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Monday, 02/20/2012, 08:30 am

Rampage Jackson | Sometimes I Just Want To Tell Rogan's Girlie Voice To Shut The F*** Up!

“You know he’s got good jiu-jitsu because he’s so biased against jiu-jitsu guys. You can hear it in his voice. Whenever a guy is a jiu-jitsu fighter he’s playing rusty trombone. I don’t think you should talk down, you should be neutral. When I used to fight in PRIDE, watch Bas Rutten and Stephen Quadros on commentary. Those guys were my good friends and you couldn’t even tell when they were doing commentary. We hung out outside of work sometimes, we were good friends but when I fought they weren’t biased towards me. They did their job. They weren’t biased towards skills or anything like that. That’s the way it should be. Sometimes you can hear him because Joe Rogan has one of those girly high-ass voices. I just wanna tell him to shut the fuck up sometimes.”

Most people are a fan of Joe Rogan and his ringside commentary.However, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson doesn’t appear to be one of them. Is his assessment fair, does Joe Rogan really show favoritism towards jiujitsu players?

Speak on it Penn Nation!

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44 Responses to “Rampage Jackson | Sometimes I Just Want To Tell Rogan's Girlie Voice To Shut The F*** Up!”

  1. Steve O says:

    He absolutely shows bias towards bjj guys. Everytime a bjj guy throws his hips up or goes for a submission or transition the other guy is in “serious trouble”

  2. charlie bronson says:

    nice! playin pocket pool on camera…lol!

  3. tim says:

    His commentary is obviously good 70% of the time. He is too stoned or braindead or dyslexic. Ive seen every UFC he has commentated on and his cooked brain switches letters or just leaves them out. Bazillion Jii Britzu, Rarm Bra, and it goes on and on.
    He definitely is Biased.. When ever he gives the title “top of the food chain” Jiu jitsu to someone he is trying to make Joe silva feel like he is 6 feet tall.

  4. ryeboi says:

    Yes, this is true. Joe Rogan is on Eddie Bravo’s nutts. With all due respect Joe is a legit fan and he’s been doing jits for a long time. I recently saw a video of Joe at the ADCC with Eddie Bravo when Eddie submitted Royler back in the early 2003. Most of the people who read this article weren’t fans back then… That being said, Joe is one of the best commentators around. He does show some favoritism to certain fighters but he’s also been known to re-watch fights and then correct himself. Personally I think Joe is biased AGAINST Asian fighters but then again the UFC product that he’s selling caters to cornfed beer belly Americans and it’s easy to relate to the market segment when you have something in common, like xenophobia.

    But again Joe is human. Of all the MMA fighters in the world, Rampage should know that people make mistakes.

  5. What do you want Bonner and his nasal ass voice doing color? Rogan knows his stuff and is the best . Florian is good but he brings no emotion

    • Tyler says:

      Exactly. Joe has character and he really knows what he is talking about. U dont want somebody with a shitty personality and no smarts to do commentary. If they left it all up to mike goldberg I would probably just mute the tv

  6. Yeas says:

    I don’t think I’d call it bias as I would call it excitement to show of his knowledge of BJJ. He likes to discuss the situation, the potential outcomes and escapes. Its good for viewers who don’t know anything about BJJ and realize there is action when it would seem like there isn’t. Its not a bad thing.

  7. Jason N says:

    I could handle listening to Rogan for hours and hours. He is smart and funny. He knows a lot about fighting. Rampage, however, is not as smart or as funny. After a minute or two i have had enough.

  8. colm ivers says:

    I like rogan but he tends to be bias towards calling the jiu jitsu action, which, can be quite informative at times. However I wish he would get as technical with his wrestling and striking commentary. The most we get is ‘see how his right leg is back? that means he’s gonna kick’… Thanks for that Joe

  9. JamesBigPapa says:

    I was going for Rampage anyways but i definitely want to see him win now so the post fight interview with Rogan happens

  10. Keith Kappel says:

    Sure he shows favortism toward BJJ guys, but I think that is an important element for the UFC. Casual fans can understand the striking game to a point just watching it. Either a guy is getting hit or he isn’t. Casual fans need their hand held when it comes to the ground fighting. To the uninitiated, it can sometimes just look like a couple of men copulating. Having someone like Joe Rogan who is excited and knowledgeable about the ground game, even biased toward the finishing power of the ground game, helps to make ground fighting a more exciting element of a bout, and educate the fan base about what is actually happening. At this phase in the sport’s life, as it strives for full mainstream acceptance, I think having Joe Rogan, or a guy like him, in terms of his views and experience related to the ground game, is a VERY important part of the UFC strategy for building a fan base. That said, of late, BJJ seems to be the weakest of the three primary disciplines in the UFC (Muay Thai, Wrestling, BJJ (with the latter two sometimes substituted for Judo). As more and more events are added to the annual schedule, it might be nice to see a commentator that has an in depth knowledge of the striking game, if for no other reason than to round out the education of the fans beyond what Joe Rogan or Kenny Florian might know about.

  11. bertram2323 says:

    rampage clearly is personally offended by joe objectively critiquing his game. for everyone saying joe is biased, that isnt true at all. joe was a striker before he was ever a bjj guy. joe’s point is clear; learn the ground game so if guys ONLY try and take you down, you can do more than stop submissions, you can actually get some yourself. eddie says the same thing, learn a rubber guard or have a killer ground game like anthony pettis because it allows you to be explosive and take way more risks while you stand up. joe isnt picking apart rampages game to be a douche, he’s doing it from what he sees, and when it comes to rampage, he isnt wrong at all. if he had a solid ground game to go with his hands, he’d be able to get more ko’s. this is proven by jon jones, anderson silva, jose aldo. rampage is a hater, and rampage is obviously the type of guy where if you dont kiss his ass and let him be the top dog, he doesnt want anything to do with you. and this is from a rampage fan.

