up never came to be.

What do you think Jacksons next move will be after his time in the UFC is up ?


66 Responses to “Rampage Still Promises UFC Departure | "UFC's just throwing me all these boring fighters"”

  1. Jason says:

    They threw good fighters at you DIP SHIT, YOU LOST! I cant handle Rampage now with all his excuses.

  2. RampagesDad says:

    Cry more fagget

  3. Chael Sonnen's Bicep says:

    Yo you are how old Rampage?

  4. Skip Baseless says:

    Rampage sucks balls! give me a break, why don’t you just say give me an easy fight with some guy nobody knows

  5. Ted says:

    I was a big rampage fan for awhile, but this rant makes no sense. I clearly remember once the UFC announced the Japan card, Page said he would do anything to do get on that card. UFC did Jackson a favor by getting Bader because he was the only LHW who was available at the time. After the fight was made official Rampage was ecstatic. Now that he lost, he bitches and moans. Sad story.

  6. riotman says:

    Guy is such a whiner. I mentioned something about one of his fights and he blocked me on twitter. Actually would take the time to do that,such a fuckin baby and the more he talks,the more it shows. Good riddance,I’m sure Dana can’t take any more of you either. Go whine at Bellator.

  7. keyboard warriors says:

    and yet he can whoop all of you! yall suck balls! shut the fck up! yall make me sick, tryin to act like yall could whoop his ass… gtfoh

  8. fck u ungrateful btches says:

    All of you are a bunch of bitches! none of you would ever say what you’re typing to his face! Look in the mirror and ask yourself….how tough am I? If you are such a badass to where u are talkin mad shit on here, i suggest u find him, he’s in Cali, find him and tell him exactly what your badass posted. bitches.

    • JOSH Y says:

      So are you saying that he is not a whinner now? People cant state their own opinions of him? I get it he is your hero, you probably have his posters of his pride days in your house. Rampage isnt the same fighter and its sad because with his charisma and personality he could of been the biggest star the ufc ever had.

      Im getting so sick of him talking about wrestlers. Rampage when he fought against bader was the first to try and initate a takedown. This is MMA now. If he wants people to just stand and trade with him maybe he should go box or fight at the local toughman contest. Just because his game hasnt evolved at all. He talks about in his post fight lead ups that he has wrestling, he has BJJ but yet everytime he gets taken down he just lays there.

      And for him to be surprised that fans booed when he KO’d Chuck is retarded. Chuck was a legend at the time and most people didnt know him so yeah the where all surprised. fans booed when Rashad leveled Chuck too but you dont hear Rashad crying about it. I used to be a rampage fan but now he can fuck off.

    • chris says:

      It’s not on us to make the meeting happen. If he feels he is being disrespected it is on him to come face us to settle the disagreement. And just because we think he is whining now does not mean we are ungrateful for what he has done in the past. To agree with someone does not necessitate agreeing with them on everything they say.

    • Charles Russo says:

      SHUT THE F#@& UP!

  9. WARMMA says:

    I’m a Rampage fan but what the f**k!! Making me want to stop being his fan. Its sad that a once great fighter is in denial that his time is up and can’t keep up anymore

  10. Fedor says:

    He complains too much. He said he wanted exciting fights well personally I thought his fights were exciting. But he lost more than he won in his last few fights. In all honesty he couldn’t stop Matt hammil. Matt hammil isn’t a horrible fighter but he’s not a top 5 contender. Someone with rampages credentials should have finished him. On paper that fight seems one sided. Rampage failed to adapt and now his career is over.

  11. Jb says:

    YOUR A BORING FIGHTER!!!!! Dude hasn’t been the same since stopping the juice in pride, yes I said juice. And now he will end up begging Dana for more fights for his 19 kids. Your a joke, go to bellator

  12. Carlos says:

    No man it’s not about being ungrateful it’s about performing. Just like any other job your only as good as your day, take responsibility everyone knows you didn’t train hard enough and you gave a boring fight period. Go work a normal 9 to 5 and complain the same way you’ll get canned grow up your a public figure and the guy who knocked out chuck liddell

  13. The Diaz bros like it in the butt says:

    He’s not complaining about all the boring wrestlers the UFC has given him! He’s saying for his last fight give me someone who doesn’t want to spoon for 25 min! Dana may not be able to change who the judges are but he can change how to score it! Make stuffing a takedown worth just as much as getting one! Rampage deserves to go out in a fight not a S&M fest! There are plenty of guys who will stand and fight! Make it happen you little bitch!!!

