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Tuesday, 06/04/2013, 04:47 pm

Rampage Promises Big Changes In MMA For Fighters

“When you look at my deal in the UFC, and the scope of what my deal with Bellator and TNA is, this is a dream come true. When other fighters get the chance to see everything I’m able to do with this deal and the benefits it provides, you’re going to see a big change in MMA. I guarantee it.”

In a recent interview with TMZ, former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Rampage Jackson said his new multi-tiered deal with Bellator, TNA Wrestling and Spike TV is going to change everything for fighters involved in Mixed Martial Arts.


58 Responses to “Rampage Promises Big Changes In MMA For Fighters”

  1. page is errelvant says:

    What about the mma fighters who don’t give a damn about TNA or WWE.. what are the options for them then?

    • Thom1 says:

      *irrelevant. Also he’s talking about improving contracts and fighter pay. If the UFC has a worthy rival (like strikeforce, pride) it will improve payment for all fighters.

  2. Slim Charles says:

    eh… I highly doubt that change in MMA will be brought on by Rampage…

  3. Mma12na says:

    I thought there were a few bellator fighters complaining about their contracts?

  4. jdog says:

    I agree with Rampage, but….. IF half of what Alverez is saying is true then what Rampage is saying will never happen and it might actually help the UFC by eliminating their only real competition. I truly wish Rampage the best of luck as he has always been one of my favorite fighters, hopefully he will not have the problems Eddie is having

  5. K2 says:

    So what Rampage is saying is if you’re cut from a big company and have built up a name for yourself through many different organizations, you can eventually get by working 3 part-time jobs in smaller or more obscure places. Yes, I know TNA isn’t small or obscure but who over the age of 13 watches that drama/crap.

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