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Monday, 07/09/2012, 04:21 pm

Rampage Jackson vs Glover Teixeira set for UFC 153 | UFC News

By: Chris Taylor

A light heavyweight match-up between former UFC champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (32-10 MMA, 7-4 UFC) and UFC newcomer Glover Teixeira (18-2 MMA, 1-0 UFC) has been added to UFC 153 in Brazil.

The drama between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and the UFC is likely to come to an end at the UFC 153 event. Following his loss to Ryan Bader at UFC 144, Rampage stated that he desired to be released from the UFC. Rampage is coming off back to back losses for the first time in his career, losing bouts to current champ Jon Jones and Ryan Bader.

His opponent, the powerful Brazilian Glover Teixeira, is riding a 16 fight win streak. He made his octagon debut back in May at UFC 146, where he took less than 2 minutes to submit Kyle Kingsbury.

Jackson vs. Teixeira will likely serve as the headliner or co-headliner for the Brazil event this October. It is uncertain if Quinton will stick to his word and leave the UFC following the Teixeira fight. Either way, this fight should equal fireworks.


47 Responses to “Rampage Jackson vs Glover Teixeira set for UFC 153 | UFC News”

  1. ballsackface says:

    lol rampage is the only one that isnt scared to fight glover.
    rampage always said he wants people that will fight him how he wants, not all these wrestlers. lets see shall we

  2. Jack Fujimori says:

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  3. You sir are a moron says:

    Looks like rampage finally got what he’s been asking for.

  4. WrestlingRules says:

    At least Rampage is game. That Rua should just quit and get on this site and start talkin’ major smack!!!

  5. Milkman says:

    Submission loss. Chump rampage is a bitch gatekeeper and that’s all.

    • Nuitari X says:

      Rampage has never been a chump or a bitch. Show some respect for one of the true fighters that made a mark in this sport. Yeah so rampage has been a little whiny in recent years and hasn’t performed well. That doesn’t make him a chump or a bitch. The man is a former champion and one of the best and funniest personalities ever in mma. Did you ever see him fight in pride in his younger days? That man would have slammed Jon Jones on his skull and broke his bones. Even if you don’t respect him as a fighter you should respect him as a successful man. I’m tired of reading all these dumbass disrespectful comments. I bet you were a huge Sonnen fan until Saturday night. Jackass.

      • Milkman says:

        Young rampage was a juicer fucking wake up. Next thing you’ll say is fedor is the greatest of all time. Fuck off.

        • Nuitari X says:

          Nope Fedor was good but not the greatest. Like I said learn some respect. Not every fighter out there is a juicer people. And even if they are fighters like Anderson prove that it doesn’t matter so quit whining about it.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          What a huge laugh you are lecturing about respect. You can’t even respect your in-laws or your wife?? Dumbass, don’t you know that YOU NEVER EVER talk bad about your in-laws??? Your a little shit who I’d like to pinch your little head off. Where do you live bitch? I’m wanting to kick your ass??

        • B-rad says:

          glad someone else knows they should respect every fighter for the sacrifices they do to put on a show for FANS to enjoy not fucking ridicule them and saying their “bitches” and other non sense.. You dont know until youv been in there yourself..

        • Xaninho says:

          Why can’t a guy talk bad about his in-laws? I talk bad about a part of my own family, simply because they are shitheads.

          My own cousin stole money from me so he is on my blacklist. Right after he pulled that stunt I thought about putting a hit on him, but I just cut him out of my life instead.

          Unfortunately you can’t choose who your family is, so you don’t have to like them. If they’re assholes, they’re assholes.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Yah but you don’t talk crap about your wife’s parents for Christ’s sake. That is the epitome of slime. No matter how many problems they have, they still gave your wife life and you married her for love I hope. They fuckin’ DESERVE major respect for THAT don’t they??? No women will trust a man that talks bad about her parents even if they do have problems..

          Shit cousins and crap are whole different story. I just beat the shitoutta mine when they get squirrelly.

