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Rampage: Spike TV Made The UFC

“Dana’s actually a cool guy. Dana is really down to earth. He’s actually really cool, but sometimes when it’s business, it’s business. Dana, you can tell that he’s a strong businessman because look what he’s done with the company. Sometimes he gets a little bit too emotional with his business, and that’s what makes you have a bad attitude toward Dana. With me, when Dana gets upset, he comes at me and says something, and I’m an alpha too. I say stuff and we get in an argument and then after a while, I’m cool with it. I don’t hold grudges.”

“Now I’m kind of happy that that actually happened because even though the fans don’t understand it, they don’t see it, but I think Bellator is actually going to come up. You’ve got to think about it. Spike TV is what made the UFC. The UFC wouldn’t be where it is without Spike TV.”

In a recent interview with, former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Rampage Jackson says that he believes SPIKE TV made the UFC what they are today.



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  1. says:

    True, if there was no spike tv there’d be no ultimate fighter and tuf is what spiked it’s view’s up to fame. All the best to ya Rampage.

  2. Apple says:

    While everything Rampage said is true, the UFC has pushed other organizations aside, despite my personal opinion of the fighters not being paid enough. The UFC is the biggest and “best” organization for MMA, and everyone recognizes that if you’re the best, you’re probably in the UFC.

    While Spike did catapult the UFC to where it was when it signed on with Fox Sports, Fox is a more widely broadcast sports network, and that’s why the UFC moved. More exposure will turn more revenue. It’s not a hard concept at all really!

  3. JON LAZAR says:

    It is no different in business …. we find people we get along with but when the shit hits the fan, we see a different side. Be it the UFC, Bellator, or any other organization, Rampage still has to make a living and looking out for himself… you are only as good as your last fight in many promoters views, so he has many options.. We all like seeing him fight he has meant alot to the Industry .. He puts on a show if it be in Vegas or Japan.. I like the guy ….

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