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Tuesday, 03/13/2012, 07:05 pm

Rampage Jackson Will Fight “Shogun” Rua In Farewell Bout

Just as we announced earlier this afternoon, the UFC has announced their future plans for Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

It’s not an immediate release like he has been campaigning for, but the UFC has agreed to release “Rampage” Jackson after his last contracted bout.

To send off the former champion will be none other than fellow former champ, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.

The two have reportedly agreed to square off at a yet to be determined event as announced just moments ago on “UFC Tonight” on FUEL TV.

Rampage and Shogun have a history. They already fought once back in 2005 at Pride Total Elimination 2005. In the first bout it was Shogun who won via TKO in the first frame of action.

Both former champions are coming off of losses. Rampage to Bader and Shogun to Dan Henderson.

As soon as a date and venue are announced we will update this story.

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59 Responses to “Rampage Jackson Will Fight “Shogun” Rua In Farewell Bout”

  1. Mat says:

    Shogun’s gonna kill Rampage.

  2. Edison Tran says:

    Fan of both fighters! Regardless who wins, this is guaranteed fireworks.

    • Mike McMack says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more, Shogun never fights a boring fight and Rampage is always at his best standing now days. Rampage can’t make the excuse that Shogun is going to dry hump him.

      Shogun all the way!

  3. freedaweed says:

    lol, the UFC is doing this because they wanna see rampage get knocked THE FUCK OUT

    • Mike McMack says:

      I think they want to give Rampage a fight with someone who won’t try to wrestle him so he’ll stop complaining about it. Shogun and Rampage both wanted this fight before they retired.

  4. Thomas Gard says:

    Atleast we’ll get to finally see the rematch before he makes his exit, I’m not gonna be presumptuous about rampages desire or motivation, I’m just gonna be happy to see them finally go at it again

  5. JayR says:

    If Forrest can make Rampage’s legs wobble, Shogun’s gonna chop his legs OFF

  6. Kingron84 says:

    Rampage has been asking for this fight for a long time after shogun soccer kicked hishead off, if he can’t be motivated for the onecfight he’s been asking for then he just needs to retire period.

  7. "H"BOMB says:

    rampage is gonna win the way hendo handled shogun shows shogun is afraid of power punchers now tko (ko) or und for page

    • jc says:

      shogun aint afraid of shit he has never been ko’d

    • chriss says:

      how is shogun afraid of power punches?
      he took hendersons biggest shots and STILL was not knocked out.
      he’s not scared at all,
      he stood toe to toe with hendo and landed some big punches himself.

      shogun is smart enough to not stand right in front of rampage and box.
      this is how i see the fight playing out:
      – shogun keeping his distance while landing leg kicks and rushing in with big punches.
      – rampage trying to punch shogun from where he’s standing (which will not land).
      – rampage gassing after the second round, of which shogun won the first two rounds by securing a few takedowns and agression.
      – shogun will take a gassed rampage down in the third round and either finish him with ground and pound or try to submit him; and if he isn’t successful, shogun will still win a 30-27 decision.

  8. Christian says:

    Id like to place a bet that rampage doesn’t leave after he loses.

  9. lol says:

    Rampage is going to get murdered.. fight hendo again if he wins?? What makes you guys think Hendo would want to fight someone he beat already at this age of his??

    Its retarded if Hendo fights anyone thats not for a title. He only has 1 or 2 fights in him.. Sorry Shogun but you had your chance, maybe if Hendo was younger.

  10. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    It’s gonna be a great fight. Better be 5 rounds DANA!

  11. cody says:

    y cant page win i dont understand y people think shogun is unstoppable i love shogun but he hasnt looked amazing as of late he got beat up by hendo beat forrest in brazil big surprise and page looked alot better against jones than shogun it should be a real competetive fight imo

    • lol says:

      MMA dont work like that smart guy. Its styles that make fights not “he beat A and I beat A so that means I should beat A” type of deal. You just admit you dont know shizz about MMA. hahaha..

      Its because of Shoguns all around skill set is too much for a slow old rampage 1 dimensional fighter. Yes I know rampage has wrestling but he prefers not to.