          Remind me to NEVER give you my address or general local, damn thinking about a hit on your cousin for taking money!!!??? Shit you probably have the Hitman on me right now!!! lol.

    • Hydro says:

      your a faggot rampage is not a gate keeper he has gone the furthest with champ Jon Jones and he is a legend your obviously some 5’3″ Asian with a small dick and little balls, go drink a bubble tea or something you queer.

  6. jdubx says:

    this fight should be amazing.

  7. Nick says:

    Rampage has never been afraid to fight anyone. Shogun was terrified of this dude and Rampage accepted this challenge. I don’t think Rampage is going anywhere.

    • jc says:

      shogun ducked no one this fight is not worth his time. shogun would destroy glover

      • Nick says:

        You’re a fighter, if someone so much as mentions your name you take the fight. You don’t back down. It’s a simple as that. If your job is to beat people up, go beat people up. Prove why he wasn’t worth your time. That’s an idiotic excuse.

        • momo says:

          bro they dont fight for honor they fight for money plane and simple. why would rua take the pay cut?

        • Reality says:

          A lot of people call out your name when you’re on top. At a certain point you have to start weighing things out. That’s what I believe Shogun did and I’m sure they’ll fight one day if Glover does his thing(and Shogun does his thing).

  8. Jb says:

    So strange after he went off on Dana and the UFC!? Didn’t he say it’s like slavery and he was done????

  9. mahs says:

    Sick matchup. Give him hell rampage.

  10. andy says:

    I love how everyone still thinks Shogun is scared to fight Glover lol.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      He’s NOT!! then why did he take a big old pass and tell White he would rather be cut then fight Glover?? So what is your answer? Is it Glover doesn’t DESERVE to fight him???

      • B-rad says:

        He passed on Glover because he only has 1 fight in the UFC, against Kyle Kingsbury..Whos a tough guy and a decent fighter but hes ranked no where near the top 10.. Im confident that after Glover stops Jackson, if he doesnt have 1 more fight after he will face Shogun..

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Sorry, if that happens, he leap frogs over Rua. You know White thinks he’s a pussy and will lower his stock. Rua should have fought Glover, That would have raised his stock. Rua just took a step backwards with this decision. Liddell likes Glover and he is White’s #1.

        • andy says:

          Dana White says a lot of stupid shit without thinking. Fact of the matter is, Glover has ONE… that’s right ONE SINGLE FIGHT in the UFC against Kyle Kingsbury. Whoopty fuckin doo! I don’t doubt Glover is gonna go places cause the dude is a beast but, point is, it’s better for Shogun’s position to fight someone with at least SOME weight to their name which Brandon Vera has and Glover Teixeira does NOT.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          rofl…Vera has NO NAME, He is known as a choker. I’m telling you everybody thinks Rua is scared.

  11. captain crunch says:

    Rampage is done! Retire already!

  12. Milkman says:

    You don’t want to be a slave to the UFC? Get the chains off your neck, toby.

  13. B-rad says:

    This is an awsome matchup.. Waaay better than the Fox 4 main event…too bad this fight is on a PPV card instead of tv

  14. The Ass Murderer says:

    I nearly jizzed when I saw this ohh yesss!!!!!

  15. mean170 says:

    Can’t Wait

  16. Milkman says:

    Fight for the fans? Fuuuuck that, they don’t give a shit about you or me, it’s all about payday you homo.

  17. Mike b says:

    I like page but he needs to fight like how he fought in pride fc.ever since the a team he hasent been the same fighter at all.all he does is head hunt for the KO.i think he needs to get his head right and use all his tools he has.he needs to use his wrestling mixed with his strikes.i believe page can beat this guy if he uses more than just hoping he does.

  18. Zulwali says:

    Omg…Rampage is gona fight Teixera? this is gona be fun to watch 😀

  19. KIDD433 says:

    Win or lose,somehow Rampage is gona come up with something to bitch about.Typical Rampage

  20. drew says:

    this is going to be a bloodbath

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