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Thursday, 09/29/2011, 02:20 pm

Rampage Jackson Wants To Enter Pro Boxing

“I hate fighting people who are scared. When you fight somebody who is scared you never know what they’re going to do. They turn and run, that’s why I’m gonna go to boxing. I’m gonna try boxing because they’ve got to stand with you. If I get knocked out I don’t care because at least it’s a fight. I’ve tried a lot of boxing, I’m falling in love with boxing and I know I can put butts in seats over there.”

There ya have it… Former UFC light-heavyweight champion just told ESPN that he would rather pursue a career in the sweet science of professional boxing over his MMA career.

While current contracts will prevent him from making an attempt in the striking only discipline professionally if Rampage has his way we may see him in the ring after his UFC days are done.



49 Responses to “Rampage Jackson Wants To Enter Pro Boxing”

  1. tim says:

    I think deep down inside, he just wants to bang. I would love to see him box, even though I really dont enjoy boxing. Same thing with Nick Diaz, at the end of the day… Id rather watch him box then bleed out from elbows

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Agreed. Rampage likes to stand and throw them blows and see who’s the toughest, who can hit harder. I think he’s a little long in the tooth to jump into boxing at this point in his career.

  2. Jason says:

    Anything is better than what he did against jones. Hope he understands he has to throw punches in boxing.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Considering the fact that not many boxers will have an 85 inch reach, and he wouldn’t have to worry about td attempts and head kicks, I’m willing to bet that won’t be an issue

  3. David K says:

    Professional boxers are on another level, yeah its nice that you can hit hard rampage but thats all they’ve ever done is strike you would have about 3 consecutive KO losses then your career would be over in all combat sports just work on your ground game.

  4. There You Have It says:

    A lot of Rampage’s critics said he was one-dimensional and his fans didn’t want to believe it. The sport of MMA just evolved right past Rampage during the past five or so years and evolved past other current fighters also. In the Dos Santos-Velasquez fight, we’ll see how well the boxer does against the mixed martial artist.

    • lee boi says:

      But JDS isnt a typical boxer. He’s actually a Jiu Jitsu black belt. Him and Rampage are totally different fighters. JDS could handle and even submit Cain on the ground.

      • DontBeScaredHomie says:

        I really doubt he could submit cain that’s like saying the world will blow up tomorrow its like a 100000 chance plus cain has good enough control to take care of jds on the ground pretty easy im sure

        • Aaron says:

          A what chance?

          Dude, Junior is going to come in bigger and stronger then Cain will. He’s been getting bigger and bigger every fight, he’s a BJJ black belt that weighs more yea I think he could submit him.

  5. gilbert says:

    cry baby. lol. I bet on you Rampage.

  6. Random Person says:

    Rampage cannot hang in boxing. Unless the do him like they do Kimbo and give him major cans. But he knows this, he just wants to get payed. He will lose 3 or 4 and make a couple million in two years and then he’ll come back to MMA.

  7. Sean says:

    I have to agree with Tim. Rampage just wants to throws hands and live it standing I would have said maybe he should go the kickboxer route but then again kicks wont really be his thing as we have seen.

  8. lee boi says:

    Guys like Rampage and Kimbo arent MMA fighters. The sport has evolved from the Chuck Liddel days. If you have no ground game you have no chance in MMA.

    • Aaron says:

      I guess you could probably bitch slap either one of them, take them down and show them what real MMA is all about.

      Shut the fuck up. And on a side note; to mention those two in the same sentence is fucking ridiculous.

      You really seem to know your shit.

      • lee boi says:

        haha wow thats a heck of an argument there. I dont know how to respond to it cause you shut me up! lol your a joke! just one of those people getting on to talk crap and has no idea about anything he’s reading.

        • Alex says:

          Lee boi as some of the other guys are saying you don’t know shit comparing rampage with kimbo slice. Rampage is indeed a mma fighter. he just fought for the world title in one of the most stacked divisions in the biggest mma organisation there is and you are saying that he isn’t a mma fighter. seriously shut the fuck up and get away from!

        • Aaron says:

          Nope. I get on here everyday and usually don’t have much to say. Just like to keep up with the news, but sometimes an idiot comes along with enough bullshit spewing from their mouth that the ignorance makes me chime in.

        • 1 says:

          lee boi your a retard. aaron is right to mention them in the same sentence is blasphemy. now put on your affliction shirt and go watch gsp fights

  9. Digs says:

    The crazy thing is Rampage is a solid wrestler, but never looks to take a guy down. I know he likes to box and KO people on his feet….but there’s a lot of fighters out there that that strategy doesn’t work against.

    He needs a better strategist in his corner. Mix it up. Very predictable.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Rampage is just tired of fighting guys like rashad who run away and lay n pray and win fights by getting cheap ass takedowns with 10 seconds left in round. Greg jackson 101. Even jon Jones ran like a bitch and admitted it at the post fight conference

  10. Chart..the faggot says:

    he should go to boxing cause the last 4 fights against rashad, machida, hammil and jones were some of the most boring main events ive ever watched. either that or throw him in with a fighter thats gonna stand and band like thiago slva or rich franklin

  11. The Dude says:

    He’s been boxing for years, this is news?