      • cody says:

        yeah im sure ur a fucking mma guru all im saying is whats so diff about hendo and rampages styles and what has shogun done to say hes going to destroy page i didnt say i was picking page just saying why r people making it seem he has like 1 in 1000 of winning im telling u this will be a good one

  12. Mike McMack says:

    I think Rampage will end up fighting for Dream so he could be back in Japan. Maybe him and Fedor will throw down at HW, that wouldn’t be a bad matchup.

    I just read an interview he did where he was saying that he’s pissed that the UFC is paying him less now then he previously made a few years ago. If thats the case I understand his problems with pay, he’s paid his dues to the UFC and he should be fairly compensated to it. He could make a lot of money in Dream too, not UFC money but very good money.

  13. Jason N says:

    Shogun is not unstoppable. He will beat Rampage down though.

  14. lex walker says:

    yessss cant wait
    war rampage

  15. jonsey says:

    they are sending rampage off with a serious beating,,they will tell shogun to kik that injured leg that forrest fuct long ago so he will never fifght again…ramopage made this hard on himself…i wonder how rampage will look with trt now ,,,also it will be funny to see if rmpage pisses clean or takes alot extra he dont care about punishment…,,,,,,,,,they should have given rampage last fight with tito…either way lose lose…but ni actually think tito wold have puled the W out

  16. DemiGod says:

    A pissed off Rampage is the best Rampage. Give us a show Page, bring it home or go out on your shield.

  17. David says:

    Think they meant to say rampage will ge ktfo by shogun rua in farewell bout

  18. PREDICTABLE says:

    Hey Rampage, get your excuse for getting KTFO!

    – I ate some bad tacos…
    – My car broke down on the way and had to run to the arena…
    – Couldn’t adjust to the daylight savings time change…
    – Pulled a muscle while ‘motorboating’ my sparing partner…
    – ETC…

  19. Shawn says:

    A rematch that was bound to happen sooner or later. Glad its happening.

  20. Hipster Durfess says:

    i am the smartest man alive!!!!

  21. UFC NEWS says:

    Shogun is going to destroy him, sad to see Rampage leave on bad terms.

  22. Jonas says:

    So, you whine (yes Rampage you did!) that the UFC lets you keep fighting injured and when you fail to make weight one time they dont consider it? Yet you book yourself a new match like this? Why not heal up properly because if its a half ass try as some of your previous fights have been you for sure will go out with a bang, and not in the way that you would want to. I like, your personality and what you bring to the sport, but as of lately it is to many excuses and fingerpointing towards others instead of looking at the mirror!

  23. dougie says:

    i hope rampage makes a comeback. he’s a legend in pride. he doesnt deserve to go out like that.

  24. Bad Intentions says:

    PLEEEEEASE let it be in Calgary in july!!!!!!

  25. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    good send off tbh. everyone wanted this matchup so its gonna be entertaining

  26. br says:

    Shogun by ko or tko. Rampage is done.

  27. Alex says:

    I finally understand Rampage and his whining. You guys are just so stupid to listen to. writing rampage of because he lost to bader. Rampage was hurt but didnt want to pull out because he didnt want to miss a shot at fighting in japan again. I am huge Shogun fan and will be rooting for him, but you guys are just so ungratefull

  28. Thom says:

    Yes yes yes! Also dont judge Rampage on his last peformance, you guys are smarter than that.. If Rampage is healthy and in shape and Rua is too, this will be a fight to remember, believe me!

  29. Spades says:

    Rampage was an amazing fighter who has done a lot for the sport. Respect must be given there. However why would the UFC pay him more he is doing nothing. He is a low top ten fighter at best.

  30. Super de Duper says:

    If he was at his best standing then he would have had some actual knockouts and would have no reason to bitch like he is doing.

  31. Night-Wind says:

    Shogun by 1st round hands behind back flying knee monkey face and head kick KO, biaatch!

  32. T.Daddy says:

    Damn I see shogun takin this one no problem

  33. Q says:

    Shogun is gonna smash Rampage

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