  14. toneloc24 says:

    Its amazing how many people are on here whining about him whining lol. All you’re doing is crying about him being a crybaby. I’m sure if yall pansies felt disrespected at your job yall would just go home and cry about it instead of speaking your mind no matter the consequences like rampage is doing. I respect rampage and the fact that he want to put on a good show for his fans instead of laying on somebody for 3 or 5 rounds.

  15. TRUTH says:

    He had great fights with Forrest a brawler, Eastman, Liddell, Hendo, Wanderlei, Jardine all these guys who come to fight and won them all, even the Forrest fight in my opinion. Then they gave him boring ass fights with Evans, Hammill, Bader.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I agree who could blame him for not wanting to fight boring guys. Rashad was afraid of him and ran away most of the fight and barely survived after getting clipped. Rashad did the exact same thing against Thiago Silva. Just cause he would rather fight exciting guys you idiots are all being bitches. Layn prayers, boring ass point fighters, gameplanner pussys are ruining MMA. Someday somehwere someone with enough money will put on superfights with old Pride rules and we wills see a bunch of fighters like Rampage flock to them and put on awesome fighst like the old days. Point fighting is for pussys and people like Greg Jackson are slowly ruining MMA. fans want to see fighting whether its awesome grappling with submisions or GNP. So tired of hearing the Greg jackson nuthuggers on here everytime you mention you want to see action tell you to go watch kickboxing or boxing. Some of the most exciting fighters in MMA are GNP specialist or submission experts. UFC-MMA needs to rid itself of all the Jon ” lay n pray” Fitch’s and the wall and stallers, track stars run and poke. Even GSP’s jabbberfest is getting old and he only fights maybe once a year. Also like i said before the athletic commisons need to get a handle on the excessive weight cutters like Florian, Fitch,Sonnen even Weidman cuts 40 lbs to make 185. Everyone including me bitches about TRT but if you really think about it having these guys who walk into the cage 25-30lbs heavier can be as dangerous as having a loaded right hand with-JUICE/TRT. Next day weigh ins would level the playing fields plain and simple then we would see more Frankie Edgars fighting within 10 lbs of their natural weight.

      • KIDD433 says:

        I AGREE 100%
        Everything you just mentioned are the things that bug me the most about MMA.Ive been a fan since the very beginning and watched it prosper to now.I still see these FITCHERS holding it back.

        My biggest pet peeve has to be JON JONES fighting at 205.When it couldnt be anymore obvious he belongs at HEAVYWEIGHT.When he walks in the octagon,a day after the weigh ins as a fucken HEAVYWEIGHT and fights these much smaller 205ers.Not to mention his freek reach advantage of 12″ over everyone in the division.Reminds me in a way of Tim Silvias champion reign. A total fluke!

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Kidd433 i to have been watching MMA since UFC 1 and really miss the days when these guys would just scrap. Yes I am outraged at the way MMA is going. Noone seems to care that Jon Jones has to drop 35 lbs to make 205 and uses his reach to win all his fights. If he was half as good as he tells everyone daily he would have the balls to step in cage at his natural weight and fight guys that are at least within 10 inches of his FREAKISH reach. By far the biggest thing i hate about Jon Jones is how he trys to blow out hism opponents knees in every single one of his fights. If he TRULY respected his opponents like he PREACHES he wouldn’t be trying to RUIN their careers by smashing and blowing out theri knees. I predict we will never see Jon jones have the balls to get in cage with JDS, Cain, Overeem, no he will keep fighting guys much much smaller than himself