    Oh wait, now the other guys are just going to be boxing too…

  12. Very Strange says:

    So many more critics of Rampage coming out, while fans of his are less “vocal.” Fair weather? Too busy removing foot out of mouth?

    • Steve says:

      A lot of “fans” talk about fighting like they could step in the cage with a guy like Jones and do better. 99% of fans have no idea what it’s like to go through a training camp much less an MMA match against one of the top fighters in the world.

      • J C says:

        So what’s your point?

        • Steve says:

          Point is that fans should respect the fighters. Everyone can have their opinion but is disrespectful to dog on the guys who actually put in the work to make these fights happen. I’m not a fan of the way guys like Fitch and GSP fight but I’m not going to dog on them like I could get in the cage and do any better. They could both whip my ass so why am I going to dog em. My point…Respect the Fighters.

  13. RCS says:

    Was Toney calling rampage out?

  14. mmaislandjunkie says:

    idk boxing has guys who run too like mayweather.

    • T.DADDY says:


    • Steve says:

      Stop hatin on Floyd, he’s one of the best ever. He’s genius when it comes to defensive counter punching. I’m rooting for Manny if they ever fight because I think he’s the better person but I honestly believe it’s Floyd’s fight to lose. Floyd is bigger and just as fast as Manny so he will get a lot of shots at Manny’s chin. Manny’s gonna have to have a great game plan to take “Pretty Boy” out. I believe that Manny can do it as long as he doesn’t eat too many punches when he presses forward. But anyways, stop hatin on Floyd, the guy is one of the GOAT’s and he deserves some respect. I just hope he stops runnin from the fight that needs to happen between him and Pac. Floyd can say what he wants but every time Manny agrees Floyd comes up with another demand. This time after Manny agreed to the testing Floyd responded by saying Manny needed to train away from home out here in the US because he didn’t want the Filipino boxing authorities doing the testing. IDK if we’ll ever see them fight but if they do I’m flying out to wherever it is.

      • mmaislandjunkie says:

        floyd is one of the best ever but he is also one of the biggest bitchess ever. unlike tbaggy where hes just a bitchh.

        • Steve says:

          Floyd is a punk without a doubt, I can’t stand him. In the ring he’s got mad skillz but outside of it he’s a complete asshole. I wanna see Manny or anyone for that matter knock him out cold.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Dude is 100 miles and runnin’ when it comes to fighting Pac Man. Anyone who says otherwise is a hardcore dick rider who won’t face reality.

  15. iamsoawesome says:

    rampage just can’t handle the leg kicks and TD. you’d think a guy who has been in mma for so long like rampage would be able to take multiple leg kicks in a fight. not the case in the jones fight and Forrest. dude needs to evolve as a fighter and learn to use different mma to become the best. look at all the champs. they all are either good strikers and wrestlers or good strikers and good submission artist. once rampage is on his back he’s done. plus the guy still throws looping punches. how do u expect to be the champ or best when u throw slow looping punches and don’t even use leg kicks to slow ur opponent down.

    • gilbert says:

      Agreed. and leg kicks do not get easier to takewith age as some other stated. sure in the younger years you can take more and more but after a while the knees hate it

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      I swear jones, andersen silva, machida are the only 3 fighters that actually kick their opponents in the side of the knee and try and blow out their knees. I think thats cheap and even street fighters don’t stoop that low all the time. i can’t belive its not against the rules to try and blow out your oppents kneee intentionally. i mean i think its jujst as cheap of shot to the side of the kneee as kneeing a downed opponent in the face

  16. Steve says:

    Rampage will make a great boxer at Cruiserweight. There are a lot of fights that can be made for him plus he’ll make a lot more money boxing than in the UFC because his name alone will sell tickets and ppv’s. I hope he does go to boxing I think he has 3 fights left on his UFC contract so maybe in a couple of years.

    • Mo says:

      They will destroy him in boxing, its not just about punching power, a lot has to do with foot work which he’s lacking. He would get worked by the top boxers. He needs to stick to MMA, that’s where he made his name.

      • Steve says:

        Rampage is a very technical puncher. Is he an elite level boxer? In MMA yeah but in a boxing ring no. I still think that if he dedicated himself to training only in boxing he would have SOME success. When you really look at his career he’s become more and more of a boxer as he’s aged anyways so why not make the full transition.

  17. rondo says:

    Go box,your not mma material!

  18. steven horgan says:

    rampage should give boxing a miss, not every boxer is gonna stand and bang, there will be so many boxers out their that can do what jones did to him…keep him out with their reach and dance around him, dana white was talking about bj penn and was saying he is fighting for one reason and that should be the only reason to leave a legacy and prove your the best..rampage should be thinking what left he can accomplish in the ufc because boxing will have nothin good for him..if i was his trainer i would tell him he couldent even train boxing for three months so he can polish up his other skills which he is a priorityfor him now grand but he should be thinking what made him fall in love with mma so he can fall in love with training in other aspects beside boxing,,then that woud be a more dangerous diverse rampage..then a jones rematch would be different

  19. Steven says:

    alla these people need to shut the fuck up, not mma material are you serious??? if he wasn’t mma material he wouldn’t be fighting big names in mma. Good move for Page, it’ll allow him to work on his footwork more. he already has great head movement, his uppercuts will kill people in boxing

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