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Wednesday, 09/14/2011, 06:42 am

Rampage Jackson Near Obsession Over Regaining UFC Title

“That belt is the unified PRIDE and UFC world title, and that belt exists because of me beating Chuck Liddell and Dan Henderson in two straight fights to win the UFC and then PRIDE titles. Nothing felt better than becoming the first unified champ in MMA history. I plan on getting my belt back at UFC 135. I think now I didn’t appreciate even myself what I had accomplished, and by the time I did, I’d lost it. That’s why I want my belt back so bad. It’s my belt. So it does kinda bug me that people think I’m not taking this fight in Denver next against Jones seriously. It’s dead serious, heart attack serious to me. I want that belt back.”

Former UFC champion, Rampage Jackson, tells Yahoo Sports that he is “heart attack serious” over getting his UFC light-heavyweight title back.

The only problem with his aspirations to regain greatness is that the man who many analysts call the “Future of MMA” stands in his way.

With fight night just a little over a week away is anyone giving Jackson a shot at the upset?


33 Responses to “Rampage Jackson Near Obsession Over Regaining UFC Title”

  1. Lex w says:

    He’ll beat jones and get it back

  2. Al says:

    How long can he live off the legend of the Arona powerbomb? Jones is too fast, too strong and too young for Frankenstein.

  3. josh says:

    Page has to hope he can catch Jones. I dont think he can win any other way. I have always been a jones fan but i do want to see him get beat and learn that he is not untouchable.

  4. Chris says:

    Jones is a good fighter but all that high flying fast bullshit is gonna get his ass knocked out!!! All it takes is whoever is fighting him to be ready for that kind of shit. Then when he does it fuck him up hardcore. Like those flying knees and head kicks as long as your ready and either catch it or step away so he misses you can easily light him up with a good hard combo. Im looking forward to seeing how Jones takes punches from Rampage.

    • MZ says:

      Agreed. Jones’ a great fighter by all means(otherwise he wouldn’t be champ) but if u really look at his standup it can get a bit sloppy from time to time. For the most part he lands the flying knees and kicks, but he’s not as fast as it seems. He has perfect timing when it comes to striking which is why he’s been so successful and he’s fast enough to connect with those unorthodox strikes. Not to mention his skyscraping limbs and reach are always an advantage. Head says Jones, heart says rampage in this for me. Rampage times it nd lands a nice clean hook like he did on wanderlei nd chuck it’s lights out. Then again Jones is ahead of that level, I’m more worried about the wrestling than the striking, no one’s been able to stop it.

      • Joe says:

        wow you guys are idiots, rampages only chance is that ” he catches” jones

        Jones is twice the size of rampage…..
        Jones has 10X the skill set of rampage,

        i can’t wait for after this won and jon’s next fight to be reading all your guys’ trash talk saying how he’s gonna “lose”

        • T Scott says:

          Yo I agree with u Joe… Chris, and MZ are fucking idiots….Jones’ athleticsm, height/reach/size is on another level…Not only on another level for mma, but for all sports everywhere….he is also incredibly powerful, he knocked down shogun with a hook to the body….he’s strong as fuck, crazy ass good wrestling……and he is fast……not many people realize it and speculate otherwise, but his conditioning and pure reflexes are the best….he is a fucking SUPER SOLDIER….The most scary thing about him, is the all of his attributes are funcitonal, he is really good at applying it through technique…And as far as the flying knees and spinning back elbows,etc he executes them perfectly….he times them perfectly, that’s the whole reason why they work….he’s not sloppy at all, its just his style…Anderson SIlva’s counter-striking can similarly “look” sloppy, but are actually extremly acurate, so u idiots can go suck dick

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          yo homie its a fight and anythings possible. i remember fools like u who said chuck would beat rampage too the first time they fought lol. jones is good but im sure no one thought rampage would beat machida either he stand a good shot against jones.

  5. Kyle says:

    Guys, let’s face it, jackson is a powerful striker and has good takedown defence (although rashad took him down) but jones has to many aces in his pocket : he’ll keep distance , use his long reach and his crazy kicks to get to jackson, and if that wont work he’ll just get the fight to the ground. ask matyushenko, vera or shogun how it feels to fight from the ground, with jones on top of you. A lot of respect to rampage, i like his personality but jones is gonna get his hand raised. the only thing i can say is : rampage wont lose the way jones’ last victims did, it will be a decision or a submission.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Rampage had an injured knee in his fight against Rashad. Also I don’t care what Shogun says, he wasn’t 100%. Same with Rich Franklin against Forest Griffin. You have to heal in order to be 100% and then get your timing and strength back.

      • Dan says:

        out of all these comments you make the most sense.