  12. mean170 says:

    I’ll take Joe Rogan over Kenny Florian all day.

  13. Collin says:

    I’ll take anyone over Mike Goldberg. It seems to me that Joe is having to correct mike constantly. He’s a fucking retard and I have no idea why he’s still announcing. I used to enjoy Randy Couture doing announcing here and there because he knew what he was talking about.

  14. Jackson vs Rogan – UFC 146.

    My money is on Joe. Jackson is old hat. Playing for his lucky punch. Unfortunately I think Ryan Bader is gonna lose so set up the fight for 146 !!!! :)

  15. fourtetshou says:

    Rogan 2nd round by DMT choke out

  16. MMACRAVER says:

    I was a Rogan fan, Listened to first 100 episodes of his podcast over time.

    He really is biased as a commentator, It shows through a lot.

    If you listen to his podcast he is biased about a lot of things, and will argue and talk over people who disagree with him who probably know better.

    Rogan slowly has made me find him EXTREMELY ANNOYING as a commentator…for real..

  17. THE JOE+ROGAN+EFFECT+!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Okay…Joe Rogan is knowledgeable. Joe Rogan is funny. Joe Rogan works well with Goldie. But, there are many times when Rogan IS so biased towards one fighter or against the other fighter. Case in point: Diaz vs Condit. Rogan’s comments clearly favored Condit throughout the fight even when Diaz was fighting well. Rogan ignored Diaz’s performance and praised Condit continously. So it was really strange when Rogan came out later and said that he thought Diaz had won. What, dude???

    During the Rampage-Jones fight, yeah, Rogan kept saying Rampage should mix it up and throw more leg kicks. Then, Rogan asked Rampage during the post-fight interview why he didn’t throw more leg kicks and Rampage said basically a fighter shouldn’t throw too many leg kicks against a strong wrestler (like Bones). Rogan was like, “oh yeah, didn’t think of that…” So on that point, either Rogan was ignorant or two-faced.

    Goldie often receives negative criticism he doesn’t deserve. He is the anti-Rogan and often balances out the commentary. I like him better than Jon Anik, who I thought was good at ESPN’s MMA Live, but not so much since he joined Zuffa. Florian is solid. He is progressing towards being a really good MMA commentator, but isn’t there just yet. Will be though.

    I am now a Rampage fan. Wasn’t before because his “punk” persona that he has during the build up of a fight is so convincing that I thought he was actually like that. He isn’t. He’s actually cool. Give an award to this interviewer (don’t know his name, but seen his work before) for taking Rampage on with the jokes. No fear in insulting Rampage’s breath !

  18. MMAChicha says:

    I really used to like to hear Joe commentate. But now, sometimes, he gets so damn annoying when he, likes a certain fighter. Which, of course, he is entitled to his own opinion, but his job is to commentate… not to convince the viewers which fighter he likes is the best. His job is clearly to give background information and give play-by-play of the fight.
    So, even with that being said, I’m sure, nothing will change… and I will continue to mute my television while watching UFC.
    I don’t think, Ramage calling him out for this means there has to be some kinda “beef” with Joe, it could clearly be, like many others, he gets annoyed as hell when Joe starts harping on one fighter and all of the moves he making and says Nothing about the other fighter.
    Grow up people. Just because you don’t like something someone does, means you don’t like that person…
    Oh, and thanks Ramage… for calling him out!!

  19. becoming a former rampage fan says:

    Rampage always wants to bring up how it was in Japan or how it was in Pride, but he needs realize that he is not in Japan doing things their way. He likes the money over here in the US and he would not of had his A-Team movie without this fame in the US and while I can agree with some things he says, he doesn’t seem to get that their are pros and cons to everything and these are the type of cons fighting MMA in the US brings while continually complain about the commentary and fans, it is what it is

  20. Luis says:

    Rogan can’t help himself, but remember, before he trained Jiu jitsu, he was a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I do think the color commentary gig has gone to his head though when he starts calling out referees after a match he thinks was ended prematurely.

  21. Paul Telios says:

    Joe Rogan is not biased, he just knows a great amount about BJJ and know how to call it put live. He does the same for stand up fighters, maybe not as well versed as he is with the ground game. He calls it as he sees it.

  22. Dave says:

    Rampage is just pissed he was doing the commentary when he was choked the fuck out by Jones.

  23. BreseeKid says:

    Another reason to like Rampage even more! We fucken hate lame ass Joe Rogan!!!!!!!!

  24. stfuroganlover says:

    Joe rogan should commentate the match not pick sides sometimes I have to mute a paper view because he just wont shut the fuck up.

  25. kevinh says:

    The reason he talks so much about bjj is because most people don’t know what is going on. BJJ is like a chess match so rogan is trying to explain what they are trying to set up.

  26. Mani says:

    Ramage in my opinion cant handle a intelligent comment. He probaby is somebody that just ignores people and doesnt understand where people come from. Hes stressed out man you can tell from the interview. Hes lashing out

  27. Mark says:

    The reason that Jackson’s career will end in Japan

  28. Gil says:

    Rampage is right. He pulls no punches. Neither does Joe.

  29. Mike McMack says:

    Rogan is anything but neutral when he commentates

  30. noway! says:

    I can’t neccessarily say towards jiujitsu based fighters but he certainly does show favortism towards certain fighters, its obvious, especially when the guy he’s going for is losing and he still meakes it seem as if they’re winning. But I usually put my tv on mute anyways cause I can’t stand his commentating.

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