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Friday, 09/16/2011, 09:10 am

“Rampage”: Jones may be the future but I’m the present

In the latest installment of the “Rampage” Jackson YahooSports blog Jackson goes into details about his physical development as well as his thoughts on his UFC 135 opponent, Jon Jones.

Having moved his camp to Denver Colorado, Rampage has been in isolation training for the past eight or more weeks in preparation for his attempt at regaining the UFC title he lost to Forrest Griffin back at UFC 88 more than three-years ago.

The following are key excerpts from his blog and the full unedited version can be found at the link at the bottom of the entry.

I can’t believe the shape I am in for this fight with Jon Jones next week here in Denver for the UFC 135 main event and light heavyweight title! I’m weighing 221 lbs right now, nine days out. I’ve never been in this kind of shape before. I like it! It feels good not to be like, “Oh, man! Weight cut is next week!” The cut to 205 lbs is going to be easy.

I am ready. But Jon Jones is in the big leagues now, and he’s not ready. He needed this fight in another couple of years’ time. Jon Jones does unpredictable things but, really, we’ve seen it now bro, so it is not unpredictable any more. We’ve seen the spinning elbow four or five times, Jon “Bones” Jones. We’ve all seen it. Maybe Jon Jones is going to get me with some knees – I expect that, it is a fight – but I am gonna get him with my hands, too. You look at those Bambi legs and wonder what happens when I hit him.

Jon Jones is more “elusive” (or whatever that damn word is) than Lyoto Machida! Anyone heard or seen Machida? I need my own spy to just make sure he still actually exists. Before he fought that injured Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Jones was doing a lot of talking in a lot of places. He was signing autographs as “World Champion” even though the fight hadn’t happened, and he was talking a lot about his destiny or something. Jon Jones isn’t saying anything about this fight with me. We’ve not heard nuthin’ from Jon Jones since the fight is announced. For real, he’s disappeared.

I don‘t care if I am in his head or not, or if he’s confident or scared or not, because I am going to do what I have trained to do no matter how he is. If he’s intimidated, he is going to try to take me down – I know he don’t want to mess with me standing anyway. And if he’s confident, let’s do this Jonny Jones!

I know he’s got some great skills and honestly I am impressed how fast he’s learned – he is the future of the division in my opinion, but I am the present. Rampage is the present of the UFC light heavyweight division.

He’s a kid who’s had it his own way, and the little bit of time he’s not had it exactly how he wants it, he’s sulked and pouted. Same thing at the press conference to announce this fight – I was having fun, joking around, selling the fight but I was giving him props! I was being respectful saying he was the future of the sport and how I like his style and all, but then he started pouting. Why he pout? Because the media people weren’t laughing at his jokes, so he got a “sore botty” because they were laughing at my jokes not his. That’s what the English guys say at the Wolf’s Lair camp, a “sore botty.”

Jon Jones will have a very sore botty at UFC 135 when I kick it all over the Octagon.



36 Responses to ““Rampage”: Jones may be the future but I’m the present”

  1. Mike Diaz says:

    Cmon Rampage, I got it all on you bruh! The rest of the card is garbage imo but just seeing Rampage take Jones head off is worth the $$$$! PENN NATION!!!!!!!!

  2. Joe says:

    i think diaz is gonna want his money back after watchin jon win

  3. Dana Black says:

    I like Rampage but that fool runs his mouth too much, I guess its all part of “hyping” the fight. I don’t see Rampage running thru Jon Jones easily, He couldn’t even knock out Forrest Griffin. Anderson Silva was backpedaling and ko’d Forrest with a jab! Jon Jones has more skills than Rampage, Jones by TKO.

  4. BigJoeSLC says:

    Rampage is a moron he’s gonnna get finished. How he even got a shot at the title is beyond me.Newsflash rampage Jones is the present and future your nearly forgotten about bro.

    • bruts says:

      hahaha “nearly forgotten” fuck i just rofled so hard, go outside for once in your life AND ASK ANOTHER HUMAN BEING who they know, ask them bones or rampage, i got money on most of them saying rampage saying hes already almost forgotten is beyond foolish, this guys done more in 10 years then you ever will in you’re life, HE WILL BE IN THE UFC HALL OF FAME I BET, and hes nearly forgotten? bitch please id forget about jones before page, remember who unified the pride and ufc belt?!?!, well think about it, and thank god for rampage doing that, because that ufc lhw belt is more then just a ufc belt its the pride and ufc belt… but what ever, jones hasent done half as much as page has, and for that page is going down in history!!!!!!! nearly forgotten!!!!!!!, HE WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN BY FANS OF MMA, you know “nearly” nothing.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      The simple fact the Rampage KO’d chuck when he got the shot at the title, but you still don’t know how he got the title shot shows that you yourself are a moron

      • bruts says:

        hmm was i talking about chuck nahh i wasent, i was talking about the unification i personally dont give a fuck how he got it, the fact is HE GOT IT, he got both pride and ufc LHW belt dont matter how he got it HAHAAHHA, the fact that matters is hes one of two ( SEE THAT ONE OF TWO ) people IN THE ENTIRE WORLD to do that!, so what the fuck is up now bitch!, if you think im a moron, you can go blow you’re self then fucking suck you’re self clean :) lol rampage was on a 4 fight win streak before he got a shot, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT?!? and buddy i watched page knock chuck how the fuck do i not know?! hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! inform me please moron. rofl! i would really like to know. i bet you were just talking shit out of you’re asshole, you flamin you bangin bet you could light you’re own cigarette with yah asshole