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Jones made Rashad look like welterweight. Som stupid taht a natural MW like Hendo is going to get in cage against a HW with over a foot of reach advantage. Jones is going to run around poking his jab and trying to break Hendo’s face with those 70″ reach elbows. Jones will never EVER have balls to fight the big boys his own size. i will say it 100 times cause its true

        • KIDD433 says:

          i know man,its such bullshit.Dana White is ruining his 205 division in the mean time.And the we gotta hear Jon Jones lame ass fans and media swing off his nuts like hes the next best thing,almost as bad hearing Sonnens annoying fans rant about him.And the funny thing is,Jones not the least bit entertaining! Your right man that chump is always gonna duck the HEAVYWEIGHT division.He’ll stay at 205 where hes safe.just like we’ll never see GSP’s gay ass at MW.

        • KIDD433 says:

          your right about the knee strikes.A total chicken shit move.Id rather see fish hooking legal than that shit!

  16. A.James says:

    Bader fought like a tool last fight. Rampage is on here bitching but he’s got a good reason too. This guy still had the best selling PPV with Rashad. Show him some love Dana.

  17. GreenTeaBagger says:

    Oh….so that must be the problem. You can only beat exciting fighters. Now I get it….

  18. m says:

    this goes to all UFC fighters. Let your fighting do the talking for you. I would love nothing more than a silent warrior to enter the UFC. Never says a word. Never does interviews. Just goes in and puts people to sleep.

  19. Dick Diaz says:

    lol he’s not really making a case for himself here
    W A R R A M P A G E, though… for real…

  20. Anthony says:

    Rampage vs. Rashad! It’d be a perfect last fight for him!

    • Silvas scared says:

      Ugh, that fight man!!! I have never been so pumped or so let down for a fight in my life. I don’t think I could bare to watch it again LOL I think that Gustofson<sp? would make the most sense.

  21. Kingsforge says:

    I got bored of him after the Jones fight to be honest. Jones stood right in front of him and Rampage didn’t do a damn thing. He just stood there with his guard up moving forward slightly, he barely even threw a punch, If he was all about ‘exciting fights’ and trying to get knockouts etc etc, then he should just charge his opponent in the first round and swing for the fences. He’s saying he wants one thing then acting completely different when it comes down to it.

  22. Brend0magic says:

    Boo hoo Rampage, go back to shitty organizations with shitty fighters if your sick of competing with the best.

  23. Tellurmomhi4me says:

    Rampage, you have done good things for MMA by providing us all with some excellent knockouts and brawls to be remembered. However, you can’t evolve and that is not exciting and that is why you can’t win. In reality you are the boring fighter. Go ahead and leave the UFC, you’re a has been.

  24. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    You know at first glance this looks like Rampage is bitching but what he’s really saying is he’s tired point fighting and “fitching”. He wants to put on a great show but can’t because all of these wrestlers want to lay on him. He needs a publicist because he is terrible at explaining himself.

    You guys want to say he should evolve like the rest of the division well his TDD was on point in the Jones fight. Jones couldn’t even hold him down. He has two bum knees and hates rolling on the ground. Y’all need to chill out. After he beats Shogun he’ll be singing a different tune.

  25. Duane says:

    Keyboard warriors are so hardcore!

    “I was a fan, now i’m not”
    ” He’s such a *ussy”

    etc all the stuff you scary cats say. Your all clowns, you get all crazy OVER THE INTERNET! Your social skills are HORRIBLE, keep hiding behind the computer and talk that tough talk. Key word, HIDE!

  26. rlm says:

    It’s strange what Rampage is saying, you can’t choose what type of opponent you have. He makes it sound like what he does is scripted and only seeing this from the entertainment aspect. If he doesn’t want to fight a wrestler he could have been in K-1 instead. I hope leaves UFC with a win.

  27. Titties says:

    Rampage ur a bitch! I’ll stand with u and beat that a$$ just like I was going to on the ultimate fighter. Keep crying! No one likes u cuz ur all talk!

    • Nuitari X says:

      Man if you are really the guy from tuf that rampage nicknamed titties (i highly doubt you are) then you really have a major chip on your nipple….i mean shoulder.