      • Out of all these comments says:

        you are the most dense! EXCUSES, is whatʻs listed here. Fighters lose not because they are less skilled than the fighter that beat them, but only because the losing fighter is INJURED! Yeah, that makes sense. BJ beat Hughes not because of better striking, but because Mattʻs eye sight is poor in his old age and he didntʻ see that punch coming! We can go on ALL DAY with excuses. Why donʻt we start listing excuses that Rampage will use when he loses to Jones. Even Rampage himself said he has excuses. Letʻs see if his fans can come up with some winners.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          How about we have Chuck break your arm and then 3 months later you can fight Forrest Griffin? That way you can come up with your own excuses.

        • Japanese Cookie Barbie says:

          I don’t feel 100% at this moment. Dammit !

  6. TheDEEN88 says:


  7. gilbert says:

    The power in his hands gives him all the chance he needs he just need to stay sharp and pull the trigger, i really like how he mixed it up in his last fight with hammil, throwing knees and kicks he looked good. if he comes in fresh, healthy and mad as hell i can def see Page taking this one,

    WAR PAGE!!!!

  8. ThaGreenBandit says:

    I’m a fan of Bones, but not a fan of his new, cockier attitude. Also a fan of Rampage, and would love to see him wear that strap one last time. Head says Bones, Heart says Rampage. Get ’em Rampage!!

  9. Randy says:

    @Chris the reason jones can do all the “high flying” techniques is b/c he has the longest reach in the HISTORY of the UFC….not just the lhw division but ALL fighters ever to fight…people can’t beat him b/c they can’t reach him without getting hit first….the reason Shogun had such problems with him is b/c he couldn’t reach him…even in Shogun’s guard it looked like a 12 yr. old trying to grapple with a grown man…I’m not a fan of Jones’ personality AT ALL…but, he’s called the future for a reason…unless he leans too far forward throwing his strikes and gets clipped with a quick counter, this fight is gonna get ugly really fast

  10. Gip2345 says:

    People seem to forget that Rampage has really always been the # 2 contender in the UFC. If he wouldn’t have left to do the movie, he might have gain his title back sooner. For a while there, I think Rampage was the most under-rated fighter in the 205 weight class. In all honesty, who has a better record against the best competition than Rampage? Chuck Liddell (Prime) – Win, Dan Henderson (Prime) – Win, Forrest Griffin (Prime) – Lost…I thought he won that fight, Wandy Silva – Win, Keith Jardine (Prime) – Win, Rashad Evans – Lost…Long layoff but still almost knocked him out, Lyoto Machida – Win, Matt Hamill – Win

  11. Night-Wind says:

    Truth is, hell no i can imagine that Jones can somehow take Rampage down or that he’s shots can really do some damage to Jackson. Jones can though win easily by decision.

  12. Jake D says:

    If rampage can catch jones slippin early i think he can win.. if the fight goes into tha later rounds i think jones will git him..

  13. Randy says:

    This fight has nothing to do with who’s a cooler dude….Rampage wins that easily…it has everything to do with an athletic competition between 2 individuals…and there is NO ONE in the lhw division that is as athletic as Jones…@Gip2345 it doesn’t matter what Rampage has done in the past, he’s fighting Jones right now when Jones is faster, more explosive, and has more striking techniques to use at his disposal…this fight is only going to make the Jones/Rashad fight less intriguing b/c of how dominant Jones will be in this fight

  14. Ninjaman says:

    This will be a far more competitive fight than people think. This fight means something to each fighter so skill will have a part to play but this fight will be won by the man who really wants it more. It seems to me based on Rampages comments he stands a great chance because he wants it.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      You know I think Rampage will win because Jones doesn’t respect his skills. Fans of MMA forget that he has a wrestling background, which he uses to keep the fight standing. Also Jones is too busy thinking about his fights past Rampage. I think he is too busy thinking about Jones vs Evans 2012. This is going to be a mental battle and Rampage has the edge on this one. He is already promised to put hurting on Jones chin, win or lose. Unlike his former opponents Rampage isn’t afraid to take a hit in order to get in close. But to tell you the truth Jones has more to prove in his first title defense.

  15. Digs says:

    Would love nothing more than a surprise KO to humble the youngblood, but most likely Jones wrestling and G+P will secure a victory.

    Ya never know tho.

  16. Cmon Now says:

    Jones by TKO after he kicks Rampage’s leg and the leg almost falls off ! Or something like that.

  17. rondo says:

    Jones is gonna whoop his ass,and finish him…literally

  18. Corbin"Hooligan"Peterson says:

    Rampage is gonna connect his fist with Jones’ face

  19. slacker says:

    Jones will keep him at a distance with kicks, duck Rampage punches, and take him to the ground and rough him up, round by round. Probably finish him by submission in the 4th rd.

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