  5. Jon Jones says:

    Thanks to all my nut huggers for your support 😉

    • bruts says:

      all the nut huggers? fuck you’re a joke, lol people who stand by you are nut huggers? hahahahahahaha looks like someones on a high ass horse!!, or maybe they just thinkin they so great that they the shit, and everyone’s under them, fuck you jon bones jones way to be a fucking joke!!!!!! never heard rampage call his fans nut huggers and for that, hes a way more stand up guy then you, even if he does say stupid shit at times, fuck people like you tho get my blood boiling your just to strung up on you’re self its pretty fuckin gay, so fuck you and fuck what you believe in “god” middle finger up and pointed right at you!!!! (well at my computer screen) but you get the point…

      • Fortyb4five says:

        he/she/it is just some fake ass internet tool who leads a hidden live on every mma website.

        • bruts says:

          hahahahahahahahaahahahaha! and you lead a hidden life to, dont be a hypocrite now you fake ass internet “joke” look at you i dont see any of you’re personal information here, so what are you? ANOTHER FAKE ASS INTERNET TOOL WHO HIDES BEHIND AN ANONYMOUS INTERNET NAME, *CLAP FUCKING CLAP*!!!!!! fuck people make me laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just want to meet you in person so i can clap at you and tell you GOOD FUCKING JOB “fortybfive” fuck you make me laugh, weres you’re personal information you fucking little kid, if you aint posting it then i aint either, and if im an internet tool who hides behind an annoymous name THEN SO ARE YOU, hahahahahahahaha wait wait wait once again, who am i? :) fuck yeah bitches and if you dont say my real name, “i cant take anything anyone ever says seriously”!!!!!. hahahaha have a nice day faggots. and enjoy being as anonymous as me!!!!!!! rofl “he/she/it are just some fake internet jokes who hide behind a name just like every other person here! ROFL ROFL ROFLi love hypocrites!!! and people who dont even understand what they are saying!!!! buddy hides beyond an annoymous screen name and says im a fake intenret tool who lives an hidden life on every mma website, yeah ok kid (you do the same thing FORGOT?), even tho bj penn is the only place i go, but on to my point, you know nothing about me 😀 and never will!!!! fuck yeah, to dumb ass hypocrites! i live behind a screen name so do you hahahahaha and i bet you have said stupid fucking shit to, disagreed with people, fuck your the biggest hypocrite!!!! its too funny!!! enjoy bein a fake ass internet tool who hides behind an anonymous screen name!!!!!! because if im one, everyone is one, and aint that the truth.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          and I wasn’t even talkin about you dumb ass. Calm your little nerves down.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          you’re a complete idiot for even thinking thats actually Jon Jones.

        • Fortyb4five says:

          yeah actually my personal information is there to see.

      • Hey Bruts says:

        LOL..take your ridilin. This is what happens when you miss a dosage. It’s not really Jon Jones.

    • king says:

      no problem your the man i love the feel of your nuts your gonna finish page easy cant wait for it but i dont kno about u beating rashad i justcant let go of his nuts there so dam big

  6. TEMPHUiBIS says:

    -]. Rampage sure got a lot to talk about, lets see if he can back it up .[-

  7. Matthew Crites says:

    Its gonna be a great fight. I wanna see a 5 round war!

  8. brujo says:

    Can’t wait for S. Seagal start training Jones

  9. Joegun says:

    Bones jones little tiny chicken legs will buckle when he gets hit with one of those concrete blocks from Rampage. All he’ll do is run but he’ll have to fight sooner or later and when he does he’ll,get ko’d!! Rampage 100%

  10. jason N says:

    not even gonna buy it. Easy win for jones.

  11. Nick says:

    I got Rampage taking this one. We all know Rampage can take punishment. It all depends if Jones can take it.

  12. Ninjaman says:

    Rampage is pure entertainment! He’s funny and a great fighter. Is Jon Jones a better fighter, Yes, but Rampage knows that and he will be ready for it!

  13. Xaninho says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Rampage power slammed Jones and knocked him out that way? Jones trying a triangle and Rampage slammin’ that bitch ass right through the cage floor.

    Ooooorrrrrr he could just KO the fucker with a haymaker…..AAAaaahWwhooooOOOOo!

  14. Xaninho says:

    You’re a bit smug to assume you had me getting angry oh feeble minded one… Getting me angry would take words written by someone that actually matters. Keyboardwarriors are not in that category. So sorry to bust your bubble, you just don’t matter….

    • Ahhhhh... says:

      We are BOTH keyboard warriors. We are in the brotherhood ! I am not a “bit” smug—I am smug, you ninny! nah nah nah nah, only jokin’. You were angry, admit it. It’s okay. Let’s agree that, if Jones wins, YOU leave forever, never to visit BJ’s website again. And if Rampage wins, I will never visit ever again. Agreed? If you’re so confident in your boy, this is a no brainer. Put up or stfu, Xanin, you ho !

  15. Q. Jackson says:

    You so very welcome! Thank you for letting me be first during that private session! Again?

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