      • Titties says:

        Yeah its me Darrill. I ran into rampage at one of the UFC expos and he was all over my nuts! He ain’t sh!t. All he does is run his mouth. Ill put a worse a$$ beating on him that jones and rashad did! RAMPAGE, I’M CALLING YOU OF FOOL! Quit crying, and stop makin movies cuz u suck!

        • JSP says:

          Hey Titties hows that drinking problem going?

        • Titties says:

          Its going ok. My blood pressure is still high though. I dont know what I’m going to do with myself. All I want to do is fight Rampage. Hopefully DW and the UFC will give me another chance to smash that punk! Ill end his UFC and movie career!

  28. T.Daddy says:

    Shut up rampage… Ur in mma.. not boxing… Ur mad cuz you can’t hang with anybody that won’t stand right in front of you and bang… Ur garbage and you used to be one of the best now ur gonna be remembered as a cry baby… Boo hoo

  29. Michael hamlin says:

    Rampage is trash so who cares!!!

  30. Blade says:

    Kinda sucks I wanted the Rampage vs King Mo match up…they both hate each other and they can both talk some mean shit but ones crippy and the others fired. damn

  31. slacker says:

    Shut up already Rampage. When you say nothing, you sound smarter.

    • Dinglenuts Magee says:

      Rampage- “I’m the type of fighter who you should match up with people who want to fight excitingly.”

      Joe Silva- “Ok, you want to fight Shogun?”

      Rampage- “Oh, NO… my knee.. I mean both my knees… I need surgery, on both of them!!!”

      Joe Silva- “uh…”

  32. Ben Nusbaum says:

    Rampage is another one of these obnoxious fighters. He can’t hang with the big boys because all he wants to do is throw hands. Guess what? It’s MIXED martial arts. I bet Ronda Rousey would kick his ass. It’s not the UFC’s fault that he has opted not to slam people, not to work more on his BJJ, etc.

    There are so many exciting fighters who’ve decided to stand up and bang, but Rampage takes it to a whole new level. It’s no one’s fault but your own if you LOSE. Don’t pull a Fedor and opt for over the hill fighters so that you can look better on a second-class stage.

  33. AK says:

    Well he had time hell shut up already. You can’t act your fighting days are over. Oh I got it how being a mute. Your so much more talented.

  34. BJ Penn > says:

    Rampage should fight Gustaffson

  35. Jason says:

    Griffin wasn’t a wrestler and Rampage refused to engage for five rounds and it cost him the belt. Jones is a wrestler, but he barely used it until Rampage was all but done. He worked a striking game but again rampage refused to engage. He tried to peck away and played right into Jones’ strength. Machida isn’t a wrestler and again he fought a slow fight.

    The UFC offered him Shogun and Rampage declined the fight. He has something wrong with his head. He’s no longer motivated. No longer passionate. No longer aggressive. He just wants to stand flat-footed and throw short combinations.

    Take them down and slam them like you once did. It’s not the UFC’s fault you never slam. It’s not the UFC’s fault YOU decided to become a ‘wait and see’ fighter. Stop blaming other people for your lack of passion.

  36. your mom says:

    So who do you want to fight Rampage? Call somebody out and make it happen.

    • Titties says:

      Rampage, I’ll make it easy on u! I’m calling you out, cry baby! Im gonna beat ur a$$! Ur lucky I didn’t do it on TUF! Ill knock ur a$$ out worse than Wandy did! U don’t want any of these titties! Ill stomp u out! Ill sub u out…. Flying Triangle son! Flying Triangle! Then ill smash these titties all over ur face punk! Yeah son, Darrill “Titties” Schoonover for life! Remember my name fool!

      • Tim says:

        Darill, can I have your autograph? I’m a huge fan. It took a lot of of courage to not smash Rampage’s face in on TUF. We all know you didn’t do it because you didn’t want to get kicked off of the show. I think you should be his last match in the UFC. You would make short work of him.

        • Simon says:

          You are serious? Titties would get murdered. Lol. Not a chance in hell.

        • Tim says:

          “Titties” has better striking, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and conditioning than Rampage. I’m not saying he would beat Rampage when he was in his prime, but he would murder Rampage right now.

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