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Thursday, 09/15/2011, 07:35 am

Rampage Jackson Welcomes Jon Jones Spying

“I don’t want to talk about the whole “spy” thing too much more. I am glad I found out, I’m glad I told people about it, and I think it’s not an honorable way to prepare for a fight, but if Jon Jones wants me to, I’ll have a camera installed here at the Muscle Pharm in Denver and he can watch me 24-7.”

“He can have a live feed on me. “Bones” can watch me brush my teeth in the morning and see what toothpaste I used, who I am training with and how hard I am working, and he can see which hand I wipe my ass with for all I care.”

“It don’t matter because there’s no real secret to what I really want to do in this fight: punch him on his big “Bones” head. Knock him out. Jon Jones has never been hit in his career. He could have the best chin in the history of the UFC, or he could have the worst in history. We don’t know because he has not got hit yet. But we will know at UFC 135 because he will get hit by me.”

In the lead up to his UFC 135 title fight with Jon Jones, Rampage Jackson takes to Yahoo Sports to make one more claim at the spying of Jon Jones.

In the earlier part of Jackson’s training camp he discovered a spy in his gym that was reporting back to the Jackson based fighter’s camp. However, members of the Jones team deny these accusations; Rampage insists that it’s true.


17 Responses to “Rampage Jackson Welcomes Jon Jones Spying”

  1. Amy says:

    he always speaks his mind.

  2. KB says:

    What can Jones possibly learn from watching this training camp that he can’t learn from watching Rampage’s past couple of fights? He doesn’t have anything new to offer. He will stalk after Jones and try to punch him. That’s it. He doesn’t take people down with big slams like the Pride days and he does not kick. He has punches and that’s it. I see this as nothing, but Rampage trying to hype the fight. The fight should be a good fight, he is looking for false motivation to get himself into this fight. Normally when fighters have to hype themselves for a fight they are uncomfortable about something. I would never say the Rampage is afraid of Jone, but there is something about the fight that he is not comfortable about. Otherwise, he wouldn’t feel the need to say anything at all. It is what many fighters do once they become celebrities. They have this need to be in front of the camera at all times. Real fans don’t give a rat’s ass about who is hyping a fight. The fight itself is what we pay for. Good luck to both of them. I expect it to be fight of the night!

    • Musa Muhammad says:

      By this rational every fighter who talks about a fight is uncomfortable with something. This may be true… BUT this means Chael Sonnen must be the most uncomfortable human being in the world. He must be terrified of the world the amount he talks about stuff… Brock Lesnar, scared, Frank Mir, scared, Rashad Evans scared, BJ Penn scared etc. etc. The UFC encourages these guys to talk… look at the whole BJ Penn, Nick Diaz situation with them trying to get BJ to say “I’m gonna beat Nick Diaz.” This is all just manufactured talk… I don’t think you can say Rampage is uncomfortable when the man gets a bonus for tweeting and getting followers. Say controversial shit and people will follow you. People follow you and the UFC pays you bonus money. Rampage always says he fights for the money–and he just plays up that “I’m dumb shtick.” He knows what he’s putting out there and why.

    • JOHN D says:

      What you said, is exactly what rampage said…. Good job rephrasing.

    • Shawn says:

      I think this will be a good fight too. In regards to the “spy” bit. If it is true, which certain evidence points it to be, the only reason why anyone would want to know what they other is doing is because they want to be prepared. Which means they have a little something to be worried about. They want to cover all possible angles. But for other fighters like Rampage, they do their own thing and not worry about what their opponent is doing. The only thing a confident fighter is/should be concerned about is his own readiness. If he goes into a fight prepared (without any inside tip), it doesn’t matter what the other guy comes in with. That’s why you train for all contingencies. Stand up, ground, clinch, 3 rounds, 5 rounds, getting rocked, knocking someone down, etc…

  3. Jmad says:

    If anyone tries to put Rampage in a triangle or an armbar he will slam them like he did in Pride, it’s just seem like his opponents know better now. He almost got Machida but Lyoto quickly let go when he realized he was get slammed Arona style. Go Rampage! I think Jones is gonna beat you but I’m still rootin for you.

  4. mike9414 says:

    I will tell u what i would learn if i was spying. An Injury i could take advantage of. It is that simple.

  5. BigHurt says:

    ^ i agree with mike9414

  6. Steven says:

    haha you can see which hand i wipe my ass with

  7. Night-Wind says:

    Ahahahah, funny as a mtfckr.

  8. Nick says:

    Rampage called him out. Lol. Jones has a suspect chin so I’m going with Rampage.

  9. Y.G.N says:

    how can u not like rampage man, he knows how to entertain.

  10. zack says:

    i hope page ko’s him. cant stand jones

  11. DVO says:

    Jackson camp always looking for an advantage even if it means cheating. First “Grease gate” now “Spygate”. Jackson camp is duurty

  12. bizzle says:

    Chee.. That is all Im asking for Rampage, l;and that gliding hook